“It is snow apocalypse up here”

“Southern California just got hammered with snow!!!” says reader . ‘I live in the San Bernardino mountains, and it is snow apocalypse up here.”

Power outages, broken trees, downed power lines, and EVERY route going up the mountain was eventually closed due to multiple pileups. Snow levels dropped down to the desert (Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley). The Cajon Pass (15 FW) was even shut down for a while. This happens every few years or so, but not in November!!!!



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  1. Australian summer snowfall – Meteonovosti, December 2

    December 1 in the southern hemisphere is the first day of summer! But in New South Wales, Australia, the weather surprised snowfall residents of a mountain village on the Charlotte Pass. Here a real storm broke out with a strong gusty wind, and a sharp cooling. As a result of the inclement storm, a large number of trees were felled, and power lines were damaged.

    Such weather is not very typical for these places. After all, winter comes here in June, then the minimum air temperature in this region drops below zero and even breaks records (as for example, this happened in the Snowy Mountains of Australia in 1994, when the minus 23°C were reached).

  2. Was this apocalypse caused by a snow bomb. We’ve got to stop these explosions of snow & or rain. Someone might get blown up!!

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