June Surprise in Crested Butte Colorado

8 June 2020 in Crested Butte.




And yet, and yet, our leaders want us to join in their fight against manmade “global warming.”

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this link

8 thoughts on “June Surprise in Crested Butte Colorado”

  1. Could we have some context for this? It looks like Crested Butte is an alpine location so has it snowed this late before? Notwithstanding that of course there is the alarmist mantra that this is the warmest year evah which makes any snow in June contradictory. After all the excitement about May in the UK – ignoring the late brutal frosts in the second week which have damaged my apple trees and a rose tree – it was chilly enough last night to light the fire for what must be the latest evah…..so far.

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