Kuwaiti with ‘knowledge of God’ says the region will witness the most severe cold in 500 years

I’m thinking I’ll take this one with a grain of salt.

9 Feb 2020 – Meteorological departments are no longer the only source of people seeking information about the weather, writes Amira Mohsen. Technology is available to everyone through their smart phones, so amateurs flocked to follow the weather … Sometimes they preceded the official authorities in announcing rainy seasons or waves of dust and hail.

In Kuwait, one of these amateurs who has followed the weather since November 2018, warned via Twitter of an unprecedented rainy season based on his “knowledge with God.” It turned out that his forecast was true, and the region witnessed a good rainy season. He become Saud Al-Mukhallad “Basheer Al-Matar” as called by the Kuwaiti press.

Al-Mukhallid announced a few days ago that a severe cold wave will hit Kuwait and surrounding countries, declaring that it is an unprecedented wave that the region has not seen in 500 years. He forecasts six degrees below zero (C), while accredited meteorologists expect two degrees above zero. Al-Khaled expected that Iraq would be covered with white snow, declaring it an unprecedented case of gio.

Two days ago he warned the Ministry of Education to take measures to protect students from the expected cold, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, saying it will be unprecedented in the Arabian Peninsula, and in turn, the Kuwaiti Minister of Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi asked the Meteorological Department to take the necessary measures.



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  1. I think it is because the link is in the arabic language, which is unicode, and when it gets translated into a regular link it shows up long like that, almost 5 times longer.

  2. 500 hundred years takes them back to the Spoorer GSM
    The cold he refers to is A Northerly flow generated by Meridoniual Jet Stream, considering the Lowest record tempretures are to the North of them in Central Russia/Asia.

    • Or, roughly, to the Maunder Minimum/Little Ice Age in Britain. So he could be right about that and therefore he might be right about this cold ‘snap’ arriving in Kuwait soon.

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