Jackson Hole ski resort record snowfall

More than 11 feet of snow in 15 days. Record breaking.

“This is a January for the record books,” said Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Vice President of Operations Tim Mason. “I’m impressed by the virility and sustained nature of this storm cycle…. Not to mention the skiing has been incredible.”

340cm (134 inches) of snow fell on the upper mountain in the first fortnight of the new decade at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. The resort’s current base depth of 2.3 metres (91 inches) make this January the deepest ever in the resort’s history.

More than 11 feet (more than 3.3m) of snow has blanketed the Tetons since January 1, 2020.



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5 thoughts on “Jackson Hole ski resort record snowfall”

  1. It’s also very interesting how the other side of the mountain range doesn’t get near as much snow probably. I’ll get back to you on that when I check.

  2. And the lying alarmists said over and over that “global warming/climate change” would kill the ski industry. Not one ski area has gone out of business due to global warming/climate change. Seasonal variability is normal.

  3. There was still an impressive amount on the far side of Yellowstone, 2 feet or more. Still, no where near 11 feet.

  4. How many times have ski resorts closed while they dig out the ski lifts due to the heavy snow they have received?

  5. That’s probably not going to shrink the glacier on Grand Teton, either. And yes, Grand Teton still has a glacier, though everyone likes to fret about it disappearing. Most people that worry about it aren’t mountaineers anyway.

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