Kansas City smashes cold record set more than 100 years ago

That was two days ago. Then they smashed another record yesterday.

Two days ago, on Sept 9, Kansas City set a new record coldest high temp of just 54 degrees, smashing the old record of 66 degrees set in 1907.

Yesterday KC had another record cold high temp of 56 degrees. Normal high is 82.


Thanks to Beth F for this link

7 thoughts on “Kansas City smashes cold record set more than 100 years ago”

  1. I was in central New York last week. The sky was full of Canada geese bugging out South. Early by more than a month. They have more sense than NOAA.

    • always pays to watch animals and plants for whats happening
      when our annoying wild barleygrass starts to head up thats usually the hint the summers coming and rains are going
      amusingly my grass just started to head up and we have had a glorious 44mm rain in 24hrs;-))
      so this person will be out linetrimming vast areas very soon.

  2. From 66 degrees to 54 degrees! That’s a BIG change even for Fahrenheit. The warmists are quaking over fractions of a degree celcius.


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