Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist

“It could happen in a matter of months,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center.

“The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” wrote Dr Tony Phillips just six weeks ago, on 27 Sep 2018.

Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018 and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding, says Phillips, editor of

Data from NASA’s TIMED satellite show that the thermosphere (the uppermost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, literally decreasing the radius of the atmosphere.

To help track the latest developments, Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center and his colleagues recently introduced the “Thermosphere Climate Index.”

The Thermosphere Climate Index (TCI) tells how much heat nitric oxide (NO) molecules are dumping into space. During Solar Maximum, TCI is high (meaning “Hot”); during Solar Minimum, it is low (meaning “Cold”).

“Right now, it is very low indeed … 10 times smaller than we see during more active phases of the solar cycle,” says Mlynczak

The Thermosphere Climate Index by Mlynczak and colleagues.
Displays times of Cold, Cool, Neutral, Warm, and Hot since 1940.

Record cold in a matter of months

“If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold,” says Mlynczak. “We’re not there quite yet, but it could happen in a matter of months.”

The TIMED satellite monitoring the temperature of the upper atmosphere

See more:

The Chill of Solar Minimum

Thanks to François M., John A. Brown, Craig Adkins, Loherchef, Laurel and Craig Adkins for this link

Dr. Tony Phillips was once (and perhaps still is) production editor of Science@NASA.

430 thoughts on “Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist”

  1. at spaceweathers page 1957 is THE hottest listed
    funny how not a single warmist devotee is going to mention this….
    wonder if a few wars lotsa heat emitting bombs and a series of atomic tests mighta helped along with the sun for that?ie 40s to late 60s
    and as of tonights look we have a new sunspot after 24 spotfree days
    damned if I could even see what they’d circled;-)

  2. Dr. Mlynczak has broken the unspoken rule that no one can depart from the CAGW meme without professional disaster. He will soon be flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

    • Wow, actual data with significant relationships. Much better than the standard answer for proof “all real scientists agree, no need to debate now, it’s real!”

    • Not if enough of us who pay attention to REAL scientific evidence such as this share it with others who simply don’t pay attention. The Grand Solar Minimum is upon us and it won’t take long for major crop losses to start having major impacts worldwide.

      • 1) I’ve read he’s an alarmist, so he may not be the one you want to hang your hat on.

        2) Even if he isn’t, the other side long ago gave up on actual science. You could show them tangible evidence dating back centuries and they’d accuse you of being a Russian. There is no using logic/facts to make your case with them. We’re past that point.

        • Where does one hang their hat when everyone with an international, high profile platform and whose work actually influences national policies, seems to be an alarmist?

      • WHY is it that EVERY white population is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?
        This is not required of -ANY- non white people
        Anti whites call themselves “anti racists” but their actions target ONLY ONE race, the White race.
        It’s G e NO cide!

    • Adam,
      I hope you are wrong, but fear you are right that Dr. Miynczak could be fired. International sun spot sites like SILSO record sunspot activity for all to see. Sadly fact does not match the “global warming narrative”
      Climate change is real, like the Maunder minimum.
      Sadly Solar cycle 25 may be even lower leading to what TIME magazine reported as “the upcoming little ice age”
      Knowledge is power – just read multiple sites and think!

    • Where does he say anything about global warming? He’s just saying we’re entering a sunspot minimum which coincides with a solar minimum, but that cycle lasts only a few years, no? So maybe we get a few years delay on further warming, or maybe not. If we do get a respite from the heat once the solar minimum is done, we’ll see global warming resume with a vengeance because regardless of what climate science tells us, we’re going to do very little, if anything, to curb greenhouse gas emissions. So not to worry, carbon fuels are here to stay, until they’re all burned up.

    • There is a new direction in the White House, so NASA is tailoring their “research” so they can get funding. Notice they got into “Climate Change” after the space shuttle program was shut down.

    • Have you been to a grocery store lately? Shelves are stocked. There and so many choices of what to eat it’s ridiculous. Have you driven on a highway or any town in America? There are so many choices of places to eat and they keep growing. That’s not gonna change. America is fatter than ever. You’re delusional.

      • We’ll drill more oil and gas in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma to keep all the coast line liberals warm. And I guess we can stop worrying about the icecaps melting and flooding out the polar bear population…wait, can’t they swim?! On a serious note, has anybody been watching natural gas? Very low storage going into winter. Price has skyrocketed from sub $3 to above $4/mcf in a few weeks! As me move off coal to nat gas for electric generation, underground storage will become very important to monitor. It won’t help that we can breath better, if we can’t afford to heat our homes.

  3. Why the hell do we pay for NASA ?

    We knew this years ago. Now they finally come forward !

    I worked in that sector and respected them at one time, but they are worthless now. Stop with the Muslim outreach and climate BS and build another shuttle, get back to what they were created to do….

  4. There is so much residual excess heat now in the oceans that it would take decades before you would see a cooling effect.

  5. One of the worst aspects of this mess is that the soft commodities which are food are lower in price now than 10 years ago. A strong USD will do that. But with the trade war, farmers are really hurting. So instead of helping them at this critical time, they are going bankrupt, without any weather impact necessary. Add in extreme weather impacts and we will be in for a world of hurt.

    Long term commodity charts:

  6. LOL, the global warming alarmists are probably fast at work trying to figure out a story that blames the cold weather on global warming.

  7. Oh come on deniers. Gov. Jerry Brown just assured us that climate change (meaning global warming) is driving the California wild fires. Thus, the earth is warming, not cooling. Any argument to the contrary is wrong, got it, wrong. When the argument deviates from the narrative consensus of human caused climate change, the argument is wrong.

    Climate change is driven by CO2, got it? No other factors are in play, got it. Ice ages ended because of SUV’s, camp fires and other human causes. Nothing but CO2 variations drive the climate. And if you believe any of that, I’ll be happy to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge at a very reasonable price; cash only, thanks.

  8. Gee, BRING ON THE GLOBAL WARMING!!! PLEASE! I don’t want to live through an Ice Age. At least a decade ago, there was the book: NOT BY FIRE, BUT BY ICE, Author: Robert W. Felix … okay, First published: Mar 1997 … it appears as though NASA, etc. lied through their proverbial teeth… genocide???

  9. Now that’s a chilling development!

    But tell me, how did our “man made” carbon emissions make it all the way to the sun to create Climate Change?

  10. This was well documented in a recent book titled “Dark Winter” by John Casey. The sun has always had cycles, which is why the earth’s temp fluctuates…man has nothing to do with it, despite all the press to the contrary. Many of us of course remember the coming “ice age” in the 1970’s!

  11. Russian climatologists have been warning us about this for years. They don’t depend on money from the Looney lefties. Even the Pope has fallen for the global warming scam. I always wondered how that bunch would control deep space radiation on this planet, but the solar minimum beat them to it.

  12. It’s amazing what a person can actually discover about ‘climate change’ when it is based upon science and factual data, isn’t it? The AGW truthers can’t be bothered with reality-based science because it upsets their dreams of a carbon-free existence and government-funded institutionalized ‘warming’ studies. Another up-is-down, black-is-white moment coming soon from a AGW truther near you when the cold records start falling fast and furious.

  13. GW is not about science. It is a scam intended to separate us from our money. Sale of solar panels and wind generators and alcohol in gas and…… on and on and on.

  14. He should have stated that this solar cycle occurs every 11 years. Ham radio loses some effectiveness in these lows, but it comes back when the sunspots resume their normal rise.

  15. I knew something was up as soon as the pope named climate change (global warming) the number one problem. Definitely knew cold was on the way. He hasn’t been right about much.

