Italy – Two powerful earthquakes within only two hours

‘Many houses have collapsed. Our town is finished.’ said Marco Rinaldi, Mayor of Ussita.

‘It’s apocalyptic.’ said Rinaldi. “Terrified people are ‘screaming in the street and now we are without light.’

26 Oct 2016 – A powerful earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale hit central northern Italy at 7.10pm local time, followed by a powerful 6.0 aftershock.

The worst hit towns were Visso, Ussita and Castel Santangelo Sul Nera, about 80 miles from Rome.

Darkness and heavy rain are hampering efforts to locate casualties

The strong earthquake shook ancient buildings in Rome, including the Colosseum and Pantheon.

7 thoughts on “Italy – Two powerful earthquakes within only two hours”

  1. Since when did a 5.4 earthquake become apocalyptic? Also, I don’t recall hearing of an aftershock being larger than the actual quake. Damage to homes is so sever because they are built of brittle ages old materials that break up under any stress. If a 7.0 ever hits Rome a lot of famous structures will be rubble piles.

    • They were 2 separate independent quakes.
      I believe what the local residences are considering apocalyptic is the fact Italy for several months now has been having swarm quake after swarm quake followed by 3s,4s,and 5 scale quakes.
      To say the least these people are very rattled with due cause.
      And with the Himalayas within the last week moving 1/2″ to the east it appears this is only the beginning for European quakes, even England had a rare quake this week(for some reason English monitoring site took it down rather quickly).

      Is Rome being set up for the final blow? Time will tell. My prayers are with the sheeple in Italy, a lot of people there are living in fear with nowhere to go.

      • It appears the MSM are not there to inform us of what is happening but to keep us placid.
        Prior to the big Aquila Earthquake (in 2009?) a local geologist was repeatedly warning the people and eventually ended up in a court and cautioned to stop frightening the plebs. I’ll try and find his name. The name Georgio Geovanni rings a bell. Nexus Magazine in Au ran a segment on the issue.

  2. Funny how I was checking out the speed and strength of the solar wind and thinking that there should be some related seismic events and here they are.

  3. There is an interesting article on the ‘net about electric currents in the crust.
    If you search for “Electrotelluric Geophysical Exploration” with A.Yazdi and J.Elam you might track back to the article about the Petro-Sonde which geologists use to monitor the different electrical frequencies at different depths of the crust.

    It would seem that the high solar wind that Gerry,England mentions, charges up the ionosphere and somehow this induces higher telluric currents. These high currents are associated with earthquakes.

    Elephants in Indonesia broke their chains and fled to high ground prior to the massive tsunami there. Can they feel the effects of electro-magnetic pulses or was it merely sensitivity to vibration?
    Dogs have been reported to behave manically prior to earthquakes in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand.

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