Kentucky – Record low temps on the menu

“We have one heck of a weather pattern going on across our part of the world and it looks to carry us into early August,” says meteorologist Chris Bailey. “Before we get there… record low temps and possible record rainfall are on the menu before we close out the month of July.”

“Temps to start today will be down into record territory for much of the region. Low and mid 50s will be likely for central and western parts of the state.

“Records will likely fall Monday morning as temps dive into the low 50s. Some of the colder spots could drop all the way into the upper 40s.”

Thanks to Caroline in West Virginia for this link

7 thoughts on “Kentucky – Record low temps on the menu”

  1. These precarious low temps for the season will produce good crop yields for kentucky and the corn belt,less heat stress,moisture loss from cooling. Its not all doom and gloom,from cooling temps but just a few more degrees negative could make a killing frost in 2 to 3 weeks. Mans food supply will always be on the edge,ya never know when jackfrost will show up before harvest time, especially in the near future.

  2. This so-called cold snap is reported by the MSM in the USA, they could hardly ingnore it. But in Europe the MSM do not even mention this extreme cold weather in the USA. When there is a heat wave somewhere in the world, it is always on page one.

  3. The weather around the world reminds me of a spinning-on-edge coin that’s beginning to wobble. Which will fall: Hot, or Cold? I’m buying some well-insulated coveralls & snowpacs! Fiddlin

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