It was a DEBATE !! – Short video

I guess it’s okay to lie during a debate. And apparently it’s okay to lie to journalists.

Dem VP pick implies she was lying during the debate, and that it is OK for her to lie during debates. It also implies that you can’t trust anything she tells journalists

You may not think this post is climate-related until you realize that this liar strongly supports the Socialist-inspired Green New Deal, which aims to destroy capitalism and our way of life.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video


12 thoughts on “It was a DEBATE !! – Short video”

  1. Free or private enterprise are terms that should be used instead of capitalism. Capitalism as such tends to be an ideology supporting the rule of monied interests as practiced by oligarchs who after getting rich want to become the government directly or indirectly. Free or private enterprise on the other hand tends to be a benefit to its owners, investors and stake holders and is therefore a good thing. It is the difference between the producer and the parasite or wealthy tyrant who wants to play government.

  2. Watching the debate. She is unbelievable with her lies. The smirks. I am sure the left is happy. But I think most intelligent people can see thru her lies.

  3. Is she a naturalized US citizen? Or , is she a global UN citizen posing as one with the intent of ending America and turning us over to the UN ?
    A link was on here recently proving she is not a naturalized US citizen and therefore does not qualify to be VP, I tried to repost the link twice and get feedback, didn’t go. The link was Aimfortruth/Kamala, look it up, it shows her BC.
    If the link is true, she is above the law, there is no rule of law, of course she’s lying at a debate ! Does she qualify to be VP or deportation ? ?
    I hate politics, what a shit show !!! I’d rather be spring skiing NZ, 141cm NEW SNOW forecast:—add-more-layers/overlays?snowAccu,-43.578,170.295,15,m:cswakSX

  4. Of course it’s OK to lie to journalists
    because most who ID as journalists
    openly and very arrogantly



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