Kilauea eruption propels ash 5 miles into sky

Officials are warning that ash emissions will cover a large part of the Big Island after an explosive eruption this morning.

The explosive eruption happened a day after at least 125 shallow quakes rattled Kilauea’s summit and neighboring communities.

Michelle Coombs, of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, said the situation remains “very, very active and very dynamic.”

She added, “The potential for larger explosions is still there.”

Geologists say the quakes are being caused by ongoing deflation at the summit as lava levels continue to decline. As of yesterday afternoon, the floor of the Kilauea caldera has dropped about 3 feet.

According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, rocks up to 2 feet wide were hurled from the crater to a parking lot hundreds of yards away.

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10 thoughts on “Kilauea eruption propels ash 5 miles into sky”

  1. made me think just how much lavas stored in that caldera basin..if its been oozing downwards to the lower areas and the volumes from the cracks is so large, yet the caldera only dropped 3ft?
    i know its sad n messy for the residents but damn the lava red n black showed aerially against the green of the vegetation is stunningly beautiful in its way

  2. So, any discussion on how much this will cool down the globe?

    This isn’t a Pinatubo level eruption, but that ash is obscuring warm sunshine.

  3. They keep saying it was 30,000 feet, photos clearly indicate it hit the stratosphere, unless it’s a thunderstorm too. Short duration doesn’t make it insignificant.

  4. Appears to be snowing in the Montana mountains again with weird retrograding “wrong way” direction storms.

    • More features of continental Meridonial Weather systems, with a large BLocking High to the east of the Montana Mountain regions and series of blocked Low pressure systems to the South and West of the High feading water vapour from a South easterly direction over the mountain region.
      This is more evidence of SAW events – Sudden Atmospheric Warming events. These happen during the low portion of the solar cycle, normally between solar cycles and more so during Grand Solar Minimum cycles such as this one, which see a much higher number of large coronial holes as the cause.

  5. Superstitious people in places like Indonesia have been known to make offerings to the Mountain God to placate him. This means throwing money, pouring whisky, maybe even a live sacrifice to satisfy Vulcan as we know him, their language using a name of similar meaning.
    Such actions seldom get an angry God to re-consider. Just walking up the mountain with the sickening smell of sulphur all around, a real challenge LOL.
    You know what I would do? I would collect my whisky and head straight for the beach, jump into my canoe and start paddling as fast and furiously as I can.
    I also think, no joke, that an ice age is only survivable in more southern areas. I checked out the South of France a few years back. Wine harvest? Seen better years. Read further on Ice Age Now if you wish to find out more about France and how frost can seriously hurt agriculture.

  6. Isn’t Kilauea a shield volcano? The majority of the plume was steam with minimal ash content? Sakurajima which went another 30,000 ft. contained extremely large amounts of ash and particulate which will add to albedo, and has been ongoing for months now. The Kamchatka range has been heavily active for at least the last 3 months with extending ash drifts via Russian satellite views. Yet all the media attention is on Kilauea.
    Anyone wishing to build a domain around what the local native residents call “Walk of the Dragon”, i.e. the recurring fissures around Lelani, well, they need to do a little better research of how often the Dragon does his walking upon there haha.

    Hope everyone is well, still enjoying your site Sir Robert, thank you.

  7. I’ve only had time to kind of follow, but there’s no jet stream there, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that eruption. If we are repeating a solar minimum event with grumpy volcanos I’d worry that another will go and send ash, etc around the world.

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