Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates’ latest environmental demands – Video

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem slams Bill Gates’ for saying Americans’ should stop eating beef and weighs in on the devastation of canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

“These blackouts that we were seeing in Texas were reminiscent of what we saw in the former Soviet Union, and Cuba, and California last summer,” says the interviewer. “Is this what we can expect in a Joe Biden America that’s pushing all these green energy policies?”

“Biden has specifically gone after coal, and oil, and gas,” answers Noem. “And I think that’s dangerous.” We should be supporting energy that’s generated here in the United States so we rely on our own sources, but also so that we don’t put all our eggs in one basket…”

“I’m a supporter of wind energy, but it’s not consistent, so that’s why you’re always going to need other forms of electricity…”

When it comes to the incredible numbers of jobs lost due to Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone pipeline,  Noem says that they had restaurants, and motels, and gas stations that had expanded, getting ready for the workers that were going to be in the state for the next several years building the pipeline. These local small schools were excited about the opportunities to get the property taxes and from the pipeline. Excited about the new sources of revenue that would help them keep their roads fixed.

“Overnight, their whole plan for the future was just gone. For a lot of families in South Dakota it was just devastating. Listen, this pipeline was safer for the environment in moving the oil than how we’re doing it today. It was safer for people. And it was going to bring down the cost of gas and oil for this country.”

What about Bill Gates wanting us to eat microbe meat – fungi burgers.

“He talks a lot about the carbon emissions out of cattle,” says Noem. “But he doesn’t take into account and the carbon emissions and the inefficiencies in generating food like that and how expensive that food would be for the average everyday family. It’s important that a family is able to go to the store and actually afford the food that they put on the table to take care of their kids. And that’s the balance that I don’t think Bill Gates understands.”

8 thoughts on “Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates’ latest environmental demands – Video”

  1. This woman makes absolute sense. Now contrast her to the one in Michigan. I wonder why they see the world so differently?

  2. The so-called big press wants to convince us that Bill Gates is a genius, but what we see is that he is just an idiot!

  3. And yet Gates just like Gore and all the rest run to and fro in their Lear jets while chowing down on their beloved BEEF cheeseburgers…………….Gates is an idiot.

  4. What the heII is wrong with cows?
    They wander around for about 3 years. Eating grass, leaving their fertilizer and then we eat them.
    Not much different than the bison that were there before them.

    • Nothing.

      Years ago my dad helped me move from UT to MA and we drove through Texas…. he didn’t like to sleep when doing long distances, just stopped by the side of the road and took “cat naps” so us kids would get out of the car and hang around outside til he was ready to get back on the road. I remember one notable stop when we parked by the side of the road where a herd of cattle were grazing. My brother Les & I entertained ourselves by saying “boo” (and not in a loud voice at all)… and watching the cows stampede.

      I decided then and there that cows / cattle were too stupid to be much good for anything but eating. I still enjoy beef!

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