John Coleman explains the “global warming myth” – Video

John Coleman explains the “global warming myth” – Video

Humans flourish during interglacials (nature’s global warming), and we almost all perish during ice ages, says founder of the Weather Channel.

John Coleman explains the “global warming myth” (KUSI-TV, 2009)

“Over and over again we’ve been told how the ice will melt, and the polar bears are going to die, how the coast will be flooded as the oceans rise, some islands totally wiped out, how powerful hurricanes are going to hit the shore, how millions will die as heat waves sweep the planet…” says Coleman.

And yet, human life flourishes during interglacials (nature’s global warming), and we almost all perish during ice ages when the earth becomes a huge ice cube.

The present warming is no more dramatic than previous warmings that preceded the use of fossil fuels, says Coleman. There’s been an increase of 1/2 of one degree since 1880 – “nothing very dramatic.”

Coleman points out that temperatures have varied in step with changes in the Sun’s activity, not with CO2.

And now, even though CO2 levels continue to rise, temperatures have stayed steady or even declined.

“There is no evidence to support the claim of significant man-made global warming,” says Coleman, blowing IPCC predictions out of the water.

“The IPCC hypothesis is dead. Climategate shows that the data has been manipulated.

The ice at the north pole has started rising again, and polar bear population is expanding rapidly.

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  1. Yet the global warming agenda is still pushed by many , for example the Norsk Polarinstitutt , this week claimed that the North Pole drift ice in summer will be totally gone in just 10 years from now.

    If I have to guess these people get a big sack of money to lie to the public. ( in Norwegain )

    • is the sate sponserd global warming propaganda mouthpiece. They used to allow comments on their articles, but so many people tor their lies to threads that they stopped comments – it was an absolute whitewash for the realists. Talk about freedom of speach, or should I say lack of it!!

  2. Robert,

    I totally believe we are heading into an ice age. Global temperatures are falling rapidly in places, particularly the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand) we have had major rain, snow and cold events (record breaking cold).

    I also believe that the last mini ice age started within a very short space of time, possibly over a say, a five year period. Is this correct? I was wondering if you could guesstimate a countdown to the cold? In asking you this question, I know that you would be putting your reputation on the line, so I will understand if you decline to answer.

    I still think your fab.


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