Largest Floods in Chinese History Wipe Out Country’s Food & Grain Supply

“Seventeen minutes of the MOST AMAZING FLOOD coverage in China,” says reader Bill Sellers.

Extreme floods or new record flooding

“Flooding across everywhere that China is growing its grains.”

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this video

“They’ve stopped posting actual stats to keep the population from freaking out,” says Bill.

39 thoughts on “Largest Floods in Chinese History Wipe Out Country’s Food & Grain Supply”

  1. henk korbee
    July 23, 2020 at 9:16 pm

    Have the scientists turned themselves into the high priests of truth? Has science got the role like the quran has within the muslim world? It seems so, every day, from morning tot late evening, I am forced to believe not evidence based ideas as evidence based by just believing it. Not giving a proof neither convincing thoughts. Only scientists, who are obeying the organisation WHO, do have convincing thoughts. So, WHO has the role the catholic church had in the past. A way of thinking that is pre-medieval, it has the same role as praying to god to protect against illness. It will go further and all who do have critics has to take precautions as punishment, not only heavily fined, but physical punishment like locking up for a couple of months, brainwashing, a.s.o. will be part of your life.

    July 24, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Herr Henk… you… so… get… it! x10^1000

    American Intelligence Media

    • You better learn real quick to do as you’re told without questioning ‘cose this is our near future.
      Well, there’s a small chance that enough of us will wake up in time, but time is getting short, very short.

    • That would not surprise me knowing the Chinese. Looks like a dam, who will know? One of the toughest mindsets to correct while I was there.

    • Imagine the stupidity of not doing “over kill” on any damn.

      You know, from the simple height of the Dam walls, the size of the reservoir, and the volume, thus easy to calculate all forces acting on the Dam walls.

      Once you have this MAXIMUM amount, build the dam for a minimum of 10% more. Don’t count on over-flow saving your butt, or 100″ discharge. Buidt is to be “unsinkable”……………….where have we heard that before…………

    • That is LITERALLY the #1 cause of dam failures throughout history.

      The reason being, in general, that when dams are designed they are designed to control the amount of runoff that is produced upstream from the maximum credible rain event. The problem occurs when runoff increases due to development of land upstream. For example, if you have an area that is mostly agricultural or open spaces….and then build roads, buildings, etc. you change from a situation where some of the runoff infiltrates into the soil into a situation where as much as 100% of runoff produced does not infiltrate and goes downstream.

      Literally the only way you could prevent that would be to require dams to be built with the assumption that all land upstream from the dam would produce 100% of runoff.

  2. I like asking people: Where is all the rain coming from? …they always say from the sky… then I ask where did that come from?… they say from evaporation from the ground ‘nearby’, the ocean is way too far away for ‘our rain’ to come from there… where does all the snow come from in the middle of winter… GSM, cosmic rays, increased cloud cover, under water volcanoes?… what’s all that???
    Out of sight… out of mind. Right out of thier minds. If it’s not on TV… mi no comprende.

    What’s coming this winter?

  3. Must be part of their punishment for taking down Christian churches and being so communist and anti-American.
    They’re getting worse!

  4. “So, WHO has the role the catholic church had in the past.”
    Actually, the Roman Catholic Church was responsible for the economic and cultural continuity of Europe through the Middle Ages, making matchless contributions in the form of art, architecture, philosophy and the scientific method; the agricultural infrastructure of the monasteries forged the beginnings of modern business practices while providing a safety net for Europe’s poorest. The so-called Enlightenment, while providing seed for the American experiment, also sowed the weeds of the French Revolution and Marxism. Before the Enlightenment, science and faith buttressed each other. Today, with the former worshipped and the latter disavowed, you have the dissolution of Western Civilization, with no binding glue of faith to hold it together.

