It’s cold in Yakutia even by Yakut standards

The temperature in Verkhoyansk on November 26 fell to -53.6°C, which is 13.1 degrees lower than the climatic norm.

Other cities are not far behind, where the air temperature is -40 ..- 45°C.

It’s cold in Yakutia even by Yakut standards.

In the coming days, the cold will continue.

Daytime temperature is -23 ..- 28°C, in the northeast -34 ..- 39°C, in the lowlands -45 ..- 50°C, in the west -18 ..- 23°C, in the south-west -8 .. -13°C.

Plus, more than 2 feet of snow

Light to moderate snow is expected in the northwest. It should be noted that in some areas of Yakutia there is already enough snow. In some areas, the height of snowdrifts reaches 67 cm (more than 2 ft).

Cold reached China

The Siberian anticyclone, which provided Siberia and Yakutia with frost, split into two cores. One of these cores supports the deep cold in Yakutia, the second went south.

It sharply became colder in the southern parts of Eastern Siberia. Then the cold shackled Mongolia, Central Asia, and reached northeast China, where the air has cooled to -35°C!

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4 thoughts on “It’s cold in Yakutia even by Yakut standards”

  1. No global warming in Siberia then !!
    If it is MINUS 53.6 CELSIUS in Yakutia , eastern Siberia , can anyone explain how the PERMA FROST is melting further NORTH in Siberia? The way the global warmers write, you’d think it is melting NOW !!
    Of course it isn’t as these severe temperatures prove. When they say “permafrost is melting”, what the mean is it may melt down to a METRE in high summer………AS IT HAS DONE FOR CENTURIES OR MORE……….THEN RE-FREEZES IN THE AUTUMN !!
    It is still only November 28th and look at that FRIGHTENINGLY LOW TEMPERATURE IN SIBERIA……..MINUS 56 CELSIUS FOR GOODNESS SAKE !
    Please send this information to politicians and the UK Press,

  2. What is an anticyclone? How does it differ from an ordinary Northern Hemisphere cyclone? Does it spin in the opposite direction-one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise?

    Incidentally, the best book I have read recently on the cooling climate is “Twilight of Abundance” by David Archibald. Explains in simple, very easy to understand fashion, how climate cycles on Earth are controlled by cycles of Solar activity.

  3. It has been a lot colder many times in Verkhoyansk. Google it. But what isn’t fair on the natives is not the raw temperatures themselves but the fact that they must be googling for ideas on how to cope with early onset winter and late onset spring. I would be surprised if they could google anything as infrastructure folds.
    I’d go and live nearer Lake Baikal but even then there are no guarantees.
    Stay safe Comrades.

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