Italy – More than 60 cm (2 ft) of fresh snow

Italy – More than 60 cm (2 ft) of fresh snow

Global warming seems to be less and less convincing,” says Italian geologist Dr Mirco Poletto.

“Yesterday and today snow came back on the northeastern mountains of Italy,” says Dr Poletto.

“This is a photo taken this morning by Massimo, a friend of mine, living near Pordenone

“While we had a dry winter it seems spring will be particularly wet and cold. Global warming seems to be less and less convincing…”

More than 60 cm (2 ft) of fresh snow
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Cold air pouring in from the high altitudes lead to a drop in temperatures and snow levels , currently at around 900m, but likely to drop to 800m, exceptionally low levels for the period . Flakes therefore on the eastern Alps both in Lavarone and Folgaria in Trentino , both Cortina d’Ampezzo whitewashed and snow that also falls in thunderclouds ( TEMPORALI di NEVE ) between eastern Trentino, Veneto and Friulian Dolomites.

NEXT HOURS . The snow limit may fall below 800 m in the most intense phenomena, especially on Cadore and Tarvisiano, while the front will extend towards the south reaching the eastern Emilia (Bologna and Ferrara) and Romagna with widespread storms.

We expect heavy snowfall, especially in the central eastern Alps and Pre-Alps with flakes to an altitude of 700 m . Most affected will initially be the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige in particular Val Venosta and Val Pusteria with about 10 cm of fresh snow in Dobbiaco (BZ) and Solda . With the passing of the hours the snow will reach even Veneto with flakes also in Cortina d’Ampezzo where even here we expect about 5-7 cm accumulation that will make the landscape even more fairytale.

Subsequently the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia in particular will be affected by the most abundant precipitations with more than 60 cm of white blanket over 900 meters.

Thanks to Dr Mirco Poletto for this info

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  1. I’m learning about the electric universe. And the hope of the coming glacial civilization. Thank You from Alaska, where it’s warmer like in the Maunder Minimum.
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  2. BBC caption : “UK Parliament Declares Climate Change Emergency”.
    Surrender to tantrum-throwing brats too stupid to “know what snow is” (Vijner).

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