Kilauea’s magnetic field points in opposite direction

Hawaii volcano sending compasses crazy. Could be signaling an upcoming polarity reversal.

Mount Kilauea’s magnetic field flows in the opposite direction to the rest of the planet, sending compasses into an “uncontrollable spin.” according to the Express.

(I know, I know, the Express is not one of the most dependable of sources, but when it quotes scientists who say our planet is rapidly approaching a magnetic reversal, I sit up and take notice.)

Brad Singer, a geology professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, who investigates lava flow magnetic fields, explained the bizarre finding: “When the lava flows erupt and cool in the Earth’s magnetic field, they acquire a memory of the magnetic field at that time. The flip occurs during periods of declining strength of the Earth’s magnetic field, Singer added.

(I agree. That’s what I say in Not by Fire but by Ice.)

“Right now, historic records show that the strength of the magnetic field is declining very rapidly,” said Singer. “From a quick back-of-the-envelope prediction, in 1,500 years the field will be as weak as it’s ever been and we could go into a state of polarity reversal.

(I think it could happen far sooner than that.)

Co-researcher Kenneth Hoffman of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and UW–Madison has been researching field reversals for over 30 years.
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  1. Is Kilauea the only volcanic site where this anomaly is being observed? If so that is even stronger evidence that something is likely changing more rapidly than predicted. ive been through the Bermuda Triangle when I was in the service, and I was a doubter until I saw such anomalies for myself. For something like this to be opening up in Hawaii is significant.

    • Watched a video several years back showing a Japanese computer model theorizing multiple poles at multiple locations creating a clover effect which could surface as the magnetic north and south poles become closer to one another. Confidence was high on this transitional phase concerning a partial to full reversal of earths poles, with new location of opposing magnetic poles at one of the clover connecting points.
      Just another one of my passing past memory thoughts.
      A majority of happenings across the globe have been significant lately eh?

  2. Polarity reversal, being what though (?) … the N shifting places with the S … OR … a relative pole strength flip … i.e., so if at present the N is stronger, then after a “flip” the S is stronger, thereafter … for a time (?); in which case, the N is still N and the S is still S (?); what changes, simply being the relative strength of each pole?

    One might ask if the field weakening is likely a trough in magnetism tied to the area of the galaxy the solar system is transiting; so, if the area of the galaxy the solar system is in is a field of N strong magnetism, something the system recycles … and it is moving into an area that is more S strong in magnetism … between the two areas must be a relative trough in magnetism … i.e., an area or boundary where N and S cancel in balance … the trough then simply indicating a boundary crossing being underway as being areas of relative strength of orientation, magnetism wise … thereafter, the magnetism being recycled kicking back up in strength … BUT … now N being stronger … or S … or vice versa …

    Not an original thought from here, mind you; more notes on this in this paper, by Miles Mathis:

    “NEW PAPER, added 2/1/18, Pole Reversals as Proof of my Charge Field. I explain the pole reversal of the Earth using charge rather than core dynamo theory, solving many mysteries. ” – Miles Mathis –

  3. I would like prof. Singer explain me a couple of things: to record palaeomagnetism magma have to stay under the Curie point (585°C for rocks if I remember right). Now lava at Hawaii flows out at about 1200°C far above the Curie point so it could not record ancient magnetism. After that, why other volcanoes on earth do not show the same effects? They only have “modern” magma? Please explain me.

  4. Here … in Hawaii, at least … i.e., here, in this example … local magnetism caused by the volcano?

  5. Here is another thought – perhaps the magma plume feeding the volcano originated from the Southern hemisphere area.
    The other point is this volcano is a hot spot volcano with a magma plume rising from deep within the crust, unlike the Cascades volcanos which their magma sources are much higher in the mantle and are subjuction volcanos and the magma magnetically aligned N.

  6. If the same thing occurred in several eruptions, from different volcano’s, across a large area, over a short time scale of say, 5 years, then yes I would agree, but just one eruption? Too vague! Maybe the very first sign but far more likely to be some other local anomaly. I have both your books and agree with the overall concept but whatever causes the reversal, it has to be something pretty powerful, and I believe external. The Sun could cause it but I doubt the Earth could self harm in this way.

  7. very interesting info and im puzzled as to why all the chopper pilots or usgs havent bothered mentioning it
    must be making life awkward for the aerial crews

  8. This does not make any sense. What I read:

    1) The lava contains iron or magnets.
    2) When the lava cools the magnets point in the current magnetic field.

    Assuming the “sending compasses crazy” is true I conclude that:

    1) The iron changes the local magnetic field.
    2) When the lava cools it will point in the current direction of
    the magnetic field. Just like it did 780,000 years ago when the direction of the magnetic field were different.
    3) The title of this article is the opposite of correct.

  9. I’m confused. If lava flows are “the recording” of magnetic fields, presumably the one that is current at the time of the eruption, isn’t Kilauea’s on going “magnetic reversal” likely to show up in the geological record as a reversal of the general field without the general field having been reversed at all? Doesn’t this “suggest” that reversals that show up in prior eruption fields may also be false?

    • … that question crossed my mind, as well … if the Kilauea example is simply a local anomaly … any others from the historical record pegged as being evidence of magnetic reversals, it seems, could simply be local anomalies … in which case … no evidence there, then … for magnetic reversals … just evidence that local magnetism can be affected by volcanic activity?

  10. JUST AN OBSERVATION >>> It seems scientists are inclined to see various events in terms of long periods rather than shorter periods. Example. The 1,500 year time frame to a Magnetic reversal.