  16. BS!!! No sunspots means warmer maunder max, when its full of sunspots, maunder minimum then its colder.

    OMG you are fired!!!!!

  17. Zharkova’s research indicates we will have 8 years of reduced food production (2020 to 2027) then unfortunately 2028 to 2032 almost zero food production.

  18. So is the glacier goin to cover ALL of Canada and extend down to Mercer, PA with a mile thick sheet of ice as it supposedly did 10,000 years ago?
    Is NASA the ones tellin us last year we were ALL goin to bake?

  19. Are you telling me that the Sun, of all celestial objects, can create significant changes in temperature on the earth?

    I wonder if they worked that into their bulletproof model of global warming / cooling.

  20. Funny. I would presume that heating and manipulation of the ionosphere by technology already being used by governments around the world could create this scenario, dont you think?
    Nazis, I mean NASA should look into that.

  21. I posted about the sun driving the earth weather and climate for years, the global warming folks have been brainwashed by the media to believe in lies, when the truth hit them, they will deny it again because now they have been told the global warming brings global cooling.

  22. “Sunspots”?! No, it’s global warming, caused by CO2 and hairspray! Or it’s climate change, brought on by meat-eaters’ selfish and disgusting hunger for beef and methane! Or failure to recycle properly! Or drilling for oil! Or fracking! That has to hurt Gaia terribly, right?

    But no matter what, it’s Donald Trump! Because Orange Man Bad, enough to change the climate.

  23. “Years of the Quiet Sun” always bring global cooling. This is an inconvenient truth the global warming theology ignores.

  24. “The Day After Tomorrow.” I’m an optimist: the greenhouse effect from CO2 will perfectly cancel out the cooling.

  25. It’s it funny that scientists are willing to accept that a lack of sunspots (solar minimum) will lead to a climate chill, but they refused to credit global warming to the solar maximum (lots of sunspots) that we went through in the early part of the 2000’s.

  26. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  27. The team that accomplished mankind’s greatest technological triumph is long gone and their legacy has been defiled.
    Forget going back to the moon. We can’t even put a human in earth orbit.
    NASA is now little more than a purchasing department.

  28. Duh I thought we were supposed to have a global warming!? Shouldn’t we be sending astronauts to the moon and colonizing it? I’m with the other poster let’s quit this Muslim Outreach and get on with the business of making America First in space again.

  29. This is so weird but I have been collecting extra canned food every time I go food shopping, and I live in a mega food growing part of CA.
    I never have done this in the 35 years of being a housewife. I don’t know what came over me but out of nowhere I started buying the packs of cans at Costco, and just stacking them in the closets. Call me crazy, I am always on a diet. Like totally wow.

  30. Ohhh, now I see. I stumbled on this “sciencey” site by accident. Was looking for some real stuff. My bad! Only thing here is the 2% of “scientists” who think climate change is a chinese hoax lol.

  31. Luckily humans are putting out enough greenhouse gases to offset the sun’s effects, right? Isn’t that what the global warming evangelicals have been arguing for decades?

  32. Who can we tax to stop this? What wealth can be redistributed to halt this climate crisis?

    We all know that the imposition of Socialist policy is the only means to stop the global climate change crisis! That’s what every Socialist explains to us!

  33. Have been casually following this data for 5 years, and have told my wife things are about to change. We keep losing energy from our sun. Had a 11 year low and now entering an even lower energy event!

  34. Well, we really shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Because everyone that blames global warming on humans has already said it’s a scientific fact that the sun has no impact on climate temperature. So what’s the point of even reporting this?

  35. I remember the early 1950s. It was cold. Really cold. And I remember the 1970s when the great fear was global cooling.

    It seems that rather than publishing science these folks are publishing hysteria.

  36. But, But, But, what about global warming. We have been told we were going to burn up the earth. Now the sun is going to cool and let us freeze. What do scientists now anyway.

  37. Most interesting. Please keep me posted. Yes, Teddi, build another shuttle and lets get on top of things. Are the older ones of no use?

  38. Will someone please forward this to Governor Moonbeam in California, as well as Algore and Barry and then tell them to STFU!!?? Oh, include the U.N. IPCC and the University of East Anglia also!!!

  39. “human-caused climate change” was created in 1941 by Hermann Flohn, a scientist for the German Meteorological Service who became the chief meteorologist for the Luftwaffe High Command.

    In order to pursue their stated goal of “preventing harm to the environment,” Hitler’s Third Reich passed the Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Protection Law) in 1933. According to Duncan Bayne in “How to Spot a Nazi,” the purpose of this act was to increase control over the German populace by requiring that decisions on how a person could use his property be first approved by the Reich. Sound familiar?

  40. I am freaking cold! Down here in New Orleans We will be getting to 36 degrees tomorrow night. This is a month to soon! What the heck is coming?

  41. I’ve noticed for some weeks now that the squirrels who abound on our property are furrier than I’ve ever seen them before, and that goes back a lot of years.

    Time to sell out and move to Panama.

  42. Look at NASA and Russian projections of Solar cycle 25 & 26 .
    NASA also has which is not PC but real science.
    The graphs of the solar cycles going back to the invention of the telescope made it possible to observe solar flares / sun spots which are the TRUE indicator of earth temperature variations, clearly not mankind. Al Gore is a buffoon or just a crook , either way bad news for the uneducated.

  43. We need a lot more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, on the double! Maybe if Al Gore could just give a few more speeches.

  44. He meant to say that global warming is causing the lack of sun spots. If the climate had not gotten too hot to begin with, we wouldn’t be having this today.

  45. Al Gore, NASA, the American government all knew about this years ago. Al sought to profit from it, the other two hid their heads in the sand. Well its here. I’m in Ohio. It is really cold RIGHT NOW! This is just the beginning. 10 years from now we will wish for the cold temps we had today. Goodbye cruel world. Welcome the new and exciting apocalypse/ new beginning.

  46. LOL! This is the dumbest article I’ve ever seen outside of Whack Tard Cold Fusion web sites.

    Solar output regularly drops by about 2 percent from the peak of the average during the minimum of of each solar cycle, which come every 11.2 years.

    Some nobody quacktard conflates this with global warming and the clowns in the audience react like the clowns they are.


  47. the ideological abuse of scientific data by leftists has destroyed the country’s confidence in any report….we live in a post information credibility era……say thank you to the obama/clinton socialist cabal.

  48. Top 10 likely media/government spins:

    1. Claim that the cooling detected in a few months is only means global warming is about to get much worse.

    2. Claim that the cooling is proof that climate change regulations are beginning to produce results

    3. Sunspot forecasts are added to the weather channel

    4. Facebook bans sunspot posts as fake news

    5. Hollywood releases a science fiction film called “Game of Sunspots” featuring the world’s first dwarf astronaut, and incest between twin astronauts on the space station.

    6. NASA requests $ 1 trillion for its sunspot monitoring space probes

    7. Sunspot deniers claim all the spots are simply on the dark side of the sun, where we can’t see them

    8. Al Gore releases an update to his book “an inconvenient sunspot”

    9. Elon Musk announces he can do NASA’S sunspot project for half the money.

    10. Hillary Clinton announces she’s running for president again because “we can’t afford to leave sunspots under the control of Trump. The future of our planet is at stake.”

  49. Being up in the UP of Michigan this is great news and since we have 3-4 inches of snow.
    Now we shall see if those Russian predictions about the weather are correct.

  50. I’ve been hearing about this for well over a decade. NASA is no longer the cutting edge. Special interest has ruined mainstream science and that is the scary message in this story. The “scientific method” has been thrown away. Observation and experimentation has been given over to guessing and modeling. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t guess. Nature is reality. Here comes a dose.

