June snowfall forecast for New York and Vermont

Would be just the fourth time since 1954 that Vermont’s Mount Mansfield has had a measurable amount of snow in June.

In the village of Lake Placid, New York, outdoor stores are stocked with gear for swimming, canoeing and cycling. But the forecast calls for snow in nearby mountains.

Snow. In June.

The National Weather Service is forecasting up to 2 inches of snow in parts of the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains in Vermont from Wednesday night into Thursday.

According to Jessica Neiles, a meteorologist with the Weather Service in Burlington, Vermont, any accumulation on Mount Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont, would be just the fourth time since 1954 that the mountain had a measurable amount of snow in June. Neiles did not have historical data for New York’s highest peaks.


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  1. Before Bernie Sanders became a candidate for the presidency of the USA, in Europe we had never heard about Burlington, Vermont. Don’t catch a cold now while fighting global warming, Bernie.
    Here some global warming news from Argentina, the homeland of Bernie’s friend Pope Francis. Misiones is a province in the northeast of Argentina, close to Paraguay and Brasil. MisionesCuatro is a local news medium.

    Misiones is experiencing one of the coldest autumns in 30 years. June 8, 2016 . with video
    Marcelo Kusic of Weather Station San Vicente told MisionesCuatro that slush for different municipalities in the coming days is expected. According to him, the cold is here to stay in the province. It could snow in southern Brazil and the town of Bernardo de Irigoyen. “There were chances of snow precipitation water. On Friday it is much colder than it had been so far. During this month we will have minimum below seven degrees. Is one of the coldest autumn in 30 years, “Kusik said.
    For next Friday snowfall anticipated water in much of the province. In the northern province could fall snow, like in southern Brazil.
    The cold will affect the provincial agriculture and producers are recommended to prepare to deal with the cold.

  2. While not snowing in the city,WNBC weather forecaster Janice Huff told the viewers to dress in layers tomorrow morning-on June 9th!-as temperatures may go below 50 in Central Park.

  3. No, right, fear the CO2 molecule instead. Record warmest year. We’re all doomed. It’s consensus science!

    Conveniently, nothing about the sun though.

  4. While in Massachusetts, we have had temps drop to the upper 40’s overnight and barely reach mid-60’s during the day – all with strong winds. When the front came through, the air mass felt like the first chill of fall, rather than a late-spring cool front. I would not have been surprised had we been given frost warnings; but it isn’t quite that cold around here.

  5. looks like children in NY will still know what snow looks like in June 84 years from now, if they survive the next ice age……

  6. Couple mornings ago in International Falls Minnesota it got below freezing….had lots of frost in early June

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