    • The blinding glue of faith and belief in the thought leaders that overtly communicate that they’re eugenicists holds civilization together by helping to upgrade/highgrade the herd especially during incoming major geo/astrophysical cycles and events. Eugenics and natural selection does have a purpose in the short and long versions of the history of civilization and likely even pre-civilization… or at least achieves fairly logical and observable end results that seem to ‘work’ for civilizations in the astrophysical reality based astro…logical/logos world. The recurring dividing/selection line throughout civilization might just be those who do and don’t truly understand what eugenics is and also, especially now, what astro/geophysical cycles are. Try suggesting to almost anyone new to these concepts that they click onto this site even once… they usually don’t want to know about either of these topics or possibilities… ergo eugenicists together with astrophysics appear to be in the process of working its herd highgrading magic once again.

      Belief is so often the death of reason.
      Belief is the death of intelligence.
      Why does belief so often cause the death of reason?
      The Internet: Where religions and blind faith/beliefs come to die.
      There is no logical or self-preservation reason for the ‘Anti-Reason’ types to not watch the above bit of logos. Enforced belief and and enforced faith are coersion and mind control employing the covert psychology of the madness of crowds. To those who ‘see’ and ‘hear’ the common cold has now become a conveniently ‘deadly’ disease because the established thought leaders say so and are able to “stage” elaborate cons for the belivers of this stagecraft while it is also “easily observable” by the few for what it is. That’s why the thought leaders smile and almost laugh out loud alot while they are communicating… because it’s all so visibly obvious to the few and invisible to the oblivious/many.×720/p07hm22t.jpg
      We take it for granted that religions are born, grow and die – but we are also oddly blind to that reality.×900/p07hlxs1.jpg
      Social change undermines religions which don’t accommodate it: earlier this year, Pope Francis warned that if the Catholic Church didn’t acknowledge its history of male domination, pedo-homosexuality and child sexual abuse it risked becoming “a museum”… Child sexual abuse, child sacrifice, torture and rape are criminal offenses in the general population unless the offenders are protected by the priest class and their mind controlled crowd of followers.

      Scrutiny makes science stronger, the same is rarely said of faith and belief based ‘physics’.

      If a crowd leader or opinion leader says “get your damn vaccine”, put on your mask and go jump off a bridge… and “you will be saved” it’s pretty hard to argue with that logos or crowd physics.

      Maybe the binding glue of reason and logos will once again hold civilization together temporarily after eugenics and natural selection is allowed once again to work its evolutionary magic. GSMs, Ice Ages, hard times, engineered or natural famines and ‘great resets’ from time to time are obviously efficient and ‘good’ for high-grading the gene pool. Think Demonic-rats.

      “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”
      ― G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain

  5. Bad news for China, but good news for American farmers. Unfortunately, our food prices will increase due to their problems.
    I seem to remember floods or rain at the wrong time as well as droughts during the last Little Ice Age (LIA). In fact, there were many famines during the LIA that dwindled the European population by about two thirds. Are we now in the beginning of the next Little Ice Age? There are similarities. All we need now is a few major volcanoes, or the Magnetic Reversal, to tip the world into another LIA temperature wise.
    I suggest we all start farming in our back yards before, as Robert says, “There will be fighting in the streets”!

    • good it’s about time America has some good news and China has the bad news! We’ve had enough bad news already.

      • In fact, they’ll be so hungry that they’ll be begging the USA for grain and wheat. But because they’ve been so bad, we should sell them wheat at triple the price. And that’s based on the condition that they will never again prosecute anyone for religious beliefs or harass American military in international waters. If they violate that condition, all grain shipments to China will cease!

        • Also all Chinese citizens will have to pass courses on the accomplishments of Reagan and take a test on the American Constitution. It would be taught by American Army sergeants in each city to make sure they are paying attention in class. Anyone not paying attention in class would not get their lunch for the day.
          All Chinese residence would be required to learn the American anthem and pledge allegiance to our flag each morning.

          • This will benefit the Russian economy more than ours.

            Anyone know whether this is unusually large amounts of rainfall, and only concentrated in a small area? That’s what it sort of looks like.

          • hmm how many american kids know the anthem or pledge allegiance?
            pretty few nowdays id bet
            shit the clips we see they dont know diddly about much of use to work let alone survival either

          • What a repulsive pile of nationalist crap you are, Kenneth Lund.

            You lot murdered 5 million people the past 75 years: for that 50 million of you should face the death sentence.

            But you want to enslave the Chinese for what?

