Killer snowfall in Japan – Five times more than average

By 5 p.m. Monday, the city of Fukui saw 3 feet (92 cm) of snow, five times more than an average year. The cities of Toyama and Niigata marked 52 cm and 24 cm of snow, respectively.

13 Feb 2018 – At least five people died in prefectures facing the Sea of Japan and elsewhere as heavy snowfall hit the areas Monday, according to a Kyodo News tally.

Heavy snowfall is expected to continue in Sea of Japan coastal areas through Tuesday.

Impressive photo:
A woman walks during heavy snow in Fukui on Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Killer snowfall in Japan – Five times more than average”

  1. Wasn’t snowfall supposed to be a thing of the past??? And ice in the Great Lakes a thing of the past??? And record cold in the Arctic a thing of the past???

    well, well…….

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