Japan – Record snowfall in Nagano City

Brightly blooming red plum blossoms coated with wet, heavy snow.

On the 24th of March came winter-type weather in the prefecture, with snow falling mainly in the north accompanied by cold air.

According to the Nagano Regional Meteorological Observatory, the 12-hour snowfall in Nagano by noon was 14 cm, the highest in March’s observation history.

On the same morning, along the Chuo-dori in Daimoncho, Nagano City, red plums with bright flowers were coated with wet, heavy snow. The city has reverted from spring weather to winter landscape.

In the morning, train service was temporarily suspended between JR Iiyama Line Lotus and Tachiga-hana from Iiyama City to Nagano City due to several fallen trees.

According to the Meteorological Observatory, the prefecture will see some snowfall until the evening. On the morning of the 25th, we expect sub-zero temperatures in various places.


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  1. According to the UN purveyors of unscientific nonsense, Global Temperature apparently keep rising, yet all across the world cold keeps impacting everything at the least opportune moments.

    Hey you ‘climate scientists’ (aka moronic peddlers of UN propaganda), this Solar minimum means something — the sun drives the weather and the climate — lower solar activity, heralds more terrestrial cooling. Atmospheric CO2, at less than 0.5%, is only a very beneficial breath of life. As many studies show CO2 does not control the Earth’s climate.

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