  6. Hey David, the upcoming GSM is just the warning phase of the next chapter of this Pleistocene Ice Age. And the Chinks know this is soon to sweep over the world. Hence all those Ghost Cities in southern China, AND in Africa. They’re getting ready.

  7. “Largest floods in China’s History”

    Sorry but a headline worthy of CAGW alarmist.

    A. China has a very long history.
    B. The land use and river flows are all heavily altered by cities, dams, roads and highways etc… So high water marks from questionable or non existent data points make the comparison impossible.
    C. China has had far deadlier floods in the past when the population was far far smaller.

    Please do not give the CAGW ammunition.

    • None of that really matters, does it? Who is right or wrong with stats? All that matters is what is happening now in regards to food storage, production and distribution. More to the point is all goods and services.

      • Of course it matters. CAGW is not about preventing weather events. It is about mandating Statism and gaining whatever graft one can acquire in the process.

  8. middle of May 2020, China slapped an 80% tariff on Australian Barley in reply to Australia asking for corona virus enquiry. DUHHHH!!!!!!, maybe they made a very bad decision there. I just hope in some way Australian farmers have found someone else to buy the barley in the meantime.

    • Lot went to animal feed .and being May a lot of barley wasn’t planted and went to wheat or conola .that being said I would hope any country including Australia and USA would happily sell food to China if it’s needed as I am sure they would if the rolls where reversed.People shouldn’t suffer just because of a pissing contest between leaders .

  9. and not a word on msm about the extent of this brief mentions of flood in small items in Aus
    dont have tv so dunno if sbs is running it?
    they be the only spot if so.
    Aus farmers reduced barley crops that canbe beer or food after china did a dirty tarif stunt
    so even if they play nice
    the crops arent there anyhow.
    and throw covid flareups into the crowding with floods, hospitals and supplies as mentioned all gone awol too
    this really is nasty

    • There won’t be any COVID flareups, but I am sure those that believe in the scam will believe every death will be caused by it.

  10. Note that the current extent of flooding in China follows last years woes where up to 50% of the hogs had to be destroyed and a large amount of the corn crop was lost due to disease and pests! And, if you combine China’s crop/food devastation with similar reports from around the world of anomalous weather ruining crops, things are precarious, with major famine and starvation on the horizon at least for 3rd world nations, and rapidly rising food costs for the developed world!

    • throw in outbreaks of H5N3? birdflu reported as well months back
      while the china govt are assholes not all the people are
      we have to remember that
      the poor buggers squashed in Tianamen square the kids in hongkong etc show (as in many places) the govt actions arent what the entire populace feels about things
      the poor the farmers the avg workers slaving in factories dont get a say, they just cop the fallout ,like people everywhere without power.
      ie Aus Lib nationals coalition govt is semi leaning greentard demands but majority people arent happy …and theyre aware and not actually pushing much of whats promised;-)
      labor greens get all the media though

  11. Skewed by the 1,500-year Younger Dryas cometary/meteorite “cold shock” (11,950 – 10,450 YBP), the 12,250-year Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended in AD 1350 with a 500 Little Ice Age (LIA) plus a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum similar that of 1645 – 1715, whose mid-1690s phase culled two-thirds of human populations from Scotland to the Polar Urals via famine and disease.

    Following a 140- year “amplitude compression” rebound from 1850/1890, now 670 years into a cyclical 102-kiloyear Pleistocene glaciation due to cover 60% of Earth’s habitable landmasses with ice-sheets two miles thick, the current “dead sun” presages a 90-year Super-Grand Solar minimum through c. AD 2110.

    From ~ 370 mm in 1350 to 7,795 billion in AD 2000, Earth’s global population has increased at approx. 4.56% per decade, doubling every 16 years from AD 1750. So… as the Pleistocene’s long night descends, Earth’s hominids face demographic cataclysm reducing food-supplies by 70 – 80%+ over an evolutionary era, likely exterminating some five billion souls. From c. 2050 – 2125, the enterprising Greco-Roman/Judaeo-Christian residue will either remove off Planet Earth or perish as Gaia turns from Sunflower to Ice Queen.

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