Italy – More than two feet of snow in Cesena

I’m interested in Cesena because that’s where the publisher of my book – “La Prossima Era Glaciale” – is located.

According to Ambra Spinelli, who comes from Cesena, they have 27 inches  (70 cm) of snow on the ground.

Haven’t heard from the publisher today, but I’m guessing that they’re shut down because of the snow.

Cesena is a beautiful town, says Ambra. It lies about 60 air miles east northeast of Florence and 10 miles from the Adriatic Sea.

If all goes as planned, I hope to visit Cesena in May.

2 thoughts on “Italy – More than two feet of snow in Cesena”

  1. Help! Robert, I’m getting scared now just read on-line about a group of scienists looking to offset climate change by geoengieering and that they’ve got the backing of people like Bill Gates. their bizarre ideas include reflecting solar energy back into space, my theory is we need all the solar energy we can get as the world cools. Gates did well by allowing me to type direcly to you but now is he turning into a megalomaniac?. These twonks are still in the minority but no doubt they will get the backing of clueless politicians like Gore and our clown Huhne(fortunately he’s just resigned cos he couldn’t deal with a speeding ticket properly let alone deal with climate change!)The world’s a scary enough place already without Gates getting more power. AF, south Wales

    • You have to realize that this sort of “geoenginering” would also be easy to undue, when what it was done for has been accomplished. And what would have done for, you ask? Well, for starters, to insure that in case this isn’t a major iceage in onset, that it could be more closely approximated by reflecting inbound heat away. The resulting “iceage” would thus insure the maiximum loss in population through wars over food and farm land, along with the initial die off of the poor and the old.

      Of course, all things are in place for THEIR recovery period, including the seed bank. Ever give any though to WHY the seed bank was placed where it was? Not because the existing cold made refrigeration easy, but because the area won’t be affected by the next iceage, that’s why. The fake AGW is all about depopulating the world, which is why all the correct data in the world will NOT change their thinking. They are planning on the cold, not the warmth, and they want to insure that the plan works flawlessly in getting rid of the “useless eaters” of the world.

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