Italy’s Mount Etna erupts – Again

Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe.

Mt Etna - Youtube video image

See short video:

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7 thoughts on “Italy’s Mount Etna erupts – Again”

  1. As the man said, that photo is “SMOKIN’.”

    I wonder when the ‘Big One’ will occur in Italy?

    Anyone want to venture a guess?

  2. i found an italian page and seems they halted planes etc..biggest for quite some time for that one, but then the solar lunar etcs are at play lately.
    see the uk eu storms and events in the same time frames.

  3. During my last Med Cruise I spent several days in Sicily and took the tour to the top of Mt. Etna. That is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done, it was like an alien world up there.

  4. Although ETNA volcano in Sicily is contantly erupting, it is not really the one that we need to worry about. The volcano’s that erupt only once every several thousand years are much more dangerous. There are volcano’s that erupt so rarely that we even forget that they even exist. However, despite their low profile these “extinct” volcano’s are actually our worst nightmare. There is no such a thing as an extinct volcano. The world is covered with “extinct” volcano’s that make ETNA seem just a little bit tiny by comparison. Italy in all its entirety is one long volcano chain. There are massive volcano’s just outside of Rome that are going to erupt some day. Rome will simply be lost under massive layers of mud and ash, again just as in times past. Interestingly no one has yet even begun to excavate the archeological treasures preserved in the layers of mud and ash that constantly bury Rome. Mussolini dictated that an area be cleared and did some digging. But due to the 1939 1945 war that project was stopped. The biggest most frightening volcano in Italy is the “Red Heart of Italy” the region called Umbria with its city called Perugia. The entirety of Umbria is a massive super volcano. I know from my visitations to the region [1978] that the ground is moving in ways that are absolutely astonishing. At a place called Santa Maria Degli Angoli, famous for the chapel of Saint Fransis of Assissi, I recollect that a fault had recently formed and the people said to me that the shear vertical cliff of pure white quartzite [Silicon Oxide] towering hundreds of feet above the plain below had simply risen continuously over the previous few years. Indication that the Umbria region is very active. Certainly not extinct. I hope that our host ROBERT will tell us more about these mega volcano’s. Their eruption will certainly trigger a return of Ice Age cooling.

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