10 thoughts on “Its a cycle, its a cycle, its a cycle”

  1. Even kids can simulate cool a bottle of Lemonade in the fridge.
    On a sunny morning at 10Am open and take one glass full. Taste test if OK continue with experiment.
    Take open bottle of lemonade minus bottle top and place in full sun for two hour. Check temperature if not too hot taste test. Replace bottle top and shake open. The fizz should have gone. No fix no CO2.

  2. You are so right Robert about outgassing/sinking CO2. I read your signed book years ago and forgot you had said that. I want you to be the first to know that I am likely the first to tie CO2 directly to Nino indices and solar activity.


    The ocean warms/cools via TSI. There was an effect on Nino and CO2 production from Mt Pinatubo, but surprisingly the overall SST responded to falling TSI and not volcanic aerosols:


  3. Some times think tanks have some rather interesting estimates that coincide with natural cycles like what we are about to experience. In this case the prediction is population loss for many first world countries by 2025.
    I am not sure how accurate the estimate will be but one might want to take a peek at it.


  4. The ebb and flow of nature,…
    The signs are here for the cycle to begin to fall off again. So many people are content with their concept of a “white picket fence, six pack of beer and football on television”… the status quo.
    As long as they are comfortable, many people will not prepare or change their way of living. We who prepare are considered the crazy ones. I have no control over weather, but I do have an opportunity to let people know that the cycle is changing and overnight, everything could be different.
    If the elite are so concertinaed about CO2, They should all hold their breath till they turn blue… Just saying.

    • spot on, I was talking to friends about the need to be aware of CME events and also other REAL manmade issues like war being something that would affect us, even as fairly isolated rural dwellers we are still only a fueltanks drive from 2 major cities, a couple of the gathering were smart enough to listen and consider
      3 more dissed it as too doom n gloomy a topic to contemplate
      weve even had MSM mention supplies of aussie grown foods n veg will be pricerising and scarce , but even simple suggestions to buy a can or pack extra to save later on is beyond that day to day all will be the same forever outlook.
      sad really.

    • People don’t read history anymore.
      7 Reasons Why Rome Fell

      1. Invasions by Barbarian tribes
      TODAY:Middle East and North Africa Invasion for Europe and Central America and Mexico for US!!!!!

      2. Economic troubles and over-reliance on slave labor
      TODAY: pretty much the same

      3. The rise of the Eastern Empire
      TODAY: China

      4. Over-expansion and military overspending
      TODAY: The same

      5. Government corruption and political instability
      TODAY: No comment!

      6. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes
      TODAY: The Squad

      7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values
      TODAY: Probably it should be #1.

      To keep the people under control Government threw them bread and gladiators.
      Today: TV, fried chicken, pizza, hot dogs and for the vegan Californians carrots and cucumbers-this tow veggies are so versatile and stay hard 2-3 days:))

  5. Try $79 billion. That is how much the US government has paid unethical “scientist” to produce papers that support AGW. I sure it is more now but that was the number a few years ago. Do you have an up to date cost?

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