June Snow- And coldest June 2nd since records began

Video – Early summer is cold in Eastern Europe, România.

“Summer started like winter! It snowed in the mountains and the temperatures dropped below zero degrees. In fact, it was the coldest day of June 2 since the measurements were made.”

Thanks to Alex Tanase for this video

4 thoughts on “June Snow- And coldest June 2nd since records began”

  1. The Scottish hills are expecting snow this weekend. It comes after parts of the country reported temperatures of around 80 degrees F just a matter of days ago.

  2. Very cold May and start of June in Romania. Frequent snow in the mountains. The low areas had also cold weather with temperatures below 10 degrees celsius at night and 15 degrees celsius during the day. Very unusual for this time of year.

  3. Mountain snow in Scotland forcast by the BBC Met Office during next 24 hrs Friday into Saturday

  4. Unseasonably cold in the Netherlands, with temperatures barely above 10C for the past week.
    Of course the media doesn’t mention that this is unusual, but they do scream “global warming” at the predicted 1 day of 27C next week, after which temperatures are set to plummet again.

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