Katla showing more signs of eruption

2 Sep 11 – Following an intense week of earthquakes and tremors, experts believe magma is slowly filling inside Iceland’s massive Katla volcano, giving rise to fears the volcano could soon erupt, producing an ash plume that would continue for for weeks, if not months.

Last year, the country’s president Ólafur Grímsson warned “the time for Katla to erupt is coming close, Iceland has prepared and it is high time for European governments and airline authorities all over Europe and the world to start planning for the eventual Katla eruption”.

It is believed that Katla – with a magma chamber about 10 times the size of neighbouring Eyjafjallajokull – has the potential to be much stronger and disruptive than the last two Icelandic volcanic eruptions that caused chaos across Europe’s air space.

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http://www.clickgreen.org.uk/news/international-news/122493-quake-hit-iceland-volcano-katl a-shows-strengthening-signs-of-eruption.html

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  1. Perhaps there is just more coverage of volcanoes suddenly, but I’m beginning to get a sort of “Deccan Traps” kind of feeling about this.

  2. One of the things I found during my online study of Katla is that Katla erupts two basic types of lava.
    Those being basalt which is fairly common in iceland and the other is rhyolite. The importance of rhyolite lava is that it tends to be sticky and supercharged with gases. With a rhyolite eruption the risk is an explosive eruption like Krakatoa or yellowstone. The Torfajokull volcano north of Katla is a rhyolite volcano and could be a center of silicic volcanism in iceland.
    When and if Katla blows up it should be quite the fireworks show.

  3. Volcnism has increased icrdibly during the past 5 years alone! Something very big and life changing for most people in the world is happening and oddly, most of these people are unaware of it and wish to remain that way. I know as I have been trying to warn people of what is coming for years. Despite all the evidence produced, they still put their heads in the sand and pretend that all is well with the world. It’s not.

    • You mean that the internet has caused a major awareness of volcanic activity in the past 5 years. There has been a slight increase in volcanic activity in the last few years, however there has been a significant increase of other geological activity in the past 8 to 9 years especially major earthquakes.
      I, like Robert see a correlation with the solar activity change pattern. The Sun is currently in an unprecedented (in scientific observation terms) state. The Sun controls activity on the earth.

      Not too many years ago many volcanoes were not monitored and eruptions have occurred which have never been reported. With the arrival of instant communications, satellites and the internet, events which would never have been heard about a few years ago are now instant world wide news.

      • There is some truth to what you say regarding eruptions. Many of the activity reports are generated from satellite imagery. In reference to earthquake activity, I agree, there has been a larger amount of reported ‘quakes, perhaps as much from better monitoring. But ‘quakes are integral to volcanic activity – there has to be magma movement, thus ‘quakes come first.

        The biggest problem in trying to tie some of this together is that we don’t have access to all the information – size, depth, type – of ‘quakes so forecasting, if you will of volcanic activity isn’t as easy for lay people. For instance, I watch the Long Valley Caldera, and the ‘quake activity is higher now then in past years, but no sounds of it. That multi-hundred swarm that struck just north of the caldera got a single notice and the raised level of activity inside the caldera near Mammoth Lakes has had zero attention from MSM. I honestly think that we are intentionally kept in ignorance so as to permit the largest possible die off of the human race after the upcoming “earth changes” to better fit the choices of those that hold the real power in the world. I believe the phrase “useless eaters” was used to describe most of us.

  4. I wonder if Mr. Felix looked for any correlation between Magnetic Reversals and Volcanism? The FAA orders the re-signing of airport runways because the magnetic pole has dramatically accelerated its movement, around the same time this current acceleration of volcanic activity. Coincidence?

  5. Iceland Volcano and Earthquake blog


    I think we have an eruption around the 14th or 15th of September

    Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality Comes to Iceland

    Sigurdur Eyberg is to Present in Husavik, North Iceland, as part of ’24 Hours of Reality’, a worldwide Climate Event to connect the dots between extreme weather and our changing climate.

    On 14 and 15 September, as part of the Climate Reality Project, Sigurdur Eyberg will give a presentation on the impact of climate change on Iceland and what we can do to solve it.



    Bad breeding season for Iceland sea birds

    According to biologist Ellen Magnusdottir, most sea birds did not manage to raise young successfully this summer.
    The breeding season had been particularly bad in the national park and a large proportion of the kittiwakes and fulmars left the breeding cliffs early. Few guillemots even came to the cliffs and even fewer nested. The Arctic tern began nesting much later than usual; with disastrous consequences for many of the young.


  6. I worried about a gradual series of volcanic eruptions, where we do not recognize that we now have a serious cooling of the atmosphere. With all of the moisture we may not have time to relocate from the north into the south to avoid at least several years of extreme cold and snow. Is any one trying to determine when we have crossed the threshold in volcanic activity?

  7. There has been some big earthquakes 4.6 and 4.7 magnitude on the Reykjanes Ridge today. Similar activity happened two months before the eruption under Eyjafjallajoekull glacier.

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