Labrador – ‘Unprecedented’ amount of snow this late in June

Anywhere from waist deep to 6 feet deep (almost two meters)

15 June 2018 – The amount of snow around Igloo Lake Lodge, a southeastern Labrador fishing camp, is wreaking havoc on summer plans.

“It’s not uncommon to see snow around the lodge — not six feet, though,” says Jim Burton, who operates Igloo Lake Lodge.

Burton said this is the first time in 50 years he’s had to fly in a snowmobile in order to get supplies to the camp and get it ready for the season.

“Unprecedented ice and snow conditions given the time of year.”

Thanks to Glenn Cuthbert and scsi_joe for this link

8 thoughts on “Labrador – ‘Unprecedented’ amount of snow this late in June”

  1. During the last ice age the center of the North American continental icecap was just north west of Labrador, in the Ungava peninsula of Quebec.

  2. Sorry but I need more evidence. The link shows some people stood between 7ft snow banks but the trees in the background have no snow on them. No snow on the building just behind them either. The video clip shows just a light dusting. I don’t buy it! Looks faked! The sign for Igloo Lake looks like someone piled snow around it. That isn’t freshly fallen snow by any stretch of the imagination.

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