La Soufrière Volcano Still Pulsing – Video

Considered the largest eruption in the Caribbean in at least 250 years. And yet another strong explosion at the volcano occurred at 06:16 local time yesterday morning (16 Apr), according to

“An increasingly large plume reached up to an estimated altitude of 8,000 ft (2,400 m) as reported Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Washington.”

“The activity follows a pulsating pattern: Soufrière St. Vincent’s tendency to produce such events in series at roughly regular intervals.”

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La Soufrière Volcano Eruption Update; A New 900 Meter Wide Explosion Crater has Formed

The Soufrière St. Vincent (or La Soufrière) volcano strated a highly explosive eruption on April 9th, 2021.

Those living on the islands of St. Vincent, Barbados, St Lucia and other regional islands in the Caribbean can testify to the unusual power of this volcano because they can look outside and see the ground covered with a thick layer of ash.

After a large evacuation, the first explosion send a plume of ash 9700 meters into the atmosphere. After a week of activity, explosive eruptions have subsided. Now, as the ash begins to clear, we have confirmed that there is now a new 900 meter wide explosion crater which resulted from the current eruption. This video will cover what might happen next, and state the series of events which led to this explosive eruption.

Small explosions may continue to take place for weeks, or even months.

This video was made by a geologist who is based in Arizona.

Video from Geology Hub


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  1. The “green” crowd is so busy pushing wind and solar that they have ignored geothermal energy which is sufficient to supply the present level of energy consumption by humanity for twenty BILLION years. Erupting volcanoes are obvious geothermal energy leaks; but neglecting volcanoes, the geothermal flux through the surface of the Earth is about two-and-a-half times the five-hundred(ish) quadrillion BTUs consumed worldwide per year by people.

  2. no humans killed but animals and wildlife wouldnt be doing well
    water n vegetation non edible/potable for a fair while unless they get some hefty rains

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