Lake Erie could be completely iced over by tomorrow

As of Friday morning, Lake Erie was 63.1 percent frozen, according to the NOAA Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System.

With the extreme cold, the ice will continue to rapidly expand. NOAA predicts that all of Lake Erie could be frozen over by Saturday (tomorrow).

Thanks to Glenn Cuthbert for this link

Compare to Lake Erie ice coverage in 2016 and 2017. There is a HUGE difference.

Polar bears would love it.

12 thoughts on “Lake Erie could be completely iced over by tomorrow”

  1. Yes, and as a pre amble to the forthcoming New Maunder Minimum, look for the Great Lakes to not completely thaw this year until July. No Sun Spots+ vulcanism+chem trials+changes in the Suns luminance= NEW RECORD COLD WEATHER. Simple. And as 2018 plays out, empirically observed.

    Warm up the popcorn and enjoy the snow.

  2. Snow and ice a thing of the past?? Are they hiding under their blankets still?

    This is not the Jurassic, as they want you to believe!

    • It is the world of Chicken Little with media and state backing. The temperature is rising, The temperature is rising, The temperature is rising, The temperature is rising……….
      Nature and science says otherwise.

  3. Hi
    Please forgive my English,
    I hope that people around the globe fibally started to use their synapsi…..
    Climate it is completely running by the sun dynamo and earth rotation and precession of equinoxes….nutation…..
    All the orher are consequences.
    The only things we must fight is the pollution chemical and nuclear pollution which contribute to destroy our DNA and life on this lovely planet.
    Co2 it is a natural gas and plants love it.
    I am more than convinced that the future ,if the solar cycle will be confirmed will be really hard for all of us.
    Dropping average temperature will have strong consequences on agriculture.
    Increasing of energy demand worldwide …fight and wars.
    Be prepared.

  4. Will not this Ice and Cold hurt the Polar Bears?

    Where will they find shelter?

    Nothing can live on a frozen lake or on a Glacier. The melting of ice and glaciers, frees up food sources for all animals and thus increase the number of Polar bears, etc.

    Cold Kills
    Warm Heals.

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