July snowfall in three states

Snow reported in parts of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Welcome to Idaho! Snow at Lost Trail Pass on 11 Jul 2016. (Idaho DOT)

Snow reported as low as 6,490 feet elevation.

Weren’t we being warned that global warming would drive ski areas out of business by now?

See video and more photos:

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  1. More empirical evidence that the warmist cabal wishes to present rather than talk about proof, that using their own so-called ” logic ” that they are categorically wrong.

  2. Although, this isn’t unusual to have brief periods of snow at altitude, in high latitude areas above 45 degrees latitude, this can occur even in the UK on the tops of the Northern Mountains.
    The frequency is normally on a 11 year cycle and occurs at the bottom of the solar cycle over a three year period, given the low output of this cycle 24, and more likely the next SC25, this kind of event will happen on a much more frequent time scale.
    Start worrying when the snow doesn’t melt and starts to accumulate in the Summer “hot” months.

    • Worrying? I think the AGW alarmists will be rejoicing. The glaciers will finally begin to rebuild and then we won’t have to be stressed that Glacier National Park will need renaming.

      • Actually, lower average temps are considered by more unbiased climatologists to be a source of legitimate concern. That’s an additional cost to the AGW BS. Attention and resources, that may be needed for the unknown problems and challenges of the future, are squandered for this politically motivated power grab.

  3. down in the sth hemisphere were copping snow too
    unusual for most of us..
    but for you up nth??
    so much for Summer!!!
    how much of this do you reckon it will take before the warmists shut up and go find a rock to crawl under??

    • Never, not while there is loads of climate change slush fund money going spare, to prop up the Government CO2 tax take from the people’s back pockets. If they can’t take the money off you in wage taxes, they always find other ways to take any spare cash you have.
      Didn’t you realise that money staying in your back pocket and not being spent, is not being recycled though the economy is a bad thing. Remember you’re only allowed to have pocket money from your earnings, otherwise you will become Rich, and those AGW masters at the top of the pile will have to make room for you, at their expense, which is an even bigger bad thing.

  4. Peru, July 11, 2016: Cusco: Cold wave leaves 37 dead and temperatures continue to fall.
    SENAMHI warned that temperatures in the southern highlands will continue to fall to 20 degrees below zero in areas above 4200 meters.
    The number of deaths from pneumonia continues to increase in the southern highlands. In Cusco, the latest report of the Regional Health Authority (Diresa), includes 37 cases, eight victims are children under 5 years.
    These deaths are not only recorded in the Andean region of that region, because the province of La Convencion, located in jungle, ranked third in fatal figures, due to the decline of combined temperatures with humidity also causes havoc in the health of people.
    Alert. The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) warned that temperatures in the southern highlands continue to fall, to 20 degrees below zero in areas above 4200 meters.
    From tomorrow the areas of the central highlands also face declines in temperatures, especially in the departments of Pasco, Junin and Lima, in higher locations.
    To combat the effects of frost and cold spell, the Institute of Civil Defense continues with the delivery of humanitarian aid such as clothes and food. Yesterday reached 28.7 tons of aid to the Tacna region, which will be delivered between now and tomorrow to residents of the four districts where the state of emergency is declared.

  5. I frequently laugh at the global warming hysteria, but I just can’t figure out how our own government agencies can keep on misrepresenting temperature data? I recently read somewhere that several socialist hacks working for an official agency that manipulated the temp data to give a false warming agenda credence might be indicted or fined, but just last week another agency came out a new record high in 2015. The warmest year ever!! Did they just not care to include the northern hemisphere in that analysis? Why haven’t I seen any comments here on that?

  6. You may add Oregon to this list. Crater Lake National Park recorded around 3″ over the last weekend. According to the Staff at the park said “this was the latest July snowfall anyone working at the park could remember” and while not unheard of but is unusual!

  7. It’s been snowing for two days now at least on the Beartooth Plateau northeast of Yellowstone Park (at least according to radar returns), two separate storm systems. It must be CONSIDERABLE accumulation there now. Some of the peaks are 12,000 feet, the whole area is alpine tundra.

    Yesterday it snowed here, northeast of Yellowstone and it’s still in the 40s. It doesn’t look like the summertime pattern right now of clearing overnight, so it might snow again, it looks like it has on the peak.

    That’s the thing, the setup for this storm was typical of a winter storm, say, March or so by the temperatures, though anytime during the winter.

    Also, all last week I was in the Northwest, and I watched the radar every night, and it appeared that that forecast checked out too, it snowed for about a week on Mount Rainier near Seattle (it’s a 14,000 foot peak). Last year they were talking about the heat near Seattle nonstop as a harbinger of global warming. I have to believe last week they conveniently forgot it existed. There was a dusting of snow on Mount Hood, and I hear it snowed a few inches there every day last week.

    Where did this storm come from? The Gulf of Alaska. Isn’t that the place that they say has warmed more significantly than anywhere else, and it still can bring snow in mid July?

    That’s not much of a lag time from the blank sun of the week before, less than I would have thought, possibly.

    It can snow here whenever it wants, like I said, though flurries in August when I was growing up were still notable at the highest hiking passes, and snow on July 4th years ago, this beats all that.

    Then they want to attack me for what I’m saying anywhere and everywhere on the web. Fine, I was right. I said that they were complaining as fast as they could about the heat in the southwest before the monsoon hit, and it did, two inches in Tuscon as you reported later that week and unprecedented amounts of rain in Las Vegas.

    Warmer Gulf of California doesn’t necessarily equal global warming, as you know.

    Then of course they minimize the blank sun, has no effect they say, neither does vulcanism, asteroids, meteors, planet X, you name it, all completely inconsequential, the only thing that matters is the less than one part per trillion Carbon exhaled from automobiles. If automobiles exhale the same things as human beings, how could anything be more environmentally friendly and green to our plant friends? It’s absolutely unbelieveable.

  8. Oh, by the way, as a skier, I’d be the first person to jump on the global warming bandwagon if it was actually what I was observing. Too bad they have to trick well meaning young people that don’t have enough life experience with their weird agendas these days. You’re right about the global governance, before I’d been taken out mentally, I took a high level Environmental college course at a prominent East coast school, and that’s exactly what they he said 20 or more years ago now, it would take global cooperation. Since he believed it, he also suggested, since he was a very intelligent man himself, that there should be some sort of yardstick that would gauge the level of response to the problem. Sea level rises so much, governments act to such and such a degree. By that measure, I don’t think any government should have to do anything at this point. I haven’t really heard that any of these lowlying countries have submerged now, have you?

  9. Also, their long range forecasts for the coming months consistently say that it will be “drier than average” and it does nothing but rain in the Northwest.

  10. Boy, those mountains look good right now. I can almost smell the pine trees. I love the Northwest, and if all my family were not here in Missouri, I would have stayed out there.

    Especially right now. The “realfeel” according to In-accuweather is going to be 107 today, not at all unusual for the last month and a half, but unusual in that the actual highs have been in the 90’s almost all of that time. Missouri normally has very unstable weather, with ups and downs being the only constant. Not this summer. It’s disgustingly hot and humid and it wants to stay that way.

    At least, I finally got my AC installed. Now, I just have to figure out how I’m going to pay my electric bill!

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