July snow in Poland – Nobody expected this!

Poland Kasprowy Wierch in the snow. Nobody expected this!

10 July 2019 – “Snow in July sounds like a joke, but it’s not a joke!” writes  Jakub Orzechowski.  “This summer is still amazing! After breaking records of heat, alternating storms and rain with hail, it’s time for snow and record low temperatures.”

“The situation changed by 180 degrees at the turn of June and July. For some time we have been dealing mainly with cooling. However, no one expected that it would snow in Poland.

“Snow in July – this surprised everyone. We remember times when it fell in April or even in May, but not during summer vacation.

“Snow in the Tatra mountains
With low temperatures, gusty winds and very poor visibility, this July in the mountains is not pleasant for tourists. Moreover, there is fresh snow on the highest peaks of the Tatras! According to weather forecasters, the temperature fell below zero (-0.2 degrees). The Tatra voluntary rescue service warns not to travel in the mountains without appropriate equipment.


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  1. Here in the Czech Republic the media are full of heat records yet the summer is rather cold. Even on those “hottest days” – I was swimming in the lakes allright, but it wasn’t as hot as I remember – so hot you just want to stay in the water for the whole day. We are still a bit cooler than we used to be.

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