Largest glacier in Chile is advancing

Part of Chile’s Bernardo O’Higgins National Park is captured in this satellite image.

Southern Patagonia Icefield – 8 Jan 2016 – Credit USGS/ESA

The park includes much of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field – the world’s second largest contiguous ice field beyond the poles.

In this image, you can see Brüggen Glacier, also known as Pío XI Glacier, visible in the lower left corner of the image.

Pío XI Glacier is the longest glacier in the southern hemisphere outside Antarctica, and has been advancing, first reaching the western shore in the 1960s, then advancing north and south.

Learn about other features shown on the image:

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  1. Yet another ‘inconvenient truth’ that the legacy media keep quiet about. In an adult work this would be the subject of debate as to why in the hottest years evah this is happening. There is a good chance there might some local explanation so it is not a sign of a global trend – reading Landscapes and Cycles tells you that is often the case.

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  3. someone forgot to tell it to melt?
    would appear theres quite a feeder of snow ice to keep it growing n going
    I must remember this one to refer folks to 😉

  4. It really would have been nice to have an earlier picture to see how much it has changed. I can’t tell anything from a single picture and no references, I can only accept their word. Proof, positive or negative, determines the truth, not “because I say so.”

  5. It’s called the bipolar seesaw. (And we’re not talking about a playground with mental problems – that’s the climate establishment). Northern hemisphere warming, Southern hemisphere cooling. Often happened in the past, including at the end of interglacials, it’s happening again.

    • Yes, I have seen it often that the poles are asynchronous so we have seen the Antarctic ice grow while the Arctic has reduced. That may well be changing now that there seems to be growth in the Arctic.

  6. For the global warmists the creation of energy (“back radiation”) is not a problem. A rising sea level simultaneous with increasing continental ice on Antarctica, Greenland and elsewhere also should not be a problem. This year will be proclaimed (decreed?) the hottest year on record, even though a cooler than usual hottest year.

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