  51. Blame Trump for this. Even the SUN itself is now a climate denier!

    Look for a correction to this story soon before it puts a real dent in the “man made climate change” scare & tax agenda.

  52. Global warming – global cooling – seems they cannot make up their minds. Which begs the conclusion – they really don’t know.
    Not sure about you but I am continuing on as I always have regardless of their dire predictions.

  53. Oh, I guess the WARMISTS didn’t take that into account when they PROMISED the earth would heat up to unbearable levels throughout the world. Sorry Mr. Gore, the earth doesn’t have a fever, it has a COLD!

  54. But Teddi, don’t you think we, as a nations, need to better understand the long-term effects of weightlessness on transsexual hippies?

  55. Another threat! SOON we will all have more to worry about than junk from China & degenerate politicians in DC.

  56. Can’t any of you guys understand? Maybe not, since this true article is worded in a very misleading way. The reporting does say, although it glosses over it quickly so you don’t notice, the fact that NASA said it’s talking about the UPPER atmosphere. ONLY. That’s NOT the LOWER atmosphere and surface, where of course we are.

    Just look at the chart and see where we had another sunspot minimum in 1998 – when surface temperatures were reaching a very HIGH PEAK, which then backed off a bit and was not surpassed for about 18 years. That right there tells you there is no correlation between the regular sunspot minimum and SURFACE cold.

  57. Nope…Lack of sunspots is a Trump conspiracy to upend the AGW theorists who hate the man. Obviously, since Trump is “anti-science” and “hates everyone”, he wants the earth to have record heat waves and blizzard conditions as well so as to ruin everyone’s lives. The sunspot machine, originally designed by Migeulito Loveless in 1875 and bought by Ronald Reagan in 1986 was never used until Trump plugged it in using money stolen from the poor and causing Tesla founder and chairman, Elon Musk to engage in corruption to avoid going broke.

  58. How convenient. An expert comes up with an excuse as to why we are all shivering that they can point to when their global warming predictions fail to come true.

  59. A former St Louis University prof named Brooks promoted a system of weather predictions using “sunspots” in the 1960-70s. The media never took his idea seriously. Maybe he was ahead of his time.

  60. In context (of the original publication), “record cold” does not apply to the planet as a whole.

    Ignorance does not make climate change true, false, good, or bad. Physical processes are what they are. Outcomes are not necessarily predictable and predictions are not necessarily correct.

    At one time it was thought that memory resided in RNA analogous to a wire or tape recording. We tried to transfer memory by training mice, removing their RNA, and putting it in other mice. The memory didn’t move. Some people looked more closely at memory…others more closely at RNA.

    Models lend themselves to political exploitation which in turn affects funding which leads to a risk of, not necessarily purposeful, funding bias. Consensus in science is not about a majority agreeing that something is happening. It’s about everyone who understands a model seeing the physical process follow in consistent accordance.

  61. But but but what about global warming and the rising temperature that we need to spend trillions to counter And stop using fossil fuels and revert back to the dark ages

  62. Global cooling is here !!!
    The Sky is falling says chicken little.

    The new rally will be for large cars/SUV’s
    The signs will read, “We need more CO2 and NOX. When do we want it? NOW!!!!”


  63. Well there you go, climate change caused by humans is as usual another tax scam on citizens.
    GOOGLE regulation exempt income means

  64. Solar Flair activity has DIRECT effect with Chandler Wobble that has effect on weather patterns. Electromagnetic fields whether man-made or solar alters Chandler Wobble. Duh.

  65. Record cold to an area over 100km above us, with no known effect on the climate down here on Earth. I like the way you deliberately omit that fact.

  66. Space the Last Frontier, what is NASA doing build a new Shuttle and explore Space. I thought that was your mandate, please let everyone know what your goal is today and where and when you are going. Russia and China will be there waiting if and when you get there.

  67. So much for the Gospel of “global warming” ideology.

    Protests to follow with impassioned testimony by young TV stars and musicians calling for the end of NASA which will take care of the problem.

  68. Nobody is denying that the climate changes, what is being contested is the notion that punitive carbon taxes, and the wholesale transfer of middle class wealth to the politically connected “green energy” barons will have any effect on it.

    The Climate has been changing long before humans appeared on the planet and will continue to do so long after we disappear.

    How many global warming disaster predictions have the AGW alarmists made since the Al Gore movie?

    Three, four, five hundred?

    If the global warming alarmist make enough of them, the law of averages dictates that some of them is will eventually catch up with a naturally occurring climate phenomenon.

    Reasonable people don’t doubt science.

    Reasonable people doubt faulty politically driven science where public funding drives the desired results and the desired results drives the public funding.

  69. WHAT?! “Gore-BULL WARMING” is a fraud?!?! Salinity of the oceans and solar activity are what drive the climates! Dumb-a $$ Leftist fearmongers!

  70. The so-called “climate deniers” have talked about the influence of solar cycles on the climate for years which now appears to be playing a role in our current Grand Solar Minimum. Now NASA claims to have figured it out instead of citing the work of others: Henrik Svensmark, Valentina Zharkova, Nir Shaviv, and Tim Patterson to name a few. Hell, you can go all the way back to Charles T. R. Wilson who in 1895 produced “rain-like” condensation in moist, DUST-FREE air produced by cosmic rays. Too bad the CERN CLOUD folks missed the point on the DUST-FREE aspect of Wilson’s work. Wilson received the 1927 Nobel Prize in physics for his work because it was a nifty way of observing sub-atomic particles that was used until circa 1960. Unfortunately, his contribution to his field of main interest, meteorology, was lost to history only to be re-discovered decades later.

  71. Professor Ian Plimer has been warning us about this for over two decades. Our climate is not dependent on man’s action but the action of the Sun.

  72. Yes the maunder minimum is supposed to be coming up on us and it’s going to go into a very deep cold cycle this is what has been determined to be the cause of the Mini ice age of Europe the 1700s

  73. Meanwhile, Governor Moonbeam is blaming ‘deniers’ of ‘climate change’ for California’s wildfires. Sharper minds know the climate goes through cycles and that there is little we can do about it. If we all reverted back to living like the Amish, the hysterical leftists would blame climate change on horse manure and cow farts and attempt to raise taxes on anyone who owns these animals.

  74. What happened to “man made” global warming? Sic climate change? Maybe we need more fires to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!

  75. Oh no! Something that actually applies reason to the climate discussion. Too bad for those whose faith is placed in the anthropogenic “consensus’” theory.

    …hold on Scotty! There actually IS some intelligent life on this planet!

  76. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

    (Don’t mind me. I’ve been saying that for a long long time and pretty much say that about everything.)

  77. Teddi couldn’t have said it better. NASA has turned into a complete politically correct piece of crap full of leftist scientists spouting out climate change garbage. The agency was created in 1958 to drive the race to the moon and beyond. It is a national disgrace what it has become in 60 years.

  78. NASA, an organization that is pushing AGW theory, is telling us that the lack of sunspots is going to have a major effect on the weather. At the same time, they are still claiming that solar activity, or lack thereof, has virtually no effect on climate.
    How stupid do they think we are?

  79. Thank God for man made CO2. Its “global warming” effect may just see us through the coming freeze-up. So, what else is new?

  80. what? sun activity has a dramatic effect on Earths weather? not a chance…. remember the CFC hoax? a can of “freon” went from one dollar to one hundred dollars. that’s what they are trying to do with the global warming hoax, tax the hell out of our “carbon footprints”. don’t you fall for iit…

  81. B-b-b-b-but what about global warming? It’s supposed to be people making the planet temperature change. What does the sun have to do with anything?

    Have a nice day.

