Italy – Storm causes nearly 300 million Euros damage to agriculture

More than 7,000 farm animals dead – More than 10,000 missing – Hundreds of collapsed buildings.

“The bad weather has caused damage to nearly 300 million euros to agriculture up and down the entire Italian Peninsula,” says reader Dr Mirco Poletto.

Here are the details, region by region, from Coldiretti (national association of cultivators).

• Lazio – Horticultural, olive, kiwi fruit and livestock. Stables and farm buildings collapsed especially in Frusinate worth 18 million. 2,500 heads of dead cows and sheep € 35,000,000 in damages.

• Abruzzo – Horticultural, floriculture, olive oil, wine and farming. Death sheep, cows and horses valued at 2 million. Barns and other rural buildings collapsed for a value of 17 million. € 32,000,000 in damages.

• Emilia-Romagna – Livestock, floriculture, fruit and olive oil. Death of several hundred cattle, sheep, horses and chickens. Mortality of bees for 4,000 euros. Collapsed barns and rural buildings for 12 million € 20,000,000 in damages.

• Marche – Horticultural in open fields and fruit. 120 stalls or collapsed buildings, 6000 of which 1000 animals died between cattle and sheep € 30,000,000 in damages.

• Campania – Horticultural, horticultural, livestock and olive oil. Killed over 100 sheep and 30 cattle. Collapsed barns and other rural buildings, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Avellino. 11.000.000.

• Puglia  – Stables and farm buildings collapsed for 300,000 euros. Fruit and Vegetable destroyed 50% of the autumn-winter vegetables), floriculture, animal husbandry (including for loss of supply) and fish (aquaculture) € 20 million in damages.

• Basilicata – Fruit and vegetables (especially in the Vulture Melfi) and livestock. Still or greenhouses collapsed tunnel (especially mushrooms and strawberries) for a damage of 2 million. 150 dead cattle, 30 buffaloes and 1,500 sheep and goats. Stables and farm buildings collapsed for 3 million euros. € 15,000,000 in damages.

• Calabria – Olive and livestock. Dead animals: 80 cattle, 85 pigs and 1,200 sheep. Animals missing: 7-10000 sheep, pigs from 1.5 to 2000 € 20,000,000 in damages.

• Molise – Fruit and Vegetable and olive (drastic reduction in the production of olives for the next three years) and breeding. 18 and 15 collapsed barns and hay sheds for farm machinery. Confirmed Dead for 100 sheep, 100 horses and 50 cattle. One hundred animals dispersed. Estimated a reduction of 30% cow’s milk € 3,000,000 in damages.

• Tuscany – Horticultural, olive, kiwi fruit, wine and livestock. 100 of collapsed barns, sheds, barns and greenhouses. Dead horses and sheep. Concern for vegetative growth of olive trees € 22,000,000 in damages.

• Sardinia – Horticultural (notably fennel and artichokes for which Š was compromised 50% of production) and livestock. Death dozens of sheep. Strong increases in costs of supply of fodder and fuel for heating greenhouses € 30,000,000 in damages.

• Piedmont – Fruits and Vegetables, nuts and livestock. Very strong damage to the plants of kiwi, apricot and peach and young vineyards. € 15,000,000 in damages.

• Liguria – Horticultural and floricultural. Many sheep and goats died worth 10,000 euros. € 15,000,000 in damages.

• Lombardy – Horticultural and Livestock (with a decrease of 10-15% of milk production (amounting to 4,000,000 euros) and increased production costs) € 10 million in damages.

• Veneto – vallicoltura (especially mussels), floriculture and horticulture. Barns and other rural buildings collapsed mainly because of the wind. € 2,200,000 in damages.

• Friuli-V.Giulia – vallicoltura (lost 1,500 of sea bream, sea bass and gray mullet, less memory for future production of fry). At the risk kiwi fruit vine and € 4,000,000 in damages.

• Umbria – Horticultural open field, decreased milk production, roofing barns and greenhouses for at least € 110,000 € 500,000 in damages.

• Sicily – Fruit and vegetables, cereals and livestock. 50% increase in production costs for greenhouse heating costs € 10,000,000 in damages.

• Val d’Aosta – No damage.

• Trentino-A.Adige – No damage.

ITALY total – € 294,700,000 in damages.

And this is just Italy! I shudder at what we will learn as the death and agricultural damage reports come in from other countries.

As I keep on repeating, I think we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice. lia-i-dettagli-regione-per-regione/119421/

Thanks to Dr Mirco Poletto for this link

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    • typical isn’t it?
      Journalists waffle about what a good job they do, how good they are at their fact checking and writing.
      they sledge bloggers and alt news sites every chance they get.
      and then we see crap like this presented to the masses daily.
      Journos have moved into company of banksters politicians warmists
      and used car salesmen are looking good in comparison:-0

      • Yes, if we trust “” to tell us what is happening in the world, then we *should expect* “warming news” all the time.
        But we cannot expect their “news” to agree with the facts we see for example in “” because they don’t have the same level of honesty.

  1. Tough read…but with honest information people can make the best choices to prepare for the future.
    for example building codes, emergency planning, food stocks for themselves and their animals.

    Want to know the future? Look to the past..
    and Robert has.

  2. re the main item, I said before, the cost would be horrendous and we still have the flooding etc to come.
    now with the Italian govt being run by the EU puppetmasters and sinking closer to rockbottom before this event..what do you think the financial costs let alone lives destroyed by this is going to create socially and economically?
    and the warmongers want to drag Italy into the mid east brouhaha on top of this…yup germany sold weapons to greece and italy recently as did france to the bankrupt greeks.
    Hungarys teetering on the knife edge of falling over finacially, add their winter woes..
    people its looking extremely grim for the entire EU.
    if the eurocrats unelected and incompetent as theyve show themselves couldnt manage when times were ok, imagine the coming months and years?
    Heaven help them all. the EU wont

  3. Way back in 1971 my neighbors in London told me that the Brits would lead the EU- which was still in the discussion stage. Now the Brits want out, at least some of them do. As soon as the Italian delis in New York start running out of Italian imports the USA will wake up to the climate disaster that is, to me, the coffin nail in the European Union.

  4. And not only the ‘poor’ Italian people have a problem also the ‘rich’ Germans.

    Hundreds of thousands have no electricity

    And the American people

    Energy Relief Plan Proposed to Help Alaska Families Cope with High Energy Prices

    The real reason the energy price is so unaffordable today is that modern money is being systematically debased to bail out the profligate, be it the government, the banks or anyone else who has spent more than they can afford. If we would pay in gold energy would be much cheaper.

  5. OOPs. I meant to say the Germans I knew in London said they would be the leaders of the EU. Now many of them want out.

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