It isn’t a conspiracy theory when they ARE out to get you

As E.M. Smith puts it.


But first, please note that there’s fresh snow in both Oregon and Wyoming.

Snowing in Oregon:

More fresh snow in Wyoming:

Thanks to Oly for these links

And now, as E.M. Smith puts it:

What bothers me a whole lot more than any “Conspiracy Theories” is the absolutely proven (and publicly stated by the perpetrators) actual Conspiracies against the Public Trust.

I could list them, but that would take far too much comment space. Let’s just start with the Russia Russia Russia! Hoax for years and then mention the Masks-NoMasks-Masks-NoMask shut down the economy until we have full power CDC (Faucci) et. al. Drama Queens…

Oh, and 2 phony “impeachments” that were so fraudulent the constitution arbiter, Chief Justice, refused to sit for them.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory when they ARE out to get you.

12 thoughts on “It isn’t a conspiracy theory when they ARE out to get you”

    • By definition it IS a conspiracy when they ARE out to get you, and natural law, where physical and intellectual might and brains coincide with cyclical physics, the law of the jungle/universe always prevails. Luckily (((they’ve))) been telling us every which way for decades already… even calling themselves eugenicists. Conspiracy analysts and cyclical analysts are not paranoid, they are lovers of truth and reality… like the author… and that’s why were here. Mochas gratias Roberto… the best of the straight shooters who always got the whole picture and made it simpler for those of us with eyes/ears.

      • In other words… Just because I’m crazy doesn’t mean the clowns are not trying to eat me.

  1. Having survived apocalyptic sociopaths’ serial alarms from Malthusian over-breeding to nuclear Armageddon, “climate change” (sic), pandemic hysteria– what’s next, alien invasion per LGM (“little green men”)/UFOs, sentient “cloud minds” subsuming human endeavor from 2030’s looming Singularity, transhuman biotech/robotics rendering organic evolution obsolete?

    All anyone can truly say is that changes from AD 2000 – 2050, then to 2125, will prove greater than four previous centuries’ from 1600 altogether. Meantime, given the 12,550-year Holocene Interglacial’s end with a 500-year Little Ice Age in AD 1350, a cyclical 102-kiloyear
    Pleistocene Ice Age will do when all else fails.

  2. Let us hope for Robert to get out of the hospital alive.
    Medicine, from Medici, one of the first global mafias spawned by the House of Rome.

  3. Snow in North Dakota yesterday. Overnight lows in the upper 20s F some crop damage being reported, will take a few days to fully assess the extent.

  4. The version that I like to quote is

    Just because I’m paranoid it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.

  5. Snow up in central Wisconsin. Late May (end of month) in my AO (below WI-IL state line) is so chilly I still have the furnace running. NWS weather maps show temperatures and radar-detected precipitation, things you can’t hide or hide from.

    The Warmians are just plain NUTZ!

    Robert, get well, get up and get out of bed!!! You’re needed!

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