Largest glaciers in Iceland growing for first time in decades

First year in a century that Icelandic glaciers did not lose ice.

In past years, Vatnajökhul and Langjoökull glaciers have lost about 1.5 meters of ice each year, measured autumn to autumn. This year, they did not deteriorate.

Hofsjōkull has grown slightly, while Mýrdalsjōkull “has a really significant addition.”

These are the largest glaciers in Iceland. Hofsjökull is the third largest glacier in Iceland after Vatnajökull and Langjökull, while Mýrdalsjōkull is the country’s fourth largest ice cap.


Iceland’s glaciers are growing because we are headed into a Grand Solar Minimum, says Christian of Ice Age Farmer.  “Record colds, record snows, record crop failures, and increasing glaciation:  all portend the end not just of the Global Warming hoax, but potentially of our way of life.  Prepare now.”

“Modern agriculture is not and cannot tolerate these changes,” says Christian. (I agree.)

However, glacier expert Finnur insists that even though “it has been rather colder the past few years,” there is no reason to doubt global warming. (I love that: No reason to doubt global warming even though it has been colder.)

Also record snowfall

Not only has it been colder, August saw more snowfall than usual.

In fact, more than one meter of snow fell on Akureyri yesterday alone.

Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland, was engulfed by an alpine-style snow storm that dumped more than 105 cm (41.3 inches) of snow in less than 24 hours!

Many roads are difficult to pass or even closed to traffic due to the record amount of snow.

See photos:

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Note: According to Icelandic Magazine, Hofsjökull glacier also grew during the 2014-15 winter season because snowfall was 20 to 30% greater than the average for the last two decades.

7 thoughts on “Largest glaciers in Iceland growing for first time in decades”

  1. Quote –

    “However, glacier expert Finnur insists that even though “it has been rather colder the past few years,””

    I am sure he, as well as M. Mann, will be saying that even after there is a permanent snowpack across central Canada, and Al Gore sells his house in Spain because it is getting a little too cool for skinny dipping in his heated pool.

  2. This is getting real. If humans don’t act now they will starve. Although i think the cause of all of Western world’s problems is an overabundance of food.
    All snow needs to continuously be coated with soot and coal dust starting in February. All natural gas needs to be released into the atmosphere.

  3. Excellent news. No not the snow which as seen in the video looked nightmarish. I once worried that Iceland would have to change its name if all that ice melted ha ha.
    Meanwhile I am sure Iceland’s Government will raise taxes to provide funds for coping with nasty weather. All in all not a pretty sight.
    Feeling pretty gloomy.

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