It’s about destroying the entire economy

Turning the U.S. into a command-and-control economy reminiscent of the Soviet Union.
Adherents charmingly call it ‘changing’ the economy. I call it destroying the economy.

It’s about destroying the entire economy


Thirty-plus years ago I legally emigrated to the United States to escape communism, NOT for economically reasons; by local standards I had a way better life then average person and a better life then the few years after I come to US. I came here for FREEDOM. What am I gonna do?? Looks like there’s no place to go.

On July 27 you published an article titled: “Climate Change is about overthrowing our economy – Video”

Now the MSM is openly talking about this.On August 5, 2019 on Yahoo main page is an article called: “I Went to a Socialism Conference: 6 Wild Things I Learned.

Here is a quote from this page:

“It’s perhaps no surprise that an openly socialist member of Congress is pushing for the Green New Deal—which would essentially turn the U.S. into a command-and-control economy reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti recently said, according to The Washington Post: “The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all.”

“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Chakrabarti asked Sam Ricketts, climate director for Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who is running for president in the Democratic primary. “Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

What are we going to do??

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  1. Go fish, same plan as always. The pinks and chinooks are arriving, then coho sept, chums oct. Limit 4 per day.
    And eat oysters, right across the street as far as you can see.
    My gates are closed to keep elk and deer from eating my garden and grapes. If they give me too much trouble, well…
    And more firewood, lots more firewood. Same plan as always.
    C’mon over, go fishin :

  2. Saw this headline on my news feed from Forbes: “Forbes · 1 day ago
    Global Warming? An Israeli Astrophysicist Provides Alternative View That Is Not Easy To Reject”

    If you click on the link you see that they pulled it because it “doesn’t meet their editorial standards.” They say that the first paragraphs are available in their explanation of why it was pulled, but no such view is available. Did anyone happen to get some screenshots of the article before they pulled it down?

  3. AOC is not who you think she is. From her background lies to her staged photo ops at the Mexican border. She is a fake. But someone is promoting the hell out of this 29 YO who happens to be good looking.

    • she answered a casting call from Saikat Chakrabarti, who is a Hindi radical leftist. He ended up as her ‘chief of staff’, but he was really the one pulling the strings on the marionette we call AOC.

      He and his radical friends hired 7 other actors and actresses to play the part of CONgressmen, four of whom won their Primaries.

  4. Meanwhile in the UK …

    A huge power failure in the UK on 10 Aug 2019 cut power to trains, traffic lights and millions of people at home.

    Two power plants caused it, an offshore wind farm (Hornsea) in the North Sea and the Little Barford gas fired station in East Anglia. The official report claims that Little Barford failed first, then the wind station 2 minutes later.

    This is a lie. The truth as revealed by detailed research by blogger “It doesn’t add up” is that the wind farm clearly failed first, and caused the whole event.

    Like the captain of the Titanic aiming for a transatlantic speed record, the UK national grid were aiming for a record percentage of power from wind. They reduced the safety margin of grid inertia for this purpose, and the result was disaster:

    11Aug 2019, “It doesn’t add up” (WattsUpWithThat)

    “I’ve done a lot of research on this, looking at the data from National Grid at BM Reports, Gridwatch, and a very helpful frequency chart at 1 second resolution from Upside Energy, a small company providing experimental token grid stabilisation services using distributed systems (a potential precursor to such things as V2G). You can see that their effort was very prompt but puny at under 6MW for about 3 minutes in this chart they tweeted.

    Here’s what I found:
    I think the conclusive answer to the question is yes – the blackout’s primary cause was the sudden loss of output from Hornsea wind farm, though the precise cause of that remains unknown at this stage: likely candidates are a failure at the offshore transmission platform where the voltage is boosted to 220kV, somewhere along the cable to shore, or at the grid connection point (at Killingholme on the Humber) onshore. The really damning evidence comes in this tweet that shows grid frequency based on 1 second data.

    The extremely rapid initial drop in frequency at 15:52:32Z to below the statutory minimum of 49.5Hz is compatible with the drop in wind generation of about 850MW recorded in grid 5 minute data (although there appear to be timing discrepancies between the frequency and power data – but I would regard the frequency data as conclusive, especially with wind). That is followed by a small bounce as the grid starts to try to recover, before a further smaller collapse in frequency to the nadir at around 48.8Hz, which is entirely consistent with the smaller drop in CCGT output recorded in grid data that suggest that Little Barford was probably operating at about 50% of its 727MW capacity. There is a major grid transmission line that runs from Keadby near Killingholme past Little Barford at St. Neots and on to the transmission ring around the North of London. It is almost certain that this power line was delivering power from the wind farm towards London. When that failed, there would have been a sudden extra demand on Little Barford, which would have caused its frequency to drop and that (if not the already rapid drop in grid frequency) would have tripped it out of operation.

