It’s the same old game

“Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting.”
– John the 1st

It’s the same old game

John the 1st

For tens of thousands of years the high priest (or priestess), would stand up and say the drought, or the earthquake or the eclipse, or the flood happened because “god” (choose whichever god you want) was unhappy with us, and that tutelary was unhappy with us because we were wicked and evil. They would use talismans, and relics, secret incantations and confusing terms and language to “prove” their assertions.

The fearful, ignorant, and even the cautious, would then prostate themselves before the priests and their acolytes, sacrificing their wealth, their freedom, their free will and their happiness in the vain hope that they could curry the favor of the offended deity and thus be spared from the misery produced by the catastrophe du jour.

Woe unto them that questioned the veracity of the priests or the efficacy of their countermeasures.

Woe unto them that pointed out that while the priests were calling for fasting, they themselves were feasting. While they admonished gaudy displays of wealth, they clothed themselves in fine garments. While they demanded abstinence and humility, they indulged and reveled in their power.

That worked for thousands upon thousands of years. Perhaps for all of humanity’s conscious existence.

Those who crafted the Global Warming scam know this and are exploiting it.

They are being assisted and enabled by the same sort of true believers that in generations past would denounce the wicked and demand their sacrifice.

It’s the same old game, played on the same old field, using the same old rules, for the same old prize.

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  1. Excellent piece, global warming is just like a religious scam. No proof needed, just believe and get on your knees sinner, you’ve sinned burning fossil fuels now pay up.

  2. There may be some sort of parallel here, but I question it. For one thing, though the ignorant were doing what the priest demanded, and the priest may have gained from it, the ignorant were doing what they were doing to appease “god,” and it affected, mostly, those that “believed.”

    Today’s scam fails the reasoning. Those that call for the sacrifices of the ignorant are not making demands of the “believers” as much as they are of those that do not. It is not for “god,” mother nature, “Gaia,” or “the planet and its better inhabitants, anything other than humans.” It is for something so esoteric that it can’t be defined, but in the end, it is for population reduction and a return to a caste system where there are those that have everything, and those that have nothing, but are there to provide everything. A blend of the techno world we have, and the serfdom of the middle ages. Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in a virtual reality.

  3. Well done!
    I would assume the talisman, relics and incantations are presented by the breathless media.
    No criticism, but it would be fun to add: The high priests bulging robes were not that of starvation, but of grotesque gluttony.

  4. Hi Robert,

    I had written more involved comment but then I lost it because I lost my wifi for a time.

    I question your statement: “Those who crafted the Global Warming scam know this and are exploiting it.”

    From days of the Greek philosophers to today there have been those intellectuals who believed what they could rationally reason had to be the truth.

    And in 1955 Richard Feynman tried to convince the scientific community in an address to the National Academy of Sciences tried to remind us that the science can never find the ‘truth’. That in science there always is an element of uncertainty.

    Tom wrote: “Assumptions are made based on the idea that rising atmospheric CO2 will warm the planet. This assumption has never been validated, and it is not evident in the real world.” This is because so many scientists believe that rational reason and argumentation is superior to observation which lesser intelligent persons can easily make.

    And it is forgotten that it was a publisher which peer reviewed Galileo’s ‘Two New Sciences’. And the fact that even Galileo rejected the validity of Tycho Brahe’s naked eye observations (made by making very large instruments) and Johannes Kepler’s calculation made without a calculating machine which forced the conclusion that the orbits of the planets were not perfect circles but quite nearly perfect eclipses, should not be ignored.

    For humans are not perfect and often make mistakes.

    I believe that those who planted the idea of the GHE based their idea on actual greenhouses during the daytime and failed to consider the temperature of the greenhouses at sunrise the next morning when the atmosphere had been cloudless. Still today most ignore the daily temperature oscillations of the summer at locations whose climate classification is arid and hot and generally cloudless. For the large range of the temperature oscillations are evidence that the atmosphere does not trap the upwelling IR radiation being emitted by the earth’s surfaces during both the day and night.

    Where the climate is wet, the cooling of the earth’s surface is limited to the dew point of the atmosphere’s dew point in contact with the earth’s surface as the water vapor begins to condense on the surface cooled by emitting IR radiation to space.

    Finally, there is the common observation some nights wnen there is a nighttime overcast and the temperature hardly decreases during the nighttime.

    So while there clearly are some keeping their jobs studying the the GHE, global warming, and climate change, it is that the masses have not been properly educated as a child. And it is the responsibility of every parent to insist that their children receive a proper education (learn to read with comprehension, work simple mathematical word problems, and write so that a reader can understand (comprehend) what is being written.

    This comment is quite different from the one I lost. I was comfortable with the lost one and I am comfortable with this one.

    Would like to learn what you and others conclude about this one.

    Have a good day, Jerry

  5. Herr Robert, I know a bunch of willfully ignorant who really need this gospel right now and they are about to receive your timely blessing. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Et cum spiritu tuo;). Muchas gracias, for everything you do, mi amigo hermoso.

  6. ‘Those who crafted the Global Warming scam know this and are exploiting it.’ Exactly, they know the rules and have govts bent over backwards falling for the trap.

  7. quite true. show us all how little mankinds progressed when so many with so much freedom to know and learn, still choose to follow the naked emperor or a fat divinityschool failure..and will bow down and be willing to ruin their own lives for a pat on the head(and a kick in the teeth) from their irrationally chosen gurus. and the meme of doing it for our children? is the real punch line
    make their own lives AND their kids so much worse for sweetFA actual proof or reason. sad really.

  8. Would have saved themselves a lot of misery if only they had learned that; for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

    And in most cases, however, if one did not bow down the elite, it was off with thou head! Or you must be a witch!

    Why the smartest lived remote, far away from the tyranny eh.

    • “And in most cases, however, if one did not bow down to the elite, it was off with thou head! Or you must be a witch!”

      There will be a repeat of this soon enough I think. Probably more trial by combat and dueling too.

    Quoted comment by:
    Robert Weisansal
    July 3, 2019 at 11:01 pm
    Some points to consider are:
    1. Global warming is a 65 billion dollar a year business.
    2. It has been stated as well as noted that those who go against global warming are harangued and not funded.
    3. Dr. Z is on record with her lecture given at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in 2018.
    4. What actually is going on behind the scene that we aren’t privy to?
    As of now, we will not have long to wait!

    Might is right, especially when truth becomes an obstacle to might. Like Galileo, it appears that Zharkova may have been compelled to go along to get along with this recent ‘Expanded Analysis’. Even Galileo had to recant to the Vatican to get a soft kill permanent house arrest instead of a torturous hard kill at the fire stake. Information wars have been going on since the first animal deceptions and camouflage. It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong.

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