John Stossel on “The Paris Climate Fraud” – Video

“Trump was right to repudiate this phony treaty,” says Stoessel.

“President Trump was right to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement! The deal isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”

The Paris Accord was somewhere between a farce and a fraud, says Oren Cass, contributing writer for City Journal. It was an agreement to do nothing.


8 thoughts on “John Stossel on “The Paris Climate Fraud” – Video”

  1. its also amazing how many think its binding
    its not
    and the supposed 2yr wait to finalise withdrawal from a NON binding nothing is also utter BS!
    been a lot of sleight of mouth over it all

  2. If you guys think you’ve been dudded how about us poor Aussies ?

    We allegedly produce ~1.2 % of man’s CO2 emissions yet we are routinely blamed for all the so-called climate change induced negative impacts on the Great Barrier Reef by “greenies” from countries whose total emissions dwarf ours.

    If it turns out that man made CO2 causes climate change then I’ll accept 1/25,000,000 x 1.2% of the responsibility.

    Both sides of our political spectrum believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden and the pixie dust solution that our reduction from 1.2 % of CO2 emissions to 0.6 % will save the planet.

    Shanghai, China has a larger population than the total Australian population – have you seen Shanghai at night ?

    During our current drought many politicians are claiming we shouldn’t be spending money feeding stock but using it to fight climate change – can you believe the stupidity of someone this deluded.

    Let all the livestock die now so some scientist can produce a stupid meaningless graph and media sound bite ??

    Sometimes I despair for humanity.

  3. FYI
    YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

    YouTube is now adding fact checks to videos that question climate change, BuzzFeed News has confirmed, as a part of its ongoing effort to combat the rampant misinformation and conspiratorial fodder on its platform.

    On July 9, the company added a blurb of text underneath some videos about climate change, which provided a scientifically accurate explainer. The text comes from the Wikipedia entry for global warming and states that “multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”

    This new feature follows YouTube’s announcement in March that it would place descriptions from Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica next to videos on topics that spur conspiracy theories, such as the moon landing and the Oklahoma City bombing. In doing the same for climate videos, the company seems to be wading into more fraught and complex intellectual territory.


  4. Unfortunately these guys mean well BUT they still dont get it! THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN CO2 AND CLIMATE. NONE PERIOD!
    It matters not wether they reduce OR increase the 4% (estimated but maybe wrong) CO2 contribution from humans burning hydrocarbon fuels etc. MOST is locked up in the oceans anyway.

  5. New Study exposes ‘a fatal flaw in global warming science’ – from
    Key excerpts: ‘If all human CO2 emissions were stopped and nature remained constant, the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere would fall by only 18 ppm. Nature’s level of 392 ppm would remain.’
    ‘IPCC’s claim, that human carbon dioxide emissions will linger in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and 15 percent will remain forever — is invalid.’
    ‘IPCC’s basic assumption, that nature treats human carbon dioxide emissions differently than it treats nature’s carbon dioxide emissions — is wrong’

  6. What we have here is the Following:
    1) The American Taxpayer money is no longer financing AGW globalist carbon reduction special interests.

    2) The folks who invent schemes out of thin air, and the apparatchik to address said invented problems in exchange for financial compensation have just had their regulation industry [AKA burden to productive endeavors] crushed.

    3)Those folks in a few years will have their hand out to FIX Global Cooling next. LOLZ

  7. I wish you could send Stossel: “Laughable weather station siting” and “Global warming is the biggest fraud in history – Dan Pena – Video” articles. Their is no globule warming. With the chart that shows we have been cooling for the last 3000 years.

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