Kill the Paris Treaty and Rip out its Roots.

Calling on President Trump to keep his election promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty.

“All people who value freedom and prosperity must eradicate the UN Climate weeds, roots and all.” – Viv Forbes
For Immediate Release
18th May 2017

Kill the Paris Treaty and Rip out its Roots


By Viv Forbes
Secretary of the Clexit Coalition

The Clexit Coalition today called on President Trump to keep his election promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty and stop US payments to all UN global warming programs.

The Clexit (ClimateExit) Coalition, comprising over 175 representatives from 25 countries, aims to prevent ratification or local enforcement of the UN Paris climate treaty.


The Secretary of Clexit, Mr Viv Forbes of Australia, said that all nations will suffer from the destructive energy policies being promoted in the UN’s war on cheap, reliable hydro-carbon fuels and the backbone industries that rely on them – mining and smelting, farming, fishing, forestry, processing and manufacturing.

He was supported by Professor Will Happer, Professor of Physics at Princeton University who said today:

“Americans never felt compelled to sign up to international folly in the past. I hope the United States once again shows the common sense of its people and walks away from the Paris Agreement.”

Dr Willie Soon of Clexit USA, an astro-physicist and climate author, added:

“There is no free energy in the real world. All world leaders, not only President Trump, should stop promoting the empty game of energy poverty and deaths.”

Dr Tim Ball, the Regional Director of Clexit Canada, said:

“President Trump knows he must keep the promises made at his public rallies. For example, he made the commitment to get out of Paris in his Harrisburg Pennsylvania speech:

“This includes deals like the one-sided Paris Climate Accord, where the United States pays billions of dollars while China, Russia and India have contributed nothing and will contribute nothing.”

Mr Forbes said that the war on natural hydro-carbon fuels is denying the poorest people and nations of the world the chance of better paying jobs, cheaper energy and more abundant food.

“There is no justification for the War on carbon dioxide – CO2 does not drive global temperature and Earth’s climate cannot be tweaked by erecting windmills or putting taxes on carbon dioxide.

CO2 is naturally sequestered by oceans and the biosphere. Burning natural hydrocarbons merely recycles Earth’s carbonaceous nutrients vital to all life – already world food production and global forests have benefited from the small increases in carbon dioxide plant food in Earth’s atmosphere.

See: World forests just grew 9%: e=b4fa0c6183

“President Trump promised to exit the Paris Treaty, but he also needs to de-fund and exit all UN climate control bureaucracies.

“Tom Harris of the Canadian-based International Climate Science Coalition has said that the President needs to dig up the roots of Paris – the UN Framework on Climate Change signed by President H. W. Bush and others in Rio in 1992.


“The root mass of every weed is as big as its branches. Everyone knows that pruning weeds just encourages more growth from the energised roots. All people who value freedom and prosperity must eradicate the UN Climate weeds, roots and all.

Cartoon posted by permission of Steve Hunter

“Clexit members around the world look to President Trump to add his weight to the growing momentum to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty and the Rio UN FCCC, and to de-fund all bodies responsible for planting these climate industry weeds.”

(Apologies to those who may oppose other policies of Donald Trump, but on climate and energy he is spot on and deserves support.)

Viv Forbes
Rosevale   Qld Australia

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Final Quote:
“Believing carbon dioxide is the planet’s climate control knob is pretty close to believing in magic.”
– Dr. Richard Lindzen


Viv Forbes has Tertiary qualifications in geology, physics and chemistry and experience in coal, oil, gas, grazing, investment analysis, cycles and mineral economics and has written widely on energy, climate and politics. He holds shares in a small Australian coking coal exporter which will benefit if the war on hydro-carbons sends more Australian industries to Asia.

4 thoughts on “Kill the Paris Treaty and Rip out its Roots.”

  1. Your apology is a travesty. What policy is he wrong about? Illegal immigration? Voter fraud? Infrastructure? Strengthening strategic alliances? Improving the educational system? Reforming Obamanible health care? WTF??

  2. I don’t think Vic was apologising for any of policies that Trump is proposing to Congress, he was apologising for throwing cold reality over those who supported the policies of the Gullible Warmist Democrats as proposed by Clinton.
    In comparison to the Jam today hard left UK Labour Party, the Democrats a bunch of tame pinko lefties. However, both parties have forgotten that wealth comes from enterprise, cheap energy, and people of vision, with the profits of those ventures then providing the tax base for governments to spend.

  3. I am very impressed with the clear and concise reasoning put forward by Clexit and those who wish to hold president Trump accountable on his mountain of unfulfilled campaign promises. That crunch you heard was me diving off the Trump Train.
    Ann Coulter is putting things very mildly when she says that Trump has betrayed all of his supporters. At this point it is fair to say Trump could turn out to be worse than Obama.

  4. Last year Saudi Aramco, the biggest company in the world, announced it would sell 2% of its stock. Now why would the Saudy establishment make such a move… Do they need the cash? They do this because with this step all the Saudi oil reserves, not so long ago the biggest secret in the world, become public?

    The Saudi’s sit on a reserve of 260 billion barrel of oil and they want to sell it all . No wonder they detest the US fracking boom of the last decade.

    So they started a price race to the bottom which hasn’t finished yet.

    Fracking brings oil at the well at approximately $ 80,- per barrel. The Saudi’s are able to deliver their oil at$ 3,- per barrel. By publishing their reserves and sucking billions of US dollars out of the market for their 2% of Amramco Shares they think the US Fracking industry will roll over and die. I think it will. And so will the Green Mania Boom. As soon as the lavish contracts with guarenteed feed in tarifs for wind and solar expire, the entire industry will go down the drain.

    The current financial state of the entire West no longer allows for big subsidies for failing power generation concepts and no sane person will invest in technologies that only make money for the farmer that rents out his land for wind or solar.

    The Saudi’s are going to sell their oil to the last drop and the Climate Scare will sink into oblivian together with eart’s temperatures.

    As for electric cars…
    Merkel just declared that her totally mad objective to have 1 million electric cars on the road in Germany by 2020 is not feasable, as is the lavish subsidy of almost 10.000 dollar for buying one. In the Netherlands charging an electric car at the brand new charger netowork is getting more expensive by the day. I think it was 35 eurocent per kW the last time I checked.

    This will take out any economic incentive and when the subsidies dry up the only way the electric car will go is into the museum.

    Electricity in general..
    Thanks to the war on coal by Obama, power generation with a coal plant today comes at the wonderful rate of 3 dollarcents per kW. This is exactly what we need, what our economies need. Plentiful cheap energy.
    Because there is this undeniable relationship between energy and the prosperity of a society.
    that states
    “The more enery a society consumes, the more wealth and prosperity is created”. All we have to do is to make energy available to those who still have to do without any and we not only create a new century of progress but also maintain our freedom.
    Those behind the climate scam in reality want humanity in shackles, fleeced and 7 trillion dead asap.

    Now that is not going to happen.

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