    If someone could comment on my next statement I’d appreciate it. Robert, if you’re reading my comment please comment. Here it is >>> I have always wondered of the ice ring readings could be an accurate way to read ice layers. Each layer is attributed to a year of snow pack. What if the snow was falling in massive amounts several times a week. Would the layers show up as year marks? Is there a credible way to determine if 15ft. of snow in a day could be confused as a compressed ring that is counted as a year.

    Where I live, we are told that snow was once 3,000 feet deep. Or should I say ice? Some have said 3 miles. I don’t know who to believe. Either way, that is an amazing amount of ice. It seems the method of accounting for what the ice layers actually mean is necessary. During extreme snow periods it may be that the rings could be reflecting a single days snow fall.

    My point is that these incredible time frames might be off considerably and the Comment by Robert that he believes the Magnetic reversal will take place sooner could be VERY correct. It could be much sooner if the snow rings were calculated as years when they represented days. (even in some cases).

  11. I think much of the confusion comes from the statement that lava is doing the recording. It doesn’t.

    When lava is liquid it is above the Curie point, so not recording anything. AS it solidifies, the magnetic orientation of the iron in the newly forming rock is aligned with the general planet magnetic field. Once the rock finishes hardening, the magnetic orientation of the particles in the now solid rock can no longer change, thus “recording”.

    It is important to realize that there are many instabilities in the magnetic field short of a full on reversal. Loops of alternate orientation mag field can rise through the surface in an area and make an apparent reversal in a small area, then just as rapidly sink and disappear. (This happens in the southern anomaly IIRC and likely the Bermuda Triangle too) Somewhat longer and stronger events are called “excursions”

    These events, which typically last a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of years, often involve declines in field strength to between 0 and 20% of normal. Excursions, unlike reversals, are generally not recorded around the entire globe. This is partially due to them not being recorded well within the sedimentary record, but also because they likely do not extend through the entire geomagnetic field. One of the first excursions to be studied was the Laschamp event, dated at around 40000 years ago. This event was a complete reversal of polarity, however, as it later turned out, though with the reversed field 5% of the normal strength. Since this event has also been seen in sites around the globe, it is suggested as one of the few examples of a truly global excursion.

    So at most you have a small local excursion. Even if it went to full global reversal for a few thousand years, it could return to normal and still be just an ‘excursion’.

  12. If volcanos are the visible terrestrial effects of space weather and the result of charge flows coming from beyond our ionosphere it would make sense to see circular magnetic fields in the lava, but if the point of impact of the charge flow moved this could jumble things a bit as the field moves during the hardening of the lava. What would be interesting would be to look for concentric opposing fields as would be predicted by field aligned birkeland currents. Again the movement of the point of conduction could muddle this bullseye shape.

    Lightning and other plasma effects are seen regularly around active volcanos, but this is usually attributed to static electricity from the ash and dust particles. What if volcanos attract the “magnetic ropes” that mainstream astrophysicists use to describe birkeland currents? This would easily explain electrical phenomenon and the current flow could provide heating through the resistance of the rock.

    Ben Davidson of suspicious observers has been correlating increased space weather (cme’s, favorable planetary alignments, earth facing coronal holes and higher solar wind speeds) with an uptick in significant earthquakes. If this extra energy causes the underground lightning of earthquakes could it not also be sustained and focus on a volcano?

    There is a good correlation between major eruptions and solar minima. Could it be that as the earth’s magnet field weakens from the changes in the sun’s own field it becomes more vulnerable to ever increasing extra planetary current flows? These flows focus on a particularly active and low resistance part of the earth’s crust and encourage a large volcanic response. The increased vulcanism compounds on the reduced solar output and the increased albedo caused by increased cosmic ray cloud nucleation. Next thing you know you are in a little ice age.

  13. Magnetic reversals can be better studied with sea floor spreading rather than trying to decipher complex layering of a shield volcano.
    Hawaii likely has a persistent mag. anomaly because it has depressed the oceanic crust on which it sits– it’s five miles from the base of the volcano complex to the apex [currently Mauna Kea summit]

  14. Aloha All, when this episode of the Kilauea eruption began in 1983, I took off from Oahu in a Barber’s Point Navy Flying Club Cessna 177 with a co-worker form Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard before sunrise and climbed to 13,000 feet altitude enroute to Kona. I was one of the few pilots to get airborne that day due to the smoke from the eruption and brush fires it caused. What I experienced was not a wild uncontrolled spin of my magnetic compass and certain other instruments, but abrupt, rapid swings of up to 60 degrees of the compass needle. Sometimes the swing would last for 10 or more seconds. I was flying VFR and by my knowledge of the firing point Puu’s of Pohakuloa Training Area. I concluded at the time that it was localized changes in the magnetic field resulting from the movement of an huge amount of magma. The effects could be seen as far away as Maui, but not back on Oahu. The impact on the magnetic compass is not unique to this new phase of this long running eruption. The lava fountaining I witnessed was spectacular, over 1000 feet above surface elevations. The unreliability of the magnetic compass was concerning. It was simultaneously one of my best pieces of flying and one of the stupidest/riskiest things I’ve ever done.

    • Thank you, Dawn, for taking the time to tell that story. Puts this in perspective along with EM Smith’s comment above.

  15. What’s he talking about – 1,500 years?? No way – the next magnetic reversal will likely be in OUR lifetime – within the next 20 years. It’s almost here already!
    They are just in denial, that’s all.

  16. I certainly hope to see magnetic magma records from the recent Guatemala volcano reported here.

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