Italy – “Exceptional” snow in full summer

22 Jul 2018 – Marmolada between Trentino and Veneto now under heavy snowfall.

“EXCEPTIONAL SNOW in action on the Marmolada in full SUMMER”

Surprising dense snowfall in the middle of Summer on the Marmolada between the provinces of Trento and Belluno, in the Dolomites, on the border between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

“A rare and fascinating phenomenon.”

See “extraordinary images” by Carlo Budel, who lives in Punta Penia refuge at 3300 meters of the Dolomite peak.

Thanks to geologist Dr Mirco Poletto for this link

“Is this global warming?,” asks Dr Poletto

10 thoughts on “Italy – “Exceptional” snow in full summer”

  1. yet, the first news when I open Dailymail this morning is:

    The Mediterranean Melt: UK could experience hottest EVER day this week if temperature reaches 101F as swimmers are warned to wear wetsuits after jellyfish invasion and whole of Europe sweats

  2. Despite the Marmolada massif is quite high, it is affected by the influence of the sea and warm winds coming from south, so snow in summer in uncommon.

  3. I guess when a local says its extraordinary then we have to go with that.
    Snow at that height in July happens regularly, it’s the amount that’s unusual, allegedly.

  4. I think it is pretty rare, as the article suggests. I have a relative who has walked and climbed there every summer for as long as I remember, and he never mentioned snow!

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