  82. On YouTube – Adapt 2030, Rolf Witzsche, Ice Age Farmer, just to name a few, have been talking about this for a long time now. It’s going to get very bad and create food shortages globally for many, many years. The global warming crowd is suppressing this information to continue there narrative.

  83. I wonder if the Sun has anything to do with “Global Warming”…uhh , uhh, excuse me…”Climate Change”?

  84. This is not news. Anyone paying attention has seen this coming for the last 18 months. We are entering the ‘Eddy Minimum’. Heating shortages followed by food shortages . . .

    And NASA hasn’t said anything until now because it did not fit the CAGW narrative.

    Nearly criminal enforcement of their liberal dogma has left us with short notice of the impending changes to our climate and economy.

  85. No doubt if Martin Mlynczak removed his tinfoil hat, he would see that the lack of ionized E and F layers is allowing all of those evil radio waves to escape our atmosphere, therefore lending to the cooling effect he speaks of. Argggggg….those radio waves, they’re in my head and speaking to me!!!!!

  86. Wasn’t there a Danish climatologist–Svensmark (or something like that) who claimed years ago that sunspots determined cloud cover and therefore temperature?

  87. According to NASA, that shinny thing in the sky has some kind of an influence on the temperatures on this third rock from the shinny thing in the sky. Interesting! All this time I thought NASA was a muslime outreach organization.
    This really puts a dent in algore’s program to extract money from the foolish on the basis that the foolish are causing global warming.

  88. Climate BS makes money, wins elections, and gives us Disney movies, so that will not stop anytime soon. Teddi, thanks for the peek at what the last administration started. Let the megalomaniac politicians raise their arms and hold back the rising waters, oh no, now it will be hold back the icebergs.

  89. Isn’t it funny that there was a similar decline in the 1968-1975 time period on the graph just when ‘global cooling’ was all the rage?

  90. Let the climate spinners heads explode. Let jerry brown know. I don’t think humans can affect sunspots. Also, how did the earth come out of the ice age without humans?

  91. IPCC Third Assessment Report
    Chapter 14
    Last paragraph:

    “In sum, a strategy must recognize what is possible. In climate research and modelling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”

    This information was not included in the Summary Report for Policymakers given to the press and public.

    If the climate is indeed a coupled non-linear chaotic system (who can doubt the IPCC) then there is no rational or scientific basis to make a definitive statement about a future state of the climate.

    At this point the coupled non-linear chaotic nature of the climate makes scientific observations academically interesting but individually they have no relevance in predicting the future state of the climate. The climate is a system which means the relationships among these observations are what is important not the observations themselves.

    All the public discourse regarding the future state of the climate has been based on the false premise that the current climate models are predicting the future state of the climate when in fact the models are merely projecting these states.

    Predictions are the purview of science. Model projections can only agree with predictions when the models duplicate the real world which the IPCC says is impossible to do.

    To base public policy on an unknowable state of a system defies common sense. However, too much money and political power is at stake for the Central Planners to do otherwise.

    I would argue that the Climate Model True Believers are the ones taking an unscientific approach to the subject.

    In January 1961 President Eisenhower in his Farewell Address identified the situation in which we find ourselves today:

    “Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.
    In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.
    Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.
    It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system — ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.”

    Other relevant publications from Eric Hoffer are: “The True Believer” and “The Temper of Our Times”

    From “The Temper of Our Times”: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

  92. “…get back to what they were created to do…”

    Who created it? Answer this and you will know.

    We need to get off-planet. But instead, we are quarantined.

  93. Another fake news article from
    NASA, complete with fake depictions of space, satellites that do not exist and a spherical Earth.

  94. You can bet this has been suppressed, or at least ignored, because it doesn’t go along with the climate change meme. Expect it to be smothered and returned to obscurity.

  95. The sun affects our weather?! Preposterous. We human filth determine the weather with disastrous results unless we give up our way of life, all hop on bicycles, eat grass, and stop breeding post haste.

  96. Bias is perhaps unavoidable in all human endeavor, but one would wish for clean science on most levels. Climate science is confusing, and unclear at best. This is the perfect ‘climate’ for fraud!
    I consider this site to be relatively ‘clean’.

  97. Russian scientists have been saying this all along. But then they weren’t shackled by the politically correct CAGW crowd.

  98. NASHA is Hebrew meaning “to deceive” is found in Genesis 3:13 . . . ” The serpent deceived me, and I did eat.” In addition to the word NASA, official logo also includes the ultimate symbol of deception, the red serpents tongue…. You already know… don’t listen to the one with forked tongue.

  99. NASA has become useless, as Elon Musk has proven. Can it and save the taxpayers 500 Billion a year. Don’t worry statists, our corrupt government will piss the savings away on other rat holes.

    • @Kim Murphy, NASA’s budget is less than $20 billion, not even close to 500. Also, Elon Musk is contracted to build launch vehicles, not satellites, probes, and telescopes. NASA employs over 17,000 people, all with different areas of expertise and opinions. The contributions NASA has made to humanity are incalculable.

    • Right, the Dems will give it to the poor illegals so that they will illegally vote for gun control. Then a few years down the line, the Dems will decide that all Republicans should be exterminated along with anyone who doesn’t agree with them politically or religiously. Don’t sweat the weather cause after the Damm Dems take over, it’s going to get very hot.

    • 22 years ago two scientists “climatologist I think they call themselves) applied for several GRANTS from the US Government and from several Corporations who could benefit from the correct reports. Well; let’s call them Phineas and Ferb for the lack of their real names I forgot. Well ole P&F filed a grant thesis on the next “Mini-Ice Age as it relates to earth’s climate change, and the effects over the next 20 or so years) caused by Man and carbon as a greenhouse gas.
      The US Government had a laugh fest rolling around on the floor. Their answer was a resounding ” do you look up every time you exit a door to the outside, are the squirrels not in hibernation this time of year? “Why” ask Ferb, “because your Nuts” replied the grant master. P&F both presented well documented charts and theories proving without a doubt they were indeed correct that cooling would occur. But no said NASA’s best. A few days later Phineas reappeared changing the Man Made Global cooling, To Man Made Global Warming knowing that the buck is the bottom line , so Ferb lectured the group of big wiggs of Swamp origin on how a life’s worth of $100 dollar bills could be made in a short few years off of a MMGW scam (really a Felonious scheme of Swamp quality) Yes! Yes! screamed the Swampland chapter of NASA’s “BEST” as the phones suddenly were busy calling brokers across the world. Not to be left behind ManBearPig aka: OLD Alt Gored loaded down with Green stocks and schemes of his own and to guarantee success he made a movie that was given awards across the board for saving the world, by get rich dupes that were vocalised and repeated by asshole sniffers face to ass following ALt Gored as the new Green Giant godlike fool but rich off bullshit

    • Every good liberal elitist, socialist and commie wanna be including all of the environmentalist plus Al Gore KNOW that the SUN has NOTHING to do with our weather or climate change – he he.

      Lets’ let them continue to believe that…


  101. It’s time to learn what climate change really means. Welcome to what’s known as a Little Ice Age. It’s part of our planetary cycle will last close to 30 years. Thank goodness for good reserves of oil and gas. Just think where we’d be if the 1980’s “we’re running out of oil” story had been true.

  102. Total collapse of Human Civilization along with the vast majority of other multi-cellular creatures on Earth has been forecast to occur as soon as seven years from now. This may buy us a little more time to get our act together for countering abrupt climate change.

