Kerry – Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

Air conditioners and refrigerators pose as big a threat to life as the threat terrorism, says Secretary of State John Kerry.


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9 thoughts on “Kerry – Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

  1. An illustration of Cognitive Dissonance.
    Complain about atmospheric warming, then complain about cooling the indoor atmosphere.
    Air conditioners make heat on the outside and cool on the inside, refrigeration the same, add the temps together and you get basically no change except for a little heat created in the electricity generation process, but that heat escapes the atmosphere eventually.
    Kerry and his ilk are in reality the true public enemy #1. I’d like to drop an air conditioner on him, it would be Step one in combating ISIS. As much as there is to dislike about Trump, he does have one thing correct: Strength Through Superior Firepower! That is how the world dealt with the Nazi menace in WW2, and that is the final solution to the spread of Islamic based fascism regardless of whether it is representative or not of true Islam. We need to stop Kowtowing to the Iranian regime. Allowing them to develop nuclear capability could be the undoing of the human race. I just hope the next intelligent species to inherit the Earth has more sense than us.

  2. SEC. Heinz aka SEC Kerry, should give up all refrigerators and AC units at all of his estates, along with all of the US governments buildings around the world.
    The old “do as we say, not as we do” @SS wipe

    • Personally I have always agreed with those Vietnam vets who consider Kerry a traitor. In addition, the man is dumb as a doorknob!

      Larry, I like your suggestion re: AC units with the exception of the suggestions that it should be all of the US governments buildings around the world. There are a good many “rank and file” government employees who not only have no say in these matters but some also disagree with the “climate change” policies. One has to be quiet about it though, lest one be retaliated against by the powers that be.

      So I would recommend instead the suggestion be modified by prioritizing which government offices be required to give up refrigerators and AC units. I would suggest the following alternative:

      Starting with the White House and all EPA offices – remove all “fossil fuel” based energy sources and instead use 100% “alternative energy” sources for all electricity, all heating and AC, any equipment (such as computers, telephones etc – that have components made of fossil fuels … such as plastic) or were transported to said offices using vehicles that used fossil fuels, as well as all use of or parking for any vehicles that use fossil fuels. Include in this eliminating any benefits that support the use of any form of public transportatoin that uses any fossil fuels.

      Following full implementation of this policy in the WH and EPA add the policy to include all offices of all Congress persons and their staff who have ever voted for or publically supported “cap and trade”, AGW theories or any policy that eliminates use of fossil fuels.

      Note: I added heat because it’s my understanding Obama keeps the WH at a balmy 92 degrees in winter.

      That should keep ’em busy for a while… I wonder how quick it would be before they started changing their views on alternative energy sources?

      Note: I have no problems with people trying to figure out if there are technically feasible and sensible alternatives to fossil fuels … then putting such products on the open market. If they are competitive, so be it! Just don’t destroy what’s left of our economy in the process.

      • Oil and gas are finite resources, as far as we know, so it is necessary that we develop alternative sources of energy before we deplete oil and gas too much and the supplies don’t meet the demand and the prices spike.

        And that includes solar and wind, and nuclear.

        But the idea that burning fossil fuels is the cause of climate change and if we just stop it the climate will stop changing is just delusional, magical thinking, the climate has been changing all the time as long as there as been an atmosphere, a climate, we did not cause a couple billion years of climate change.

  3. Secretary of State John Kerry:
    Tell me Mr. Kerry, just how many people died when an air conditioner “Blew up”? Did your refrigerator pop out an “Assault rifle” and plaster all your dishes? Which one will drive a semi –truck into a crowd of “Global Liars” marching down Pennsylvania Ave; the refrigerator or the air conditioner?

    Contrary to your belief, sending refrigerators and air conditioners to defeat ISIS will simply not work! No wonder why we are not winning!

    Obviously, you know nothing about Global Warming or Climate Change, which leads me to believe that you, like Clinton, know nothing about being Secretary of state!

    In about a month we will have a choice to continue this nonsense, or take a chance on a “Non-Politician” business person that may be a fair President.
    The choice is yours!

  4. Johnny Kerry needs to go back to high school and take Physics 101 again.

    Air conditioners are heat exchangers, they move heat from indoors to outdoors, but they do not add or subtract from the total heat, energy, of the atmosphere.

    This whole debate over global warming / climate change etc. tells us that American schools are doing a piss poor job of teaching real science.

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