Kangaroos caught in the snow

Kangaroos caught in the snow

Talk about right place at the right time!! #snowpics

Kangaroos caught in the snow

This lucky shot of two kangaroos caught out in the snow was taken by Christie Panozzo and shared with us by Lorrae Dawson. It was taken at Federation University in Ballarat yesterday!



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  1. Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery said by 2012 there would be NO SNOW in Australia & NZ ever again!. 2012 at least 13c hotter!.
    Flannery and co have vowed to keep the Climate Commission going.

    • Australia is a big sized country – the same size as the lower 48. There is a mountain range which stretches 5000 kilometers (3000 miles)from the most southerly mainland state right up to almost the northern tip of Australia.
      There are many places along this mountain range that see snow every year. There is an active skiing industry.
      There are Alpine Kangaroos – there white and inhabit the snow areas.
      There are ten times as many kangaroos in Australia than there are people.

      • Beano, help me out here. I am old with bad color vision. What color are the roos in the picture posted??

        • Those Kangaroosters are in Ballarat and hence aren’t the white alpine variety. So they are probably the colour of one of the other species of kangaroos. Since its Ballarat they’re probably brown like their other 100 million cousins. The smaller one actually looks like a wobbalee.

          Did you know female kangaroos can fall pregnant and if the times aren’t right – like in a drought situation – the birth of the infant can be delayed for years – the fetus becomes dormant in the womb until the time is right to mature.

    • Yep – that my friend is quite normal. I believe we are headed for a mini ice age but kangaroos in snow is very normal. It snows right up and down the great dividing range , Snowy mountains, Victoria, NSW TAS and sometimes a rare one in QLD. You are obviously not from Australia. Winter is winter like the USA but not as cold. How do we know that the picture was not taken at Falls Creek or Mt Hotham or Wangaratta infact we dont its in the media and our friends at Unis do like to push “climate Change” it is their left wing duty and I am sure that Uni of Ballarat is indeed left wing.

  2. the aussie xmas carol has 6 white boomers(roos instead of reindeer)
    looks like 2 or em are represented here:-)

  3. So are we going to see another committee or university study to help save the roos from snow. The next 10 years should be fascinating.

  4. A resident of the Amur region (Russia) saw snow in August. On popular video Youtube resident Vladimir Kuznetsov from Priamur posted record with his car DVR. It is made on the track Blagoveshchensk – Svobodnyy. Driver amazed anomalous (in his opinion) for summer weather: “The month of August, and there is snow! Slippery!”
    In fact, on the edges of the track on a video, you can clearly see something like snowdrifts.

  5. Looking carefully at their faces I think they are quite annoyed by the snow flakes on their noses and eye lashes because it is really limiting the enjoyment of their breakfast.

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