JULY Snow on Six of the Seven Continents

This runs contrary to claims of the warmest year ever.

Published on Jul 14, 2016

“The Grand Solar Minimum has commenced, and instead of combining global resources to prepare our citizens, the rhetoric of warmest year ever continues.”

“When the cooling commences this winter, governments will be changed as food prices skyrocket.”

Thanks to Guy Wilson for this video

8 thoughts on “JULY Snow on Six of the Seven Continents”

  1. As much as I enjoy this guy’s videos I can tell you that outside of the 2 events where Antarctic air chilled Australia in recent months there is NO false reporting of winter temperatures in Australia north of at least 30 degrees – the vast majority of the Australian continent !

    There HAVE been significantly warmer than average minimums and slightly warmer maximums – more similar to September than July.

    For example the recent weather here in Caloundra has been in the range of 14 to 23 with 26 C predicted for Saturday. A maximum of ~79 F in January, a month after the winter solstice in the US would be unusual surely ?

    After that temperatures are expected to approach average July recordings of ~10 to ~18, 19 or 20 C. It can and has dropped to near zero here during the “cold snaps” caused by the Antarctic air brought north but temperatures of single figures C are not common on the coast and a mere 2 weeks of average winter weather is NOT misleading reporting by the BOM – it is real.

    Caloundra is about 26.7 degrees South, roughly equivalent to West Palm Beach and I saw that Miami winter averages in January are 3 C lower than what we are due for.

    Caloundra is never as extreme as Miami despite similar latitudes and I think this is due to the fact that Florida is surrounded by seas which are shallower than the Pacific on which Caloundra is situated.

    Anyway I am not in any way subscribing to any climate alarm and totally disbelieve the “warmest evah” year stuff BUT on these occasions I do not believe our BOM are wrong to list slightly higher than average maximums and minimums for most of Australia.

    As sceptics we should avoid “overselling” cold extremes and stating ALL claims such as listed by Australia’s BOM must be lies just as much as alarmists should have resisted their extreme rhetoric.

    The consequences of the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome should be obvious to all no matter what hypothesis you subscribe to.

  2. I have a unique Badge Of Honour – I have been banned form even VIEWING SkepticalScience !

    This came about because I continually exposed the falsehoods they promote by writing comments with indisputable references.

    Their response to anyone who disagrees and exposes their “sacrosanct” beliefs as false with impeccable references is the lowest, dirty trick of ALL I have “evah” witnessed on the net !

    They simply either delete what you write – in entirety or partially – or they alter it to make you look ridiculous.

    I wrote several referenced comments on various articles on their site, posted them and immediately took a screen capture showing what I wrote.

    I took subsequent screen captures showing how their moderators had deleted significant parts of my posts or simply changed them to render the comments either irrelevant or outright ridiculous.

    I complained about this disgraceful behaviour on the part of their moderators – firstly in comments – and later by contact and provided evidence.

    I was banned by them blocking access to their site from my IP address. I can easily overcome this by using a proxy server but why bother – their site is full of shit !

    Is this the future of Academia in the world – lie and cheat anyone who dares question any unproven hypothesis ?

    I always thought Academia was based on intellectual discussion and welcomed diverse ideas – especially in science. If your argument has the support of fact it will prevail but apparently this does not apply to climate “science” !

    AND there are innumerable examples where some previously accepted hypothesis has been PROVEN entirely wrong – the helicobacter pylori being shown to be the cause of stomach ulcers- not stress as claimed by the “all knowing consensus” of the medical establishment who pilloried the researchers- being one prominent example

    Why am I “slandering” Academia ?

    SkepticalScience is hosted by the University of Queensland and John Cook – an employee !

    SkepticalScience won the best climate “science” award by the Australian Museum.

    SkepticalScience articles are among the most biased propaganda ever published and the authors could teach Joseph Goebbels how to manipulate and lie !

    Academia is truly stuffed unless they break out of the shackles climate “science” and its political supporters have bound it with. It has become everything Galileo found objectionable about the church of its time – conceited and omniscient in their ignorance.

    Who really believes their “thermodynamics” when they openly use the concept of transferring heat from cold to hot.

    The Second Law of Theromdynamics –

    http://web.mit.edu/16.unified/www/FALL/thermodynamics/notes/node37.html – The Clausius statement:-

    “No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body.”

    Despite this statement by a true pioneering scientific genius obviously unoriginal, non thinking greenhouse advocates insist it is correct to claim that despite the “back radiative greenhouse effect” obviously relying on the transfer of heat from cold to hot it is nonetheless valid “science” !

    I am proud of my Badge of Honour !

  3. we just had 3 above avg winter days, warmer air from inland aus wafted down a bit..
    bloody wonderful
    but the really cold antarctic weather is on its way here as I write..going to be more really cold wet and savage windy days…proper winter:-)

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