    • The climate extremists have brainwashed a lot of people. Just think about how large our planet is, how vast our atmosphere is, how large our seas and oceans are, how much volcanos spew into the atoms sphere and how much of the Earth is uninhabited. Man’s footprint on Earth is relatively small compared to nature and its influence. Ocean currents, the jet stream, wind patterns, the sun, volcanic activity, and control of our destiny by extraterrestrials (this is what you should really worry about) have a lot more Influence on our climate than any impact mankind may have. We certainly have no impact on what the sun does or doesn’t do. The cry of “we’re all going to die if we don’t clean up our act, tax our population into poverty and redistribute our wealth to the third world” has gotten old and tired. Our destruction has been going to happen in the next seven years for at least 50 years. The “scientists” , politicians and con artists such as AlGore have all but shut down debate and have made a lot of money from this hysteria.

  103. it’s time to start building coal fired power stations. The California wild fires are drastically aided by too much Oxygen in the atmosphere. We need to start generating more CO2 to keep the conflagrations to a minimum

  104. NASA needs to focus on what they do well, identifying and solving middle eastern Muslim countries’ social problems. “Sarcasm sighs “

  105. NASA has been predicting, publishing and then retracting this deep solar minimum for decades. It is nice to see them returning to real science and not the political science of global warming.

    • Mike, enjoy this moment…right?..I’m pretty sure commrade Gore is re-writing the story line to insure it appears to be caused by man. You know anything for a carbon credit, sort of re-write..rofl.

  106. This is a great article because people need to hear that carbon dioxide is not our enemy. It is the sun that gives heat or in this case less heat because of sunspots.

  107. Love it, a NASA scientist dares to depart from the norms of climate research! Off to re-education camp with him! NASA has been more concerned about Anthropogenic Global Warming and getting minorities and women into engineering programs and onto the space station than they are about research and development of new tech that could get us into the next wild adventure known as Mars.

  108. Bob Seger had NASA figured out years ago………

    She packed up her bags and she took off down the road
    Left me here stranded with the bills she owed
    She gave me a false address
    Took off with my American Express
    Sunspot Baby
    She sure had me way outguessed

  109. But of course none of what this scientist says is relevant as bona fide climatologists such as Al Gore and others tell us its going to be cold because of man made climate change and therefore avoidable if we pay more taxes, its not down to the sun, silly scientists. tsk

  110. You mean that big, unpredictable ball of fire at the heart of the solar system can affect changes in climate? I thought only humans could do that?

  111. It occurs to me that if the disciples of Gore had even the slightest amount of intellectual honesty, they’d do the following:

    1. Admit that although there is a theoretical possibility that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere can impact climate, the level of impact is akin to claiming that spitting in the ocean causes it to rise (albeit very slightly).

    2. Agree that if they still believe their own propaganda, they should be willing to have it work the other way. In short, when we start to suffer the tremendously dangerous impacts of a colder climate, all nations who are not producing their fair share of carbon dioxide should be drastically taxed, with the proceeds going to carbon-heavy countries, who are doing more than their share to combat the cold.

    Obviously this would never happen, because it’s never been about the climate. It’s always been about redistributing wealth through the UN, from the countries who produce, to the countries who don’t.

  112. I agree with Teddi. NASA has a cadre of immensity talented people, who have their eyes on Mars and, I think, the Moon. Let them do the marvelous things that they are best suited for.

  113. As a long-time NASA employee (R&D), you may be shocked to know the percentage of loyal employees that do not agree with the rapid global-warming myth. Just a guess based on personal observation and discussion – But I would estimate about 85%.

    • All due to the CIS-gendered Male Patriarchy and the Toxic Masculinity the results from it.

      If Vegan Wymen had been running Human Culture for the past 10,000 years we would still be living in mud huts and none of this Climate Change stuff would ever have happened.

      And there would only be about 500,000 humans on the planet so there would be no need for GMO corn. /sarc

  114. But the Global Warming people said the difference in the suns total radiation during sun spot minimums was too small to make a difference. I guess they lied again.

    • Columbia, I think it was, back in 2000 ish found the sun is responsible for some 20% of change in the earth’s weather/climate. That is not de minimum.
      Still there are no scientifically formed assumptions here to work through. An hypothesis is a guess. Pretty much ado about nothing

  115. But…but…but Global Warming.

    According to lib doctrine GW is the biggest threat and the sun has nothing to do with weather on the planet, only humans and cow farts.

  116. I first read this same info about 4 months ago from Joe Bastardi, I guess not working for NASA he could report on what he wants when he wants, the most comical thing about this is now you will have people freezing and the Pope opening his big mouth about how important global warming is, you know the same global warming that was supposed to have Manhattan under water by the year 2000. Leo and Gore will be flying to the conferences in snowstorms with their winter parkas and fur coats and this will be in San Deigo.

  117. Confirms what Martin Armstrong has been professing for a long time. Unfortunately, both religion & politics have a long history of corrupting science.

  118. Global warming theorist should spend more time fact gathering than announcing more fake news narratives so with out clear facts to support their global warming scare tactics. Teddi’s comments are so true. I am so done with lies and tactics so to make politicians wealth. This year is the beginning of making those fools look even more foolish when earth is not warming but cooling and the legitimate scientist will validate the hoax of global warming. Next they will say the atmosphere is all repaired and is due to the activities.

  119. Wait a minute, wait a minute. This cannot be right. Are you telling me in millions of other people around the world that the “son“ is affecting the claimant?? How can this be? I thought it was human activity. I thought it was Al gore and his carbon Footprints. How come this concept of the sun affecting the weather has not come out before?? What is the story here?

  120. Could it be that our elevated emissions of CO2 and CH4 will sustain a thermal blanket around us that will mitigate the reduced solar insolation resulting from this sun spot minima? How ironic?

    • That idea has been posited years ago but needs repeating. C02 warming may actually be saving the planet . A bit of schadenfreude perhaps.

    • Do you even have thoughts? What goes on between those ears? I’m literally dying inside when I read a post that blames Obama for a decline in science. We all know he’s not the one trying to wipe legitimate science off the map. Get real man. Lol.

  121. Teddi – I was right with you up until “build another shuttle”. There’s no need for NASA to be building any astronaut killing government boondoggles. In fact, they should quit wasting money on the obsolete, over-budget, behind schedule SLS they’re building now.

  122. Ok. so the takeaway here is, global warming may have less to do with human behavior and more to do with natural solar cycles thus meaning the entire damn thing is pretty much out of our control. It’s almost as if there were self-perpetuating industries who should have known this already but didn’t share it because it would defeat the need for those industries. Just sayin’.

  123. The truth continues leaking out after years of “hockey stick” pseudoscience and absurd data manipulation by the politicized climate “experts.” Soon the truth leaks will turn into a torrent, then a flood as real science overwhelms the charlatans….as it always does. Time to take names and hold people accountable as the planet cools and people realize they’ve been had.

  124. NASA has been complicit the global warming aka climate change fraud when the world should have been preparing for the coming Grand Solar Minimum.

  125. NASA has been complicit in perpetuating the anthropogenic global warming fraud aka climate change when they should have been warning the world to prepare for the coming Grand Solar Minimum.

  126. Still, no one will believe it. The mainstream-media won’t cover it to the extent that it deserves. Nor will there be any ‘debate’ on heliocentric climate change and the chicken-little-carbon-induced climate change.

    It will be ‘Ground-Hog Day’ (the movie) from here until the next ice-age kicks in and beyond. Even when there are mass relocations of populations from the northern latitudes, they will still be blaming it on anthropogenic cabon-fueled climate change.

    Liars and fear mongers never, ever, relent.

  127. I agree with Teddi above. To hell the the stinking Muslims and fake news from the Global-Warmest! Get back to exploring outer space and stop being artsy fartsy snowflakes!!!

