Killer frost in Saskatchewan

Some of the comments from Canadian farmers:
“millions of acres of canola will be toast this morning,” 
“garden is flat,”
“this is a major major loss to farmers,”
“crops like canary flax from what I saw big loss in yield.”

“But it is September, and it’s not unusual for here.”

“Not unusual.” However, it may be a tad difficult for Saskatchewan farmers to believe the AGW fantasies.

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  1. In New Orleans I planted 40 okra plants as I do every year in my back yard after my tomato crop is finished. The problem is they do not grow well in wetter, cooler temps. Usually by now I have my freezer full. This year I have 4 sandwich bags in there. I fear crop failures will be real.
    Soon we may have to grow hardier plants like barley and winter wheat, that is only if they don’t get buried under snow first :).

  2. While I have sympathy for the farmers, I have none for the crop. Canola oil is poison.

    See section 10.13.1 here

    It makes me deathly ill, and the blasted stuff is everywhere. (I found I couldn’t eat it before I found out it really was toxic, so it wasn’t suggestion.)

    • Poison? Because rats fed a 55-70% diet of erucic fatty acids developed myocardial infiltrations of fat? Color me shocked—anyone with such a high intake of fat develops that. Besides, high oleic acid canola oil has become a common feature of the crop.

      I sympathize for your sensitivity to the stuff, but farmers lead a tougher life than most because their livelihood is entirely dependent upon conditions they cannot control: the weather. If Canadian Plains farmers didn’t grow the stuff, what would they farm? And what alternative would you suggest?

    • have to admit, my first thought was it wont BE canola marg on peoples toast.
      which is ok by me.
      I DO feel for the farmers losing their overpriced seed investment,time, effort and fuel costs.
      I wonder if? like many uk farmers they followed the locl ag advisors who are usually true believers too, and figured warming was removing frost risks..and then found out the hard way that govvy advisors often get it it very wrong

  3. September 4: In Yakutia -10°C, in Khakassia 33 cm of snow!

    Anomalously cold weather was established on the vast expanses of Siberia. Night frosts and solid precipitation in the form of groats and wet snow are observed from Taimyr to Altai and from the Urals to Kolyma. In some cases, a temporary snow cover is formed.
    On September 3-4, it came to pre-winter weather.
    In the west of Yakutia, the temperature dropped to -10°C. In the mountains of Khakassia fell heavy snow. A difficult meteorological station with the characteristic name “Nenastnaya” recorded 33 cm of snow cover!
    For those who do not know the location:
    ”Nenastnaya Station is near Priiskovoye city (Khakassia).”

  4. About frosts in Siberia and Yakutia – IA “Meteonovosti”

      The lowest temperatures were, as expected, observed in Yakutia, up to -10,3°C at Ekyuchchyu station, sometimes up to -8 degrees, in Verkhoyansk to -8°C. Moreover, frosts were noted not point-by-point, but rather on the rather large territory of the republic. Frozen in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, mainly in Evenkia and Turukhansk district. And in Western Siberia with frost Omsk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, as well as the Altai Republic, to -1 ..- 2°C. Around Baikal in places the temperature dropped to -2°C.
    ‘Meteostation Ogimet Source: 24361: Ekyuchchyu (Russia)’

  5. The only time i got sick from a plant oil is when i cooked my eggs in hemp oil(low temp). Miracle plant my donkey

  6. Yep usual crud from the usual idiots —
    “But it is September, and it’s not unusual for here.”

    “Not unusual.” However, it may be a tad difficult for Saskatchewan farmers to believe the AGW fantasies.
    How much does it have to be before they get the message —


  7. if any of you are into heritage/unusual crops…try n get seed for the small white fleshed “cream of seskatchewan” watermelons
    theyre a one/two person melon and yummy!
    faster growing n harvest due to smaller size.
    so fragile they wont transport.

  8. Canola oil is the reason for mad cow disease too.It oxidises very easily thus cause heart disease and strokes although fake news tell you otherwise.Try coconut oil and butter, much healthier option.

    • Canola contains prions? I understand there is some debate over the types of oils we consume and which are actually more beneficial, but when you say things like it causes Spongiform Encephalitis, we put you in whack-job territory.

  9. Not unusual? But isn’t this the warmest time on planet Earth evah? The crooks at the UK MetO have just claimed this summer to be the warmest evah! Beating even 1976 which those of us around at the time still have as the record in our experience.

  10. Hi Yonason. Yes Canola is a genetically modified Rapeseed and is indeed very dangerous.

    I can’t use it at all and get 24 hour indigestion (plus feeling dreadful) when I eat it. My wife knew about Rapeseed long before Canola came out.

    Here in Australia it is also pervasive and even KFC switched from Chicken fat to Canola while spruiking its “health benefits”. I was never a big fan of KFC but I will not ever eat it again because of Canola.

    • Canola is rape seed. They changed the name because in the USA anyway “rape” has negative connotations.

      Other fruits and veggies have had name changes for this reason. Chinese gooseberries, sounds bad. Kiwi sounds good.

      Personally I think I have a slight sensitivity to soy oil, but I don’t go around demanding everyone stop eating it, and how it is new evil incarnate.

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