La Palma volcano – Hundreds of earthquakes in 15 hours

Raises fears the Canary Island’s volcano is about to erupt.

Experts believe the total number of earthquakes within the seismic storm, including ones too small to be located, numbered 352.

The swarm raises fears (for some) that during an eruption parts of the island would collapse into the sea and spark a mega-tsunami to hit both Britain and America.

Others disagree.

“It is absolutely normal for active volcanoes to register seismic swarms such as the one that this weekend has been recorded in the Cumbre Vieja volcano,” said Director of the Canarian Institute of Volcanology Nemesio Pérez

However, he added it could not ruled out an eruption would take place.

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4 thoughts on “La Palma volcano – Hundreds of earthquakes in 15 hours”

  1. near 7 days sunspot free one tiny one yesterday vanished by today…so quakes n other activity is as usual rising
    im curious re Soda springs Idaho continued shakes

  2. El hierro has done nothing else during its under sea level erruption phase.
    Give the thing a break, it will either pop its clogs, or expand the island in its own way. The spanish might need to have evac plans in place.

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