    Do not be deceived by the reported outage times on the plants. The formal record shows that Little Barford announced it had zero capacity at 15:55:37Z w.e.f. 15:57:40Z (compare with the chart above). Hornsea is shown as having zero capacity w.e.f. 16:00:00Z – which is a highly unlikely timing, except that it coincides with the start of the next settlement period. That report was not submitted until 16:19:48Z, over 20 minutes after the main event. By 16:00Z the grid frequency chart shows that balance had been restored by the combination of load shedding and running up Dinorwig pumped storage to nearly 1GW, OCGT rapid response, and diesel STOR. It seems that management decided not to report the real time of the loss of power for reasons that might vary between inadequate monitoring systems, or a failure to understand the need to report the true time rather than the next half hour settlement period time, or simply to lie to cover up having reviewed the evidence.

    That these disturbances caused such a rapid and severe frequency drop that triggered load shedding is entirely due to the lack of grid inertia caused by the high proportion of generation from wind and solar, which had been running at over 40% most of the day. A 2016 presentation from National Grid has a chart that shows the relationship between the rate of change of frequency that can be expected for different amounts of load loss at different levels of grid inertia: it suggests that they were sailing far too close to the wind. You can think of grid inertia as the flywheel energy stored in the rotating heavy generator turbines. It is measured in GVA.s, which you can think of as gigawatt-seconds. Divide by the level of grid demand, and it tells you how long the energy would last if it instantaneously could become the only source of power on the grid. That gives a measure of the response speed required from backup generation (spinning reserve, fast start, grid batteries etc.) if grid frequency is to stay within limits that avoid blackouts. You have to suspect that at Grid HQ in Wokingham, they will be thinking about having a larger level of spinning reserve, and about curtailing wind to ensure that there is more inertia.

    I note that today the formal record of the timing of the shutdowns has magically disappeared. More questions to be answered.”

    The original post at WUWT:

    Another blogger on WattsUpWithThat, “Vuk”, followed up with this:

    “Yesterday was a very windy day, earlier in the day the NG was bragging that 50% of electricity was generated by wind farms. A VIP visited the NG operations during mid afternoon. Question is: did the NG take out some other generator out to demonstrate the renewable potential?”

  5. One should better talk about ‘green communisme’ as governments wants to control everything just for the safety and healthiness of their citizens. All is checked by administrators using electronic devices. When government says that the weather is dangerosu to be outside, it is dangerous and there will be a punishment for those who won’t listen. It isn’t allowed to have money unless controled by government. Up to 2007 the idea that multinatonals and banks controled society was unbearable for politicians c.s. irrespective being a fact or not. That reality can’t be controled due to the interpretation of situations of human beings and the complexity of life, isn’t an argument as politicians, supported by scientists, is a guarantee for thruth.

  6. make sure Trump gets re elected, I guess. cos the other options even in his party are pretty bad.
    but the other mob really is a mob and heaven help you if they got back into power.

  7. I support all the research and are fully onboard with the coming GSM/Magnetic Reversal. However, I will forever be a socialist because I want a better more inclusive world. The whole trump thing is just about racism and someone to blame for the decline of the US. Every dog has its day, even the Native American Indians you stole “your” country from at the barrel of a gun.
    This site is becoming more political by the day. It used to be a great science place…

    • After you turn your country into a socialist one PLEASE do not come to our country!!!! I lived socialism and you did not so you don’t have an idea what you wish for. I’m really sorry for you.

    • I believe if you don’t like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country! This is AMERICA …We like it the way it is and more so the way it was….so stop trying to change it to look like Russia or China, or some other socialist country!
      If you were born here and don’t like it… you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you. I believe it is time to really clean house, starting with the Congress and all those who oppose the POTUS

  8. Climate Change is extremist political agenda, it is not based on science, they are using fear to promote extreme political legislation that could lead to mass starvation and death.

    Here is a graphic of newspaper headline of climate alarmism since 1895:

  9. If this New Deal garbage ever passes, we will have a revolution!
    Either that or move out of this country because it won’t be any good here anymore. Also we better recapture the House in 2020 or this country will be toast!

  10. This is a link to The Money Masters. A real eye opener, a very lucid and thought provoking documentary on money and power. It’s also available on the tube in episodes.

    Sadly I can only find the episodes with Serbian subtitles, but if you wish to brush up on your Serbo-Croat at the same time here’s the link (the commentary is still in English).

  11. Land of the free?
    We live in a police state. Every word we type, or speak within earshot of a device is recorded. Our movements are tracked via our “smart” phones.
    The idea of “revolution” has been rendered impossible.
    We have crafted a gilded cage, entered, locked ourselves in, and swallowed the key.