  128. “But, but, but, the earth has a feeeeever-ah! Now release my chakra, I command you, mere mortal!” -Almightygore


  130. Why doesn’t NASA tell this to the Climate Change idiots who keep insisting that we have Global Warming, when the Globalist are just using this Climate Change crap to take away American’s Sovereignty and FORCE us to belong to their GLOBAL GOVERNMENT where Americans will have NO FREEDOM and will be under the UN LAWS and COURTS.
    And if any Real American thinks they will be given a FAIR TRIAL in the UN by that bunch of Muslims and Foreigners, I have some lots I need to sell to you.

    • “Why doesn’t NASA tell this to the Climate Change idiots ”

      Because it is in the financial interests of NASA to receive funding to study ways to combat Global Warming.

  131. I will stir the pot; the bible reads that in His covenant with Noah, God said that he would not destroy the Earth again – by flooding. Just saying.

  132. Hey, this is on DRUDGE, today. Tuesday, 11-13-2018

    This poor professor is going to get HELL for speaking the Truth.

  133. Don’t tell Algore or you’ll be marked a Climate Change Denier and unable to find a job. You
    stick with “all things climate or caused by man”
    or keep quiet.

  134. Ex[panding faster than light…light of the contraction will not reach us before it’s upon us…. There will be no s[ign.

  135. Re-activate our Space Program. Quit worrying about the PC stuff, and get the job done.
    Take us where ‘No Man Has Gone Before’.
    The original Star Trek used the word Man, for Mankind, not to glorify one sex.
    They were right.
    It’s time we fired up our technology machine, and made huge advances in Medicine, Propulsion, Computers, Radio technology, and beyond.

  136. Time to bring out the Ice Age Climate Change and ask for more money to investigate why the sun isn’t working right.

  137. Hmm. Doesn’t seem like we should have anything to worry about. All the experts that have been trying to convince everyone that humans are solely responsible for global warming have already stated that there’s no scientific evidence that the sun has any impact on global temperatures. What’s there to worry about?

  138. Did humans cause the sun to cool? My prediction: it will be cold in the winter and hot during the summer. Records will be broken, but still remain nearly the same average for another 100 years.

    • Humans have no effect or cause on the sun the solar is tottely natural anyone that says humans control our sun has a major aginda.

  139. Wha??? You mean the Sun plays a role in the warming & cooling of Earth?

    But but but…the media said its Americas fault. I’m so confused.

  140. I know Trump had to have something to do with this,
    Democrat House needs an investigation into Trump
    tampering with Sun spots. After all it’s happening under his watch.

  141. Now I know what Jesus meant when He said that in the Last Days ” that the Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not show its light and the stars will fall from the sky” that’s a prelude to the 3 Days of Darkness as foretold in the Holy Bible. We all must prepare ourselves and our conscience. I can sense that prophecy is starting to be fulfilled and coming to pass. Christians be vigilant, Judgement Day is nigh!!

  142. Remember when Dr Hansenwho worked for NASA ,and claimed we only had a few years left until the planet would be wreck from G/W.

  143. Mankind got it wrong again. It wasn’t global warming we should fear, it’s global cooling. Fear not, solar cycles are on roughly 11 year cycles, after the next half decade of cooler climates, Al Gore & Co will have lots to crow about in 6 years during the next solar max. Meanwhile, bundle up or move to Florida, the land that just can’t seem to get an election right since 2000. Always knew that excessive sun exposure helped create a half baked populace.

  144. I have been speaking on this for years. Look up Maunder and Dalton Minimum. We are heading into a very similar time according to the charts, and the minimum will last either a relatively short time (6-8 years) if we are in a Dalton Minimum and 60-80 years if it is a Maunder Minimum. We just don’t have enough data from pre-1600’s to know for sure where we are in the charts, but we do know that it is going to get cold… very cold… mini ice-age cold.

  145. anything to cover-up the fact that current “male” crew are up their necks in “stinkin-excremental” diapers all thanks to the current “feminist” occupying the American sector of the ISS, so bad was the conundrum, that they actually drilled a “hole” in the Russian sector in order to facilitate getting off and away from their “Houston we have a problem with this b#%@&” issues……, (google it yourself – “Toilet Wars” by Israel Shamir)

  146. The idea that warming and cooling of the sun doesn’t have as much or greater influence on Climate than carbon dioxide produced by man is just ludicrous, unfortunately most of the true believers n man made climate change have made it a religious belief, rather than a science based conclusion. Any group who creates a model that can’t be questioned by actual data really aren’t honest scientists.

  147. What I read is the upper atmosphere is cooling. For the non-scientists like me, however, how is that translating to colder temps on the surface? Neither article I read really explained that. Being able to explain the correlation will help in my arguments with the global warming nitwits.

  148. Shuttles? All they are doing is shutteling fallen angels back and forth, to and from outer space. AND we are paying for it. Paying for our own destruction!!!

  149. It talks of the atmosphere condensing in overall size/diameter as well. Colder “air” is more dense and heavier that hotter air. Hot gas “air” has a much higher rate of movement and disorganization. As the molecules have more space to fly around, more energy is released making it feel hotter. As the atmosphere condenses, there is less movement and therefor less energy released in the form of heat, i.e. feels colder.

    What is interesting is that while compressing gas, heat is generated. Could the reduced and slow compressing atmosphere due to solar inactivity rolling into this minimum have had a causal effect of temporary temperature spikes, fueling the climal warmging (combo of climate change and global warming since they can’t make up their minds) now that we are “there”, it is just going to be colder until the sun heats everything up again?!?!

  150. But Marxocrats and the likes of Al Gore say that AGW must be driving “climate change”.

    They couldn’t possibly LIE, could they?

  151. Humans occupy approximately 1% of the earth’s surface …

    If our magnetosphere collapses from lack of solar activity, all speculation is off the table. We could freeze up or we could cook like bacon. Or, hot and cold regions may intensify respectively at the same time.

  152. There is very little humankind is able to do about the weather, other than seek shelter when its cold.

    I am my own weather forecaster by looking out of a window, or opening a door.

  153. well I know we may not have climate change caused by humans now but I do like the idea of less pollution in the air we breathe, It is def adding to asthma and those with respiratory illness. SO I want them to continue to keep the air we breathe cleaner. For that reason I am glad, but I really hate the cold so , wish we could hibernate. BUt this is pretty amazing news for sure.

    • I don’t disagree with having a cleaner earth and neather does Robert finding ways to reduce pollution is indeed a great goal but there is a cheap way to do it with out the spending and costs.

  154. The ONE Degreer’s also known as the CLIMATE CLOWNS said we had to pay for our carbon buttprint, and many did!
    So what did all that money spent and manipulated from us do for GLOBAL WARMING?
    Now called conveniently climate change.
    Leftests are the Masters of deception!

  155. when the big freeze starts, y’all liberals better not head south for heat cause the only thing hot y’all gonna be gettin is lead…

  156. Solar weather has been a far better predictor than the global warming nonsense for decades, so one might think any rational GW observers would have noticed by now but there don’t seem to be any.

    Of more concern to me is that the average age of American farmers is around 60, who’s going to be growing the food when they finally retire?

    The progressive socialists that dominate the global warming wacko’s and the democrat party apparently think everything they want will magically appear.

    It’d be funny if it isn’t going to so tragically predictable, like Venezuela and the Soviets etc .

  157. Just think how bad it would have been without the man made catastrophic global climate change warming stuff etc?

    Prove me wrong.

    Dares yer

  158. This is all a lie. GoreBull warming is the cause for all cooling. I know this because democrats tell me so and we know THEY would never lie.

  159. Why is this an article? We all know climate change is caused by CO2. The sun and sunlight have nothing to do with it. The science is settled!!

