Jane Fonda Arrested at DC Climate Change Protest – Video

No surprise, I detest this so-called actress.

“Actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda was arrested on Friday during a protest on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building,” says Breitbart.

She apparently has moved to the area to facilitate her protests.


https://t.co/rAq8Xwi5fE pic.twitter.com/lIcxYeGd5Z

21 thoughts on “Jane Fonda Arrested at DC Climate Change Protest – Video”

  1. And she was released on her own recognizance a few hours later.

    For the others arrested, they should understand, there’s always one law for the well connected rich lefty elitist, and another for the rest of you!

    Fonda, forever known as “Hanoi Jane” to those who took offense to her stand against the Vietnam War, is worth $100s of millions.
    Her remarkable talent in overacting in every role Hollywood gave her, meant she was the darling of all those self appointed grandees of socialism that infest the US cinema industry.

    In reality she’s just another champagne socialist desperately seeking MSM publicity and exposure, the only ’cause’ she truly believes in is the self-promotion of her overbearing ego.

  2. When one sees the movement Jane Fonda supports one wonders how sincere she was about opposing the presence of American military in Vietnam. If she was sincere about pushing for peace there has been no lack of opportunity. She has had fifty years to oppose American military action in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Central America, etc. and with her fame just might have influenced government to be a bit less aggressive and keep some troops home. But no, she picks the movement that makes the biggest headlines proving that there is not and probably never was any principle in her actions. She must be amazed that at this age someone is offering her one last fling at fame and plays her part with the passion of a professional actress because the global warming movement is totally devoid of substance and needs an actor much better than Greta to stay on the news.

  3. I vote that we move the seat of the federal govt to LA so Jane Fonda won’t have to leave California.

    Two birds with one stone.

  4. Several different comments came to mind however I’ll just say I’m not a fan. I also refuse to click on link that has the video as I don’t want to give a higher view count to anything LA 🙂

  5. stupid woman
    hanoi jane strikes again- having her second childhood?
    didnt do her much good the first time round either
    shes planning to do a “greta” and turn up every friday
    hope its cold windy and raining every time she shows up

  6. Every one of these Wackos should have to attend a lecture from the “Climate Deniers” who can clearly show them that the world is doing just the opposite of what they are screaming about. A little bit of “one plus one equals two; not eleven”, and perhaps a small percentage of them will be able to see some reason.
    ‘Course I’m just dreaming, and thinking positive. But what do I know anyway.

  7. Saw her- years ago- throw a fit in an airport lobby as her family G-V gulfstream jet got impounded for an unpaid bill. Sailors, Air tanker Captains, and Loggers have nothing on Hanoi when it comes to language…

  8. Surely everyone has the right to express their opinion ?

    Isn’t this the biggest complaint sceptics have about our governments and the MSM – they will not allow for any other viewpoint that climate alarm ?

    To the best of my memory JF expressed her opinion that the US should not have been involved in the Vietnam war.

    I think Australia was also wrong to become involved.

    At the time the MSM and government positions were basically the reverse of today.

    We were bombarded with mindless drivel about the communist hordes of Asia, the “Yellow Peril”, sweeping down upon us.

    Vietnam was a puppet of Ho Chi Minh and his plans to conquer the world.

    Expressing an opinion against this dogma was impossible without activism.

    All of the propaganda proved to be lies !

    The Vietnamese do not even get on with China and certainly do not do their bidding.

    Surely we have to tolerate other opinions ?

    I do even if I believe “climate science” is stupid beyond belief.

    Time to forget events from ~50 years ago surely. I think the Vietnam war was a tragedy for all concerned based on lies and propaganda.

    The “green new deal” or global UN control to “save the planet” will also be a tragedy for all concerned based on lies and propaganda !

    Time to move on.

    • I agree that the Vietnam War was fought under a false pretext, and that the USA was in the wrong. Jane Fonda and Cassius Clay/Mohammed Ali’s objections could not be faulted. However, her siding with the brain-washed Extinction Rebels does not do her credit.

    • hi Rosco
      yeah Vietnam war was an utter waste and Aus also shouldnt have been there, yes the protest were valid.
      however the way JF went about lacked a lot.
      and yes she has the right to an opinion
      and she abuses the name fame and funds she can use to make HER opinion get media traction when skeptics cannot
      she like the rest of ex reb and the ipcc mannikins and goreites want all of US shut down and not allowed to speak get into mainstream print or talk, to have webpages like this alogo’ed into a dark pit
      so I sorta figure retaliation in the only way we can, as comments, is to be expected.

  9. An irrelevant 80 year old just trying to become relevant once again. She still needs to be tried, convicted and hung for treason.

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