    Oldest and most intelligent culture on earth to this saying beware of unexpected global cooling .Their history books are ancient,give respect where its due and lets not fall into the trap of global warming baloney that the western world msm is feeding us day and night..!!!As soon as i see a news story on the toob about bs true honesty i cant turn the channel fast enough..they are truly pathetic.just my humble opinion.

  13. Looks pretty good for Trump. But four years will scream by quick, then what? Back to the big plan. Tear it all down and build their Marxist utopia.

  14. Vote no for all democrat politicians in the next election. Even if you are a dedicated Liberal. It is the only way to save liberalism from the fascists who have taken over the democrat party of today and are seeking to overthrow the Constitution and seize total power.

  15. You need to bet people to vote because democracy is their primary target.

    In their view democracy is the enemy of “saving the planet” and if Americans can’t be bothered to vote then America is doomed.

    There are endless references asserting us to willingly agree to “suspending democracy” until we save the planet.

    Once “suspended” it is gone forever !

  16. Cortez and the other green Marxist’s want Government to regulate and control the economics of growth and innovation. My argument is, those of us out in the private sector are innovating and making things “greener” on our own. Every day without their help, whether by economic necessity or by innovation. Most consumers can see energy efficient changes in every appliance in their homes, like furnaces and water heaters. But Its what you don’t see that’s wild. Giant gasifiers (that make diesel out of green wood waste for example) are so energy efficient it makes economic sense to compete in the oil market. In the lab, solar panels have doubled their output. They’ve busted through the threshold we’ve been stuck in for years. Look up Pongamia Trees, you’ll be amazed. Realistically, we’ll be “growing” our own crude oil soon.

  17. “What are we going to do??” ?

    As Americans, shift towards global Satanism, oops I meant Socialism !

    And prepare for our King, the Beast !!

    It is a dream come true for fellow Democrats, and now it is time for the rest of America to follow suit, today the easy way, next the hard way, and then finally (If need be !!!) the “last” way…

    Now do as You are Told !

    Provided to you by

    The Marxist, Socialistic Democrats of America

  18. Snow and High Winds Hammer Southeast Australia 3 hours ago
    At a Glance
    A woman was killed and a boy severely injured when a large tree fell on a family car.
    Winds reached 70 mph in some places.
    Snow closed roadways and caused accidents in higher elevations.
    Drivers in the states of Victoria and New South Wales were warned to stay off the roads as a polar blast brought snow to southeast Australia.
    The snow, which began Friday, was accompanied by winds up to 70 mph in some places. The system moved into Queensland on Sunday, dropping temperatures and bringing a chance of sleet and snow.
    Some places saw their heaviest snowfall in two decades, Queensland Country Life reported.
    A woman was killed Friday when a large tree fell on her family’s car in the Yarra Ranges, east of Melbourne, in Victoria, The Guardian reported. A 4-year-old boy in the car was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. A 5-year-old boy and an adult male were also hospitalized, but their injuries were less severe.
    An eight-car pileup shut down a major road in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, according to Five cars avoid the crash but got stuck in the snow on the roadside.
    Towns in the Blue Mountains were cut off when the heavy snow forced the closing of the Great Western Highway. More than 5 inches of snow fell in that area.
    In Newcastle, on the coast, winds ripped the roof off a nursing home. About 30 people had to be evacuated.
    The State Emergency Service in New South Wales received more than 1,165 requests for help since the bad weather began Friday, 9 News reported.

    Snow is not unusual in the higher elevations of southeastern Australia during winter, which is from June to August. Victoria and New South Wales are home to many ski resorts.
    Queensland has a subtropical climate and snow is much rarer. Stanthorpe, in the southern end of the state on the border with New South Wales, got a dusting of flakes in June, according to the Bureau of Meteorology in Queensland. The weather agency said it was the state’s first significant snowfall since 2015.
    Not something you see every day in Australia. Kangaroos in the snow

  19. This battle was lost long ago.

    There has been no chance of standing up to the federal govt since sometime before the Civil War.

    If that were not the case, we would be two countries right now.

    The idea that the people can influence the power structure in this country is an illusion, perpetrated upon us for the self-serving agenda of our rulers, and soon to be brought to an end.

  20. AOC is a fruitloop.
    A brainwashed, feeble minded airhead, only in Congress due to a handful of votes.
    An “Economics Graduate” with no concept of economic, the economy or reality in general.
    I hope she enjoys whatever time is left of her sole term in Congress.
    Hopefully, she can land a better bar girl job in Vegas, or Atlantic City or somewhere.
    But most likely Reno…
    At least the tips will make up for no benefits.

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