  160. I don’t necessarily agree with all the global warming stuff, and don’t doubt there are people that push it to further their own agenda, and I question just how much of it, assuming it is actually happening, is due to humans. But I’ve also noticed a habit among those that disagree about it to grab onto any little thing to argue their case, regardless of whether it actually makes sense, and this appears to me to be one of those cases. If you actually look at the graph, you’ll see two things. First, the peak averages have a general downward trend, meaning that, for the most part, each solar maximum period has a correlated lower atmospheric heat loss than the last. So if we assume global warming is true, that would indicate that solar flare activity has negligible effect on it, as (again, ASSUMING it’s true) the planet is warming over time despite decreased warming from flare activity. Also, if anything, this chart seems to lend credence to the idea of a buildup of greenhouse gases, as that would explain (and, in fact, be one of the only explanations that makes immediate sense to me) why there’s less atmospheric heat loss despite higher solar heat output, as the gases would be holding the heat in. In fact, looking at the timeline, I can’t help but notice how there was more heat loss during the period of the 80s and 90s, when CFCs and the hole in the Ozone were a concern, and how it’s been trending down since those issues were dealt with. But I’m sure that’s just coincidence.

    Meanwhile, everyone seems laser-focused on just the very tail end of the graph, claiming that because it’s hitting a low point, that MUST mean global warming isn’t true. First of all, nothing here indicates AT ALL that’s what Mlynczak and Phillips were suggesting. All they said was that “[t]he sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” which, for one, the “space age” is a very short period of time, especially on a geologic and climactic scale, and there is nothing in that statement that inherently links the phenomenon to global warming. But people are pouncing on it as “evidence” to prove their side of the argument. All it means is that for a whopping half decade things will cool off, maybe even to record (for less than three-quarters of a century that we’ve been monitoring it) lows. But then they’ll get warmer again and, again ASSUMING global warming is real, this will have no long-term effect, at least none apparent by the extremely minimal “data” here (one misrepresented graph and a few possibly misrepresented quotes given without context). Not exactly science. In fact, the way I interpret the graph and quotes is that we’re only months away from the low point, after which it will likely start increasing again. So, sorry to disappoint all the over-enthusastic people claiming a new ice age is upon us, but that just isn’t what the data appears to be saying. Honestly, while I do question just how much truth there is to global warming, posts and comments like these make me question the naysayers perhaps even more.

    If you want to use this graph to support the argument against global warming, at least use it correctly. That means first understanding (or admitting) that it’s NOT a representation of global temperatures, but rather of how much heat is lost into space, which is likely only loosely tied to global temperaturs. First, as mentioned above, a buildup of gases that hold in heat would cause the line to move downward (less heat lost) despite stable or even increasing temperatures. Second, as the atmosphere shrinks (which the article states is happening), that would have a direct and likely significant impact on the amount of heat lost, as there’s less surface area through which to lose heat. Finally, if you can show (NOT claim; there’s a difference) that the heat loss is directly corresponding to the temperature, and not significantly affected by those and other factors, THEN there would be basis for using this chart as evidence against global warming.

    @Michael Rhoads (and everyone else, since the analogy might help) – You can read my above response for more details, but this doesn’t actually show that the upper atmosphere is cooling; it simply shows that the heat lost is declining. That’s a big difference. If you run the faucet (sun) with the stopper open, then close the stopper halfway, there will be less water (heat) “lost” down the drain, but that doesn’t mean there’s less water coming into or present in the sink. Similarly, less heat lost doesn’t mean anything about how much heat is actually contained by the atmosphere, and, as I stated above, there are reasons why the internal heat could actually be stable, or even rising, despite (and perhaps even because of) a reduced loss. Instead of the water going down the drain decreasing because of reduced output from the faucet (sun), it’s just as likely, and perhaps much more so, that it’s because the drain is clogged (greenhouse gases), and that is has little to do with global temperatures. Keep in mind I don’t necessarily believe in global warming, or at least that man is mostly responsible for it, but I also like to look at facts, not misrepresentations, which this appears to be. This is probably why neither article you read explained it, because it’s not accurate, and they’re just throwing out graphs and quotes without context and using them to tell the story they want instead of what the data actually says.

  161. Was this [the cooling] responsible for massive amount of rain falling in the Midwest from August onward? Just wondering.

  162. Notice that the entire solar system is getting warmer? How is THAT being caused by Al Gore’s gas guzzling airplane? This tiny ant called man can change earth temperature and can have a more powerful impact than the sun which is One MILLION times bigger than this tiny planet earth??? Common sense continues to be one of the least common things present on this planet today. “Climate change” is a Liberal, Socialist, Leftist DOG WHISTLE which does not mean what it says. To THEM, “climate change” = “Man-MADE climate change” just like “immigration” = “Illegal immigration.” THAT’s what Democrats always do, they change the meaning of words, like “pro-choice”. The aborted Fetus, where is his/her choice? Abortion is NOT pro=choice.

  163. Interisting artical but it has to be pointed out here Robert that they are talking about the thermosphere and not the surface of the Earth.

  164. This is an irresponsible article: you’re taking a data set on the cooling of solely the outermost ring of the atmosphere and, without proof, correlating it to surface temperatures (which data shows are currently rising). Honestly, I think it’s reasonable to think this data MIGHT eventually mean cooling surface temperatures, but pretending the outer atmosphere and the earth’s surface are the same is unhelpful. I read the original article by Dr. Phillips and nowhere is there data correlated surface cooling. You also conveniently leave out other data sets that show oceanic heating and the relevant effects on surface conditions from warmer ocean temps.

  165. Wait, thought it’s global climate warming change or something like that, no? Wtf. I don’t believe the sun has anything to do with weather and temperatures on earth. I’m told that’s driven by man made circumstances. Lol dopes
    Take you and your global warming and stick it dpsht’s. Smokem if ya gotem gents! MAGA

  166. I thought the global warming climate change thing was all man made? Now I’m confused. So you’re telling me that the sun actually plays a role? No way! Wow, what a friggin surprise

  167. NO! NO! NO! NO!
    I read it on the Internet—or maybe it was in a movie, or two—that Earth is now experiencing or about to experience Global Warming! Perhaps it’s merely the discussion of the matter that may generate more heat (warming) than light. Please, somebody make up your mind.

  168. Not to worry …. the little Hawaiian judge is planning to next week issue an injunction to forbid the Sun from going into it’s solar minimum cycle…so fear not there will be no solar minimum until this issue is heard by the full court

  169. So, I am a major skeptic, but can anyone around here read for comprehension. The article says that the THERMOSPHERE will cool to record lows during the space age. NOT THE REST OF THE ATMOSPHERE!!! The crops are not about to fail. Get a grip. Now, will a general cooling trend set in? Quite possibly, and I hope so, but not because I am worried about the recent warming but because I wish they would all just shut up!

  170. The Thermal Climate Index chart shows 6 low and high cycles in the past 70 years. How well to surface temperatures correlate with the climate index? We may not be able to predict global cooling if the correlation is low.

  171. Just wondering what idiotic reason the ‘wise’ will come up with to blame humans when the cooling season is upon us.

  172. Kilgore Trout posted The Answer for the first time in history these words are together in a string that explains it all:

    “Global Climate Change has always been about the sun.”

    Thank you Kilgore Trout for your simple, easy to use words which free humans from guilt.

    (I’ve known this for a while but didn’t think the Human race could handle it) I guess the time is right.

  173. It’s as though all the global warming models were missing some key variable. But that omitted variable error is so large, it would have to be caused by something incredibly huge – the order of magnitude would be on par with the sun.

  174. SO…. what wins out here. The solar sunspots or the El Nino prediction. Or do they cancel each other out. I just wanna know if Northeast Ohio is going to have a bear azz winter or not.

    • Your be surpised to know that cold climate cycles and El ninos are connected to each others where as doing warm cycles La ninas tend to dominate.

  175. Oh no!!!!
    Climate change has affected sun spot activity. We need to increase carbon tax immediately.

    Wait, we want it colder to freeze the ice caps and save the Polar Bears.

    Sorry – just channeling my climate change alter ego.

  176. “They’ll” simply fire up all of the high-frequency active auroral research arrays around the globe and warm it up to “prove” that the climate is still warming…

  177. Indeed it may be cold for the next few decades but when this transient effect ends the earth will be in real serious trouble from global warming. I will probably be long gone by then but I really worry about my kids surviving this and if you think immigration from equator northwards is bad now, well…..

  178. I’ve got three V8s and a diesel just idling their engines in the driveway right now. I’m only sorry that’s all I’ve got. Should have bought that RV years ago. Hope everyone else is doing all they can to generate some C02 so we can warm things up and save Mother Gaia from freezing!

  179. We’ve GOT to resume BURNING as much COAL as we can dig up to KEEP as much HEAT as we can.

    Oh, and, learn to grow BEANS INDOORS cause STARVATION is only months away…

    • oh look, the lack of SOLAR activity influences Earth’s weather/climate, who would have ever thunk it…

      do you think they’ll try to save us with intentional geoengineering, making high cirrus clouds that just happen to keep heat trapped in the atmosphere, which is currently labeled unintentional/accidental geoengineering…

  180. Is anyone here doubting the objectivity of a site that calls itself “IceAgeNow”?

    We’ll see in a few months. I’ve actually put in my calendar to revisit this site one year from now to see if Global Cooling has occurred. See you guys then!

    • No because if you read what Robert is truely saying it makes alot of since why we have these ice age and global natural warming cycles the fact we have gone from deep ice ages to warming and warm periolds even warmer then today to our right deep ice ages cycles with in 20 years times should be enough proof that climate changes in major ways with out humans input and it will continue to change regardless of what we do.

  181. I am not a scientist but read th article and do not understand how a closed system gets smaller (atmosphere) and gets colder, if we use that same theory in heat – metal transfer, we will have reduced pressure in a closed mechanical device, similar to using a 2 liter cooking pot with a lid rather than a 5 liter cooking pot with lid.
    So is it plausible that since the atmosphere is contracting (remember the pots above) that are atmosphere will actually heat up by 15 – 20 %, to replicate in lab, get two pressure cookers, 1 liter of water, 1 2 liter pot, 1 5 liter pot, using same heat source and temperature, what s the amount of time to get to 100 degrees Celsius, the heat from the sun is a constant

  182. The article went on to say ‘be aware that the thermosphere is very far above us – 100 +km. Just because the rarefied air up there is cooling off, doesn’t mean Earth’s surface is getting colder’. Then it goes on to say in capital letters ‘NOT YET, at least’. I think the writer is sitting on the fence a little bit. Also, we know that we’re already in a cooling phase. But it’s still great to see that someone is doing proper research, not just using computer models. The truth will out!

  183. Michael Rhoads: I was looking for the same correlation. Since there is little mixing between the atmospheric layers, I am not clear how this would impact the climate of the troposphere. I did some searching out on the net and can’t find anything that relates the thermosphere’s climate changes impact on climate change in the troposphere. However; I thinks it is fair to say that changes in the sun’s energy emissions would, if not similarly, impact all the layers of the atmosphere in some manner.

  184. Son of the Sun: I did not read that the change in atmosphere was caused by the entire atmosphere (all the layers) contracting. If the thermosphere is the only layer that contracts, the overall diameter of the atmosphere would change just the same. In fact, the article implies that the variations of the Thermosphere is the primary reason our atmosphere changing size.
    “Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018 and Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding, says Phillips, editor of Data from NASA’s TIMED satellite show that the thermosphere (the uppermost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, literally decreasing the radius of the atmosphere.”
    While not clear, I believe Mr. Mlynxzak’s statement that “ set a Space Age record” only applies to the Thermosphere.

  185. For all you people who think this somehow disproves global warming: this is about the upper atmosphere, where air meets space. It will not lead to any noticeable cooling on earth. The place we live will keep on warming with an energy accumulation equivalent to several Hiroshima-type atomic bombs per second.

  186. Interesting that the article at the link poses no opinion about global cooling as an environmental concern, but atmospheric shrinkage as it affects satellite longevity. It’s almost like they’re not supposed to touch the AGW third-rail…

  187. I am 72 years of age. Back in the 1950’s we were taught thst a new ice age was coming. The teachers taught that the polar ice caps would reached down past NEW York City, where I am from. Assorted catastrophes would accompany this new ice age. Food shortages, riots, perhaps civil war, as the govt lost control of the hordes of northerners migrating south. It was quite frightening. The NY TIMES Science Section ran the story, so the teachers accepted it without question. As I recall, the New Ica Age was predicted to occur by the year 1975 or so, maybe a little later. I am still waiting.

  188. you scientists are so far up the global warmings anus that you have ahold of Obamas feet. Ive been alive for 60 years now and i have heard this same mantra 6 times. Any clear thinking person knows better then to listen to you.

  189. ‘Only applies to the Thermosphere’. Yes, but he did suggest that it would eventually have an affect on Earth’s surface at some point. I think he’s being careful with wording. He might lose his job if he upsets the AGW brigade. What a scientific world we live in, where people are afraid to question anything, or try to disprove the dogma. It’s pathetic!

  190. The Global Warming/Climate Change lies the Globalist have fed the “brainwashed” youth in America is being used by the Globalist Elite to Implement their Global Government or One World Government. The Plan they are using is called AGENDA 21 which will make a “third world country” out of America. I have seen the Videos of the Globalist saying, “in their own words” that America has to become a Country just like China (Communist) for them to get their “Global Government”. They have admitted this in their AGENDA 21 Plan. Every America needs to Google AGENDA 21 and read ALL those Articles, and do it QUICKLY, because it is going to be removed from Google soon. You can also go to and read about it on there. It will devastate America. Eighty-five percent of Americans don’t know about these AGENDA(s). The Globalist keep adding to it. They have now added AGENDA 2030 AND VISION 2050. Under these AGENDA(S) Americans will have NO FREEDOM. People need to know about this. What these Plans call for is SHOCKING.

  191. The funny thing will be when we have record lows soon the criminals who have changed the past temperature data to make it look cooler with have an “oh crap” moment knowing how cold it really is. Anyone who is not supporting releasing as much greenhouse gas as humanly possible to possibly reduce the next ice age is a cold hearted sociopath.

  192. With heat-trapping aerosols being sprayed by global jet aircraft, and the record global forest fires emitting enormous amounts of particulates into the atmosphere (drought a courtesy of Geoengineering, too) it strikes me as odd this forecast of an imminent cooling trend. All I see are record heat waves combined with record floods, poles that are rapidly melting, and ozone deletion allowing in UVC. Because a part of NASA is involved with Geoengineering global weather, including deliberate induced nucleated cool downs, pronouncements from that quarter should not be taken as the “gospel” truth.

  193. Most people don’t know that Carbon is less than 5% of greenhouse gases and that 97% of carbon production is by nature and that 3% is by man (numbers from the IPCC) which includes all fossil fuels, autos, planes, breathing, electricity production, etc. So if we spend trillions of dollars on carbon reduction and reduce man caused by one third; we will have reduced carbon production by 1%. At the most man caused carbon can only affect temps by a tenth of a degree or two.

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