Just 1.2 percent of those who died had no other ailments

The very last sentence – yes, the very last sentence! – in this article on MSN.com presents this (comparatively) good news.

But the sensational headline read “Italy’s virus toll tops 4,000 after new one-day record.”

Those who never read to the end of an article, and there are many, would never have learned any of the following:

“The overwhelming majority of Italy’s fatal cases involved elderly people with at least one pre-existing condition.” (This was the 4th to last sentence.)

What do they mean by elderly?

“The National Health Institute (ISS) said Friday that the average age of Italy first 3,200 victims was 78.5.” (This was the third to last sentence.)

Three or more pre-existing conditions

“Almost 49 percent of them had three or more pre-existing conditions.” (This was the 2nd to last sentence.)

“Just 1.2 percent of those who died had no other ailments.” (And this was the very last sentence.)

Would you say that the media is driving the panic?

Here’s the full article:

8 thoughts on “Just 1.2 percent of those who died had no other ailments”

  1. “Would you say that the media is driving the panic?”

    As with this and the climate emergency – YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    H. L. Mencken”

    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

    “Would you say that the media is driving the panic?”

    As with this and the climate emergency – YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The aim of honest practical politics is to get your point across in the face of politically correct BS and brainwashing. No arguing just state your message or tell the truth.

  2. I have thought this was a media hoax from the very first time I heard about. As time has passed it has become more and more apparent that it is media driven. But politicians and the ruling elites have taken it as gospel and seem to be trying really hard to destroy the North American economies.

  3. The Telegraph reports Italy has been counting any deaths that have tested positive for the Wuhan virus as caused by the virus. An illustrative example would be a person having a car wreck, tested positive on admittance to hospital,dying from massive organ trauma who is then counted as a Wuhan death.
    Given their methods, it may be years before anyone deciphers their figures. Obtw, their average daily mortality rate is over 1700. China’s by, comparison, is voer 30,000 per day.

  4. Perhaps the average age of the dying would be younger if they were not forced to remove ventilators from the +65’s to give them to younger people. Just saw a video of a doctor crying about it. He said they had to give sedatives to the older people and just let them die.

  5. If only as much public money had been spent on preparing for something like this as opposed to pissed up the wall on global warming subsidies.

    Utterly disgraceful reporting by the media. They are incompetent as to think there is an ulterior motive is to grant them an intelligence they do not possess. In the UK we have seen how crap they are in reporting the ongoing Brexit. Ministers could lie or spout nonsense and they would just lap it up when a few simple questions could have skewered the politician.

    • Actually, in the US public money (supporting public health departments) has been used for that purpose for decades. I am a retired epidemiologist and remember that happening since 911 – first for possible bioterrorism attacks, then it was SARS, H1N1/pandemic flu, Ebola, etc etc etc. Never ending as far as I know (I retired Oct 2018).

      I personally was involved in providing flu surveillance data (deaths from influenza and pneumonia) from San Diego County for 4 years, which was submitted regularly to WHO as part of the ongoing global surveillance for another potential pandemic flu.

      Part of the problem is most (I’d estimate 98% at least) public health personnel are liberal to extremely liberal… so I would imagine they are pretty much foaming at the mouth with excitement at finally getting to implement those plans… (none of which I ever saw included a discussion of the potential long-term impacts on the economy into consideration).

      I know more than one retired public health official who agrees with me on this.

  6. What’s happening is the elite want 5G and the world is waking up to the Kill Grid and so needs to invoke Draconian laws to keep the population down in the meantime and to close the courts so no process can take place they need the cashless carbon tax new world order of zombies and robots, time to kick some ass peeps being philosophical is not really an option anymore, time to do something or our future is toast.

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