Jersey Island – Worst early-season potato crop in 40 years

The Island’s potato growers are struggling after heavy rain and then sub-zero temperatures delayed planting of Jersey’s biggest agricultural export.

1 Mar 2018 –  William Church, sales and marketing director for the Jersey Royal Company, says other regional early potatoes, including in the British Isles, have also been wiped out by severe cold.

First came the wet start to the year, and now the potatoes that have already been planted are at risk from the extreme winter weather blowing across Europe from Siberia.

(The Island of Jersey is located south of the U.K, near the coast of Normandy.)

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9 thoughts on “Jersey Island – Worst early-season potato crop in 40 years”

  1. If it were just onw place i would be laughing , remember i live in australia .. lol

    But this websites says it all multi countries many differnet problems and wait the out of season , frost , like the stuff that wiped out . 180 million dollars worth of wheat in Victora Australia late last ywar , mate is not normal ….. snow on Tasmania that happens but not muxh main land australia IT DID THIS YEAR

  2. White potatoes are poison; no loss to me. I rarely eat them. They are of the night shade family, and night shades are not healthy. They make good vodka though; good thing to stock up on for barter and medicinal use if the money system collapses. Educate yourselves. Sweet potatoes are the way to go. Best wishes to all in the hard times that are coming.

    • Sweet potatoes only grow in hot weather….We will keep growing potatoes, parsnips and other temperate vegetables….

  3. I have planted my summer veg 6-8 weeks later each year for the past 4 – 5 years knowing that the weather is getting cooler. If the farmers had this information, those potato growers would have done the same and not risked losing their crops. Time to become smart farmers not just conventional farmers.

  4. Hi Barb
    A great but nasty experiment in authoritarian government ran for more than a hundred years in the 1500s. Its epitome was the Vatican’s insistence that the solar system rotated around the Earth. The Church enforced its views by murdering heretics.
    By the early 1600s, most ordinary folks were getting fed up with the in-your-face and in-your-wallet government.
    The urge to control permeated every level of government. At around 1625, the city council in Malines, Belgium voted to prevent the growing and consumption of potatoes.
    They caused leprosy.
    The current experiment in authoritarian government is becoming very intrusive and expensive. Not to overlook tedious.
    I hope it ends soon.
    Don’t worry about potatoes.

  5. Tipper, you always manage to drum up a memory or two. That is the part I like most about your blog. I have very early memory of my Uncle and I roasting Irish potatoes on a pot bellied stove. We would patiently roll them until they wee done. Family would come by and join us for a potato. Another sweet memory is that my mother loved sweet potatoes. Since she lived with me the last years of her life, I learned to cook sweet potatoes all kinds of ways. I never cook them anymore. I found the neatest contraption at a flea market and bought it. It looked like you could stick a cheese sandwich in, clamp it shut, and grill it in the fireplace. Sadly, I waited until the grandkids got too old to enjoy. I have kept it just in case. I used to have a delightful time having a picnic with them right there in the back yard, but somehow missed a chance to camp out in the living room and make a grill cheese in the fireplace. I guess I am just a big kid at heart!

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