John Coleman – Global warming papers are “bought and paid for”

Founder of the Weather Channel very effectively shuts down CNN host Brian Stelter.

Coleman points out that 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying the global warming “consensus” is not valid.

Coleman tells Stelter that “CNN has taken a very strong position on global warming that it is a consensus. Well there is no consensus in science. Science isn’t a vote. Science is about facts.” You hear all this alarmism about heat waves and drought, but they’re not happening.

Says he is “terribly disappointed” by his former network, The Weather Channel, because it “has bought into [climate change].

Here’s a longer segment of the above interview:

Coleman produced a special report for KUSI-TV, entitled Global Warming: The Other Side. The program suggests that Global Warming is a scam and presents what Coleman contends is evidence of a deliberate manipulation of world temperature data by NASA and other groups.

31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs

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7 thoughts on “John Coleman – Global warming papers are “bought and paid for””

  1. Science has to be about truth and the scientific method otherwise it isn’t science and worse than that it is a lie and lies can get innocent people killed legally or otherwise.

  2. Agreed!
    But the vast majority of the US/Australian Main Stream Media are controlled by Green Socialist leaning owners who are promoting solar based energy system such as Photo-electronic, climate driven sources such as wind and limited tidal.
    As well as capturing as cheaply as possible low cost carbon energy sources once their market place has been destroyed by the proposed UN command economy.
    News organisations have a duty and a privilege to report the truth to their readership; they do not have the right to subvert the truth into a slanted propaganda Op Ed of their owner, or subvert the nation’s political process into handing over sovereignty to an unelected body such as the UN .
    What’s worse in the UK, the prime public service broadcaster the BBC, is even more into the Green AGW propaganda, with their entire environmental department producing Green monster propaganda to be fed to a UK audience educated for the last 30 years with anti-technology, green education lessons, payed for by tax paid government teacher salaries and in the case of the BBC by a tax payers levy called the licence fee, a licence fee to produce green rubbish and broadcast it far and wide.
    I would have said you can’t make this up, but then again you can, this is a modified version of George Orwell’s 1984

    • That is the first time I have ever heard anyone assert that Rupert Murdoch is a ” Green Socialist leaning” owner of media.

      I have watched Rupert Murdoch’s media for more than 50 years and I can say unequivocally he has NEVER – not even once – allowed any of his media publications including radio or TV to provide any positive opinion of ANY “liberal” idea or political party.

      Please check your facts before making such assertions.

      I’ll say it again – Rupert Murdoch – one of the largest and most influential media owners in the world and a former Australian citizen – is NOT and never has been a ” Green Socialist leaning” media owner !

      His media always heap scorn on anything other than a straight out conservative agenda.

      • I don’t believe I mentioned Mr Murdoch in my comment, or in deed any other individual by name, I was, however referring to a number of Dot Com Billionaires who are funding the Green lobby. Mr Murdoch is welcome to take his profit where he can and hopefully pay his taxes.
        Mr Murdoch’s media empire takes different viewpoints in different parts of the media world he operates in. However, if he is the sole owner of Australian main stream media output, and that the MSM in Australia has slavishly followed the Green climate change lobby for many tens of years.
        To the point where Australian Political parties have felt safe to scrap Carbon based energy production in favour of so called modern alternative sources of energy, so much so, that Industry can’t compete with cheap carbon based energy in Asia and are closing places of work and following the Globalisation path to cheap energy and workers elsewhere.
        The Australian public has only themselves to blame, they don’t have to buy his Australian conservative titles, or indeed his socialist UK titles either.

  3. the climate scammers have so many handy hints n ways to cheat
    the bigpharma models/monsanto n others very special adjusted data methods etc etc
    retraction watch webpage has far too many examples from heart surgery/ cancer and other serious research being fudged fake adjusted to suit
    anything to get peer (pal) reviewed and earn from publishing
    and thats where wiley and elsevier basically assist fraud
    they BUY the research n paywall pay to read per page
    so limited readers also means limited chances to really go over data by many n find the errors n trickery
    quite a few so called climate science studies are also paywalled
    many of medico n climate ones are FUNDED by Taxdollars at unis etc
    but the people paying dont get to see the results

  4. Good on Coleman, for pointing out that there is another side to the debate. The debate about climate change is too costly to allow only one side of the story to dominate via media and politics. The media should be required to report fairly or have their broadcasting licence cancelled.

  5. Mr. Coleman is quite right but what perhaps surprised me the most was the TV host allowing himself to be interrupted by him. It was almost like he was trying to allow Coleman’s information to penetrate to the viewer without it looking like he, himself, was perhaps believing it.

    It is sad that science – be it climate or CERN – has left reality and humanity behind in search of whatever they are searching for. Science used to be about finding understanding, now it is about ignoring reality if it interferes with their beliefs. It is a mindset that has developed through the years that I have never truly understood, and that is there can be no God because we can’t explain God, thus we will dig and fight to disprove God, and when we chose, we will dig and fight to prove that which they actually are disproving but ignoring. Science is a search for a route, not a destination.

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