Italy – “Hasn’t snowed like this May for 70 years!!”

“Here in Italy it hasn’t snowed like this in May for 70 years !!” says reader.

The snow began to fall over 150 meters in central-northern Italy in regions such as Emilia Romagna.

In the late afternoon at Prignano sulla Secchia, at 557 m above sea level, on the Modena pre-Apennines, around 20 cm and with a heavy snowfall in a purely winter atmosphere.

The snow with accumulations dropped to 3/400 meters and wet flakes even at 150 meters on the Emilia and Romagna foothills. Hilly snow also on the Apennines and up to 50 cm (almost 2 ft) over 900/1000 meters.

This is a truly exceptional event with few precedents in the weather history of the last 60/70 years. In the coming night hours and in the course of tomorrow, the cold front will progressively move towards the Center and the South, bringing showers above all on the Apennine and Adriatic areas, also here with snow.

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  1. It’s possible they are moving people everywhere from the equator to the poles as fast as they can because of their warming beliefs. Might not be a good move.

  2. Snowing again in South Dakota. It snowed a few days ago around the Black Hills, Rushmore, etc. This is South Dakota. In May!!!

  3. Spring rains are normal for farmers and they have to work in the fields around the rains. Rain in warm ground helps seeds to germinate. Snow and cold are a dramatically worse problem. In cold weather the wet ground does not dry out as quickly, with snow cover there is no drying at all until after the melt and then the melting 32°F snow slush only further cools the ground making germination impossible but who cares since you can’t get a tractor in the field in those conditions anyway.

    Putting off planting a week or so is not usually a problem but a few weeks or more is catastrophic. Where is our food going to come from if farmers can’t get into their fields.

    If farmers gamble and plant their usual crops and we have a shortened season on the far end as well then many farmers and communities will be financially ruined and food prices will rise.

    It isn’t like this isn’t happening in North America and Northern and Middle Europe, the problem is being seen in most of the Northern Hemisphere. This is at least the second year in a row of having these problems and the Grand Minimum isn’t fully upon us yet.

    This is the stuff that wars are made of.

  4. I turned on the TV this morning and the Polish News was on. I don’t have any Polish but it was clear the story running was about the destruction of crops by an extreme cold snap. It looked like the main crop destroyed was potatoes.

    A hundred years ago, this would have been the precursor to a major famine.

  5. Most snow in May for 70 years. Then more snow in May than during the cooling period of 1940’s to 1970’s!

  6. It is starting to feel like it is hopeless to question AGW. The propaganda onslaught of the past several months would do Joseph Goebbels proud. Here in Canada, there is a strong political push to destroy our energy industry, which is an important part of the nation’s economy. All of this in a country that produces less than two percent of so-called greenhouse gases.

    There is an element of danger in questioning the global warming “consensus”. I am convinced that its proponents would be shoving us into gulags and conducting Kafka-esque trials if they had the power.

    • There is a good reason for this last gasp of the Green Socialist takeover of world power.
      The greens UN socialists were hoping that this inconvenient slowdown of the Suns output, similar to SC20 would only last for 1 cycle and then return full blast for several cycles, such as SC21,22, and 23 did from the eighties to 2008.
      It isn’t. It is a full two-cycle GSM and they already know that the AGW game is up. NASA, not NOAA, is predicting that the second cycle of this Grand Solar Minimum is already showing that its output will be the same as its primary as it recovers energy during it. To properly restart the solar cycle at the start of SC26, SC26 will be a solar recovery cycle and lead into a tepid Gleissberg 70-year period.
      A set of duplicate historical GSM is available with Dalton, SC5 and SC6 with SC7 as a recovery cycle. With this GSM observed during Wolf’s lifetime. Other two-cycle GSMs are Oort and Wolf.
      Spoorer and Maunder are also GSMs but complicated by a Major A-type GSM at the start with a very cold Gleissberg period in between and then ending with a shallow B type GSM.

  7. I thought it wasn’t supposed to snow ever again by now! (in mid winter)
    So much for snow being a thing of the past eh?

  8. Questa è una nevicata in Romagna il 15 maggio a soli 450 metri!:

    Nevicate ben più importanti si sono avute attorno ai 1000 metri anche nel centro Italia.

    La neve è arrivata anche a 1500 metri in Sicilia!

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