Another killer earthquake in northern Italy

Thousands of residents still living in tents forced to flee again.

“I just felt another earthquake,” says Italian reader Dr Mirco Poletto. “As soon as I know something more detailed I’ll post you.”

Thank you, Dr Poletto. Here are some of the details:

A priest was among at least 15 people killed today after the second earthquake to strike northern Italy in just nine days toppled his church and scores of other buildings.

Father Ivo Martini died after he and a firefighter went inside his church in Rovereto di Novi, near Modena, to recover a Virgin Mary statue following this morning’s tremor at 9 am.

Firefighters in front of destroyed factory in Medolla near Modena

The magnitude-5.8 earthquake killed at least 15 people in the same region still struggling to recover from another fatal tremor on May 20, the worst earthquake in the Emilia Romagna region since the 1300s.

Television footage this morning showed evacuees from the May 20 quake peering out of their shaking emergency tents in disbelief. (At least 7,000 residents are still living in tents as a result of that killer earthquake.)

Terrified locals poured from their homes and into the streets in the city of Bologna as shops, schools, offices and factories emptied and neighboring towns and cities ordered immediate evacuations of all public buildings.

With four powerful aftershocks striking within 90 minutes, many residential buildings and offices as far away as Milan were evacuated because of fears they could cave in.

People ran into the streets as far away as Milan, Venice, Genoa and Perugia and as far north as Austria.

The official death tolls stands at 15 people, but there are fears that others have been killed by falling masonry.

The quake – just 24 miles (40km) west of the initial tremor earlier this month – was felt across the whole of Italy.

The May 20 quake, described by Italian emergency officials as the worst to hit the region since the 1300s, knocked down centuries-old buildings and caused millions in losses. Its epicenter was about 22 miles north of Bologna.

Train services north of Bologna, major junction in the Italian network were also disrupted with services from the city to Milan, Venice and Verona being affected.

These earthquakes are of particular interest to me because I was in the area just last week, where I was visiting my Italian publisher. Although I feel great sadness for the Italian people, I’m also thankful that I got out in time.

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“Good thing you left there on time,” says Kenneth. “You could have been buried alive !”

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  1. There has since been at lest 5 aftershocks between 4.4 and about 5.4 in the same area. My heart goes out to these people. Yes, we seem to be headed into a series of “Earth Changes,” but I have no idea what they will be. I am guessing that when things settle out, the world will be a bit of a different place.

  2. stupid, the priest lost his life for a false idol. he should have read his own bible more often

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