Italy – Coldest April in 20 years, maybe 30

Snow in the mountains and rain lower down.

After an unusually warm March, Italian meteorologists expect the worst (wettest and coldest) April in 20 years.

Rain in Liguria. Rain on the Riviera. Massive storm damage in Calabria. Widespread rainfall in Tuscany, particularly the province of Florence.

A raging storm this morning brought  rough seas with waves of more than 3 meters, making it very difficult for maritime links between Naples and Capri, and forced suspension of links from Ischia and Procida.

The rain, considered a boon to agriculture by Coldiretti, should continue at least until next Friday, perhaps even until April 25, making it the most unstable and cool April in the last 30 years

Meanwhile, snow is forecast for Val d’Aosta above 800 meters.

There is already 20 to 30 inches of snow above 2,000 meters.

The first heat could return, almost suddenly, in late April and early May, bringing the first summer temperatures.

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Thanks to geologist Dr Mirco Poletto in Italy for these links

9 thoughts on “Italy – Coldest April in 20 years, maybe 30”

  1. Heard on the News here in Sweden that the biggest glaciers are untouched by global warming… but the global “warming” is still a reality to them. Bah!

  2. The BBC’s Ceefax news service is reporting that some glaciers in the Karakoram Range of the Himalayas are ‘putting on mass’ and that the reason was ‘unclear’.
    Let me guess. Could it be that there is a cooling trend happening?

  3. I was working in Italy in April 1980, in a town called Pescara on the Adriatic coast (palm trees and all), and it snowed for days; froze my ass off.

    • Laurel it might take more than that.
      The warmists are true believers in their cause so it might require that they be buried under many meters of snow that is higher than the homes they live in and then maybe.

  4. It is a little off topic but recently I had a look at Italy from Naples to Tuscany through Google Earth and there is evidence of volcanic features beyond what is seen near Naples. Right now most of it is Caldera Lakes, Geothermal fields and Calderas.
    Some of them still have tremors and gas emissions.
    The crazy part of it is that some of the calderas like the Alban Hills have farms and villages inside the crater…. Talking